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Friday, December 30, 2011

Watching this video, I am filled with sadness: I remember visiting Greece years ago: such a beautiful country, so clean, so delightful; they destroyed it, they destroyed it deliberately. My Greek friends, sue them!

Even though the video is in Greek, you get a feel for the place; at any rate, the language is so beautiful, it is a pleasure to listen to it, even if you don't understand. I was hesitating to post a video of this nature, but without seeing the images, one wouldn't understand....I only watched a few minutes of it, anyway - I guess you will too.

"Every night besides the town hall of Athens, next to Omonia square, where the narrow streets of the popular entertainment hub district Psirris begin, black girls from Nigeria gather to work.

Dressed provocatively, they approach people who pass by and offer their services. "Come on baby I know you want me", you hear one say playfully with a big smile on her face. Or is it a mask she wears?

The beautiful young Nigerians, between 20 and 25 years old, are victims of trafficking, forced to prostitute themselves for little money.

"Everyone knows that. The young Athenians who gather in Psirris to have fun; the policemen who casually drive through the area to keep an eye on things; the mayor of Athens; most of all the 'customers'," says resident Miltiadis Papathomopoulos, as he stares at the girls, and the people walking by.

Nigerian girls appeared on the steers of Athens during the Olympic Games. They never left. Nobody knew where they came from, and no one particularly wanted to. Until Dina Daskalopoulou, a journalist working on social issues, thought that this could not go on.

"I did it for two reasons," she told IPS, talking of her decision to start investigating the issue. "First, because everybody, citizens and officials, had an attitude that 'these things happen, nobody can stop them'. And then because anyone I talked with insisted that no one can really go out there and tell this story."

Her story, put together after six months work, circulated Mar. 24 in Eleftherotipia, a big national daily. She found that the girls come from Edo region in Nigeria, a place which regularly provides people to global slave labour networks.

The girls are sold for a couple of thousand euros by their families, or they are lured by traffickers with promise of a better life. There are an estimated 50,000 girls from there being sexually exploited around Europe.

Most transit through Italy. They are charged up to 40,000 euros for the trip, and they are then forced into prostitution to pay their debt. Several of the women have said that traffickers, most often Nigerians, use tribal voodoo superstition to persuade the girls that if they escape or speak up, they and their families will suffer."

Just go back to this post:

It is proof that the Catholic Church deliberately destroyed Greece - or at least put the final nail in the coffin of Greece's disintegration and bankruptcy.  Now I understand how they did it, and I also know their motivation.

I was just reminded of it as I was reviewing this video, and saw the devastation in Athens, brought about by the African invasion....

....50,000 Nigerian prostitutes in the streets of Europe?

I visited Greece years ago: a beautiful, clean, gorgeous country,  such a delightful place. When I was there there were no prostitutes at all. Only families, clean life - except for a few wretched Moroccans. I remember one Moroccan in particular, his name was Capitano, who was hanging around at the Parthenon. I know because he tried to get me into a conversation. At that time I was young and naive and had no idea who that wretched character was. I found out soon enough: he was wanted by the police for a double rape of Belgian tourists at the Parthenon, and I was lucky he didn't get me! 

But the Greeks themselves were peaceful, clean, hard working; just nice, decent people. You never heard of a Greek raping anybody, there was no crime to speak of. I guess that is something the NWO cannot and could not tolerate - specially considering that the Greek Orthodox religion is anathema to Rome, as they don't accept the Vatican's authority.

...I am looking at this video now and I am shocked: devastation, filth, graffitis everywhere, prostitutes, pimps, Arabs in burkas; none of that was there then. It is not welfare for the Greek people that destroyed the country: the Greeks didn't need welfare, they lived a simple but dignified life. THEY are the ones who destroyed the country. It is all those illegal foreigners that Caritas, the Catholic organization, encouraged to come, and diverted there from LIBYA. Libya was a very important station in the scheme, necessary to bring all the destitute and parasitic Africans and Muslims there. Once the damage was done, Libya could - or HAD TO - be destroyed. No use for Libya any more. Greece was already done for. And Italy. And.....
... And after Greece comes the rest of Europe; after Europe comes the US, and the rest of the world, and....

...Now they are trying the same trick with Israel. We shall not let them do this to us. Wretched Amalekites, go get lost! I hope you burn in hell for as long as hell exists.


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PS: I think the Greek people should sue the Vatican for the destruction of their country, for billions of Euros; let Rome pay the bill. In which court, though, is the question.....

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SHmuel said:

Terrible. Truly ghastly.