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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I don't like this: it has the putrid stench of deceit - specially considering NATO's plans for the Golan Heights, and the U.S. presence on Israeli soil.

 IDF Prepares To Accept Syrian Refugees on Golan Heights

Chief of Staff says Assad will fall and the IDF can take in Alawite refugees to the Golan. A large influx might threaten Israeli control.
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu, INN
First Publish: 1/10/2012, 3:46 PM

Gantz at an exercise.
Gantz at an exercise.
IDF Spokesman's Unit
IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said Tuesday that he expects Syrian President Bashar Assad to lose power and that the IDF is planning to absorb a large influx of Alawite Muslim refugees in the Golan Heights.
The Alawites are a minority in Syria but rule the country under Assad, and a full-scale presence in the Golan Heights would threaten the bare Jewish majority in the area. The Druze comprise almost 50 percent of the Golan population, and a larger non-Jewish population could re-ignite attempts by the United States and other Western countries to pressure Israel to give up the strategic area to Syria in return for a peace treaty.
"The day the Assad regime falls, this is expected to hurt the Alawite sect. We are getting ready to take in Alawite refugees in the Golan Heights,” Lt. Gen. Gantz told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Security Committee.
The Golan was occupied by Syria until the Six-Day War in 1967, and Israel officially took sovereignty in 1981, although it is not recognized by the international community. Despite the presence of 40,000 Jews and a large industrial complex, including an internationally-acclaimed winery, foreign media usually dateline stories from the area as the “Occupied Golan Heights.”
Several center-left political leaders in Israel, including Likud Knesset Member Dan Meridor, have backed giving up the Golan Heights for a peace pact. The area has large water resources and is eagerly sought by Assad, whose country has the same water shortage problem as does Israel.

Comment and major concern:

 Take a look at the following articles, particularly #19, #16 and # 17:

Do you see a common thread? 

  • NATO will get involved in returning the Golan Heights to Syria, 

  • The UN and NATO to work together, and 

  • the Arabs will do the dirty work for them.

Now if you pair this with 

  • the newest US military presence on Israeli soil - 9,000 troops to be exact, not to mention enormous equipment, in essence, an occupation, 

  • the total cooperation of the IDF with said US occupation,  

  • the participation of the US in both NATO and the UN, 

    and the participation of ISRAEL in NATO activities,

    A very troubling picture begins to emerge.

     ( In case you are unable to open the videos directly, go to the links here:)

    Is Israel planning to give up the Golan Heights surreptitiously?

    It looks like the war of Gog and Magog is getting closer and closer by the day. May God have mercy on all good Jews of Israel.
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    Anonymous said...

    Public affairs office for NATO defense college; Rome, Italy.
    Who would have thought it? (Sarcasm)

    DS said...

    Yes, of course. In one of my post I showed how NDC is in direct contact with the pope. He even gave them an audience shortly after the research paper by Florence Gaub, in March of 2010, in which she researched whether NATO could invade the Holy Land, and came back with a negative answer. That is what made them decide to send the Saudis instead into Syria.

    DS said...

    Here are the links to the two articles discussing NATO, Rome , and us:

    DS said...

    S. says:

    What do you mean by "probably"?... :)
    Sure he cleared his spiel with his new commander. The US Occupation Forces Command in Nebatim, right next door to the Dimona's nuclear reactor.

    DS said...

    Moshe says:

    utterly sick... these bastards have been warring on us for 60 yrs and we are going to give them assylum...? this is the deal... all along the slime plan was to give assad back the golan hgts... now he and his henchmen will have it G-d forbid and wage war on the rest of israel with nato/un protection for cover from jewish reprisal... just sick!!!! mosh.out...

    DS said...

    From Jack:

    As if just to reinforce what I wrote earlier about the use of foreign forces, especially Arabs, to do the dirty work of the pogroms planned to expell the Jews of YOSH and the Golan Heights, this comes from Women in Green. Last night in Mitzpe Avihai-Kiryat Arba

    "IDF used Arab workers to do the dirty work of expelling Jews from their homes"

    Do you understand why the GOI wants to give asylum on the Golan to the Alawite scum who flee the insurrection in Syria?

    Look at and and and many other video clips that will come up on These would be the Alawite loyalists of the Assad regime whom the Government of Israel (the "GOI" is the abbreviation used by the World Bank) wants to grant asylum on the Golan.


    DS said...

    Jack continues:

    There is historical precedent. There were once outlaws in Russia, called "Cossacks." They were psychopath murderers and brigands who practiced banditry with all the brutality that goes along with it. One creative Czar decided that such people would be very useful to have on his side. So he offered them amnesty (asylum, in our present case), land and noble title if they would go over to the Czar's service. Other tyrants did similarly and called their psychopath squads by such names as "Janissaries" (and others which I will not mention lest it give opportunity for a red herring attack ignoring the substance of what I have to show).

    This is the kind of regime that recruits psychopath squads. We have already seen the GOI's psychopath squads at work at Amona and other places. The GOI will prefer not to use Israelis for the door-kicking and brutalization, however, because it might prove to be demoralizing. Arab goons are perfect for the job.

    What has to happen before we take our country from the "post-Zionist," post-Jewish element intent upon destroying the State of Israel? There is a way.


    DS said...

    Jack continues:

    What I wrote is as follows:

    Guys, the GOI has no intention of annexing Yosh. That’s clear from what they are doing. Shmuel is quite right, as far as he goes. Look what DS has turned up The US troops being poured into Israel and into Jordan, 5 hours’ drive away, coupled with US “forward” bases in Israel (which no Israeli is allowed into) and aircraft carrier coming for a “visit” and the great “humanitarian” need to give asylum on the Golan to the Alawite scum who flee all point to the US, under UN and NATO auspices, intervening to “save Israel from itself” by throwing the Jews out of the Golan, Yosh and eastern Jerusalem, using Arab manpower to do the dirty work. S. spotted that motive and I think he’s on target. The forward base shtick is plausible deniability. They will do nothing about Iran’s nukes, at least not until after they take Israel down (God forbid!). Come what may, if it hastens the geulah.

    DS said...

    And don't forget to add this element to the brew as well:

    After all, there are plenty of U.S. citizens in Yehuda, the Shomron, East Jerusalem, and, I assume, the Golan.

    Free hand, without possibility of lawsuit.