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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mask removed: this sequence of pictures and video clearly exposes, I think, the callousness and true concerns of Benedikt.

These pictures were taken Saturday, January 14, 2012 at the Vatican, less than 24 hours after the Costa Concordia disaster.

Pay close attention to the interaction starting at 6:20, and particularly to Benedikt's face at 7:40 as he looks up to Mario Monti with an expression of utter gratitude; the collusion between those two is palpable: Italy's usurper, the enforcer of the EU's austerity measures, Mario Monti, is doing the pope's work.( I hope you understand Italian: the actual words being exchanged are quite shocking; if you don't, it's worth doing an instant translation of the text imbedded, to see what gift Mario Monti gave the pope, and the pope's reaction. And listen to them whispering to each other while a tapping noise is obscuring their words; I wonder what they are saying.)

Now contrast this with what was happening on the Italian coast at the very moment those pictures were taken, with the Costa Concordia that had taken off from Rome just a day earlier, with people dead, injured, shivering, suffering...

Does he look like a head of state and/or a religious leader who just heard terrible news happening to his country ? If I were a Catholic, or even an Italian, I would be pretty angry.

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