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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

" ...The stench of deceit...." , Part III : A true gift from Heaven, those hackers!


As we say, "Gam Zu LeTova": this too is for the best. What do I mean by this?


"United States-based Stratfor is a think tank that provides reports and analysis of international affairs and security threats. Its subscribers include.... the US Air Force and the Miami Police Department. "

Thanks to "Anonymous", everything is clear now; without "Anonymous" I would never have read Stratfor's normally restricted articles; a friend far away would not have sent me a link to their temporarily free publication! The article that caught my attention is not the article that was sent to me, incidentally; it was another one, which I included below.

You see, after doing quite a bit of research earlier, I came to the conclusion that NATO and their members, which include the U.S. and Israel ( actually, Israel is not strictly speaking a member, although for all practical purposes it acts as one, totally cooperating with the organization), OFFICIALLY use Arabs to do their dirty work against Israel and the Jews, - which Europe has done for the longest time. You can go back to Tarpat, the massacres of Jews in Jerusalem and Hevron in 1929, and you will find the same thing: Arabs were used to chase the Jews away, murder and kill them, but in the end their bosses benefited just as much. This is institutionalized criminality, but it has been kept under wraps and secret for a long time: you see, those outwardly honorable governments would not want to be caught with their pants down, so to speak: openly declaring that they are using criminal thugs to do their dirty work does not sound too good; this is not something that a self-respecting Western government would want to go around proudly shouting on the rooftops. After all, "Noblesse oblige"; they are so much better than the common dictators they mercilessly destroy and preach to, right?!

But God is great: thanks to a passing remark by one of our friends today, who called those Muslim thugs mercenaries,... and then seeing the title on Stratfor's website: "The Use of Mercenaries in Syria's Crackdown", a light went on in my brain, and everything all of a sudden made sense to me: 

Israel and the U.S. are using the exact same methods as Bashar al-Assad! This would explain, very clearly, why all of the sudden the IDF Chief of Staff volunteered to let Bashar al-Assad's men "take refuge" in the Golan: here is a ready-made army of the very same mercenaries they have been using to remove the Jews from Mitzpe Avichai! And they ARE called mercenaries in Syria, without any shame. They even have a name: the Shabiha.

(Here is an INN article excerpt quoting the IDF Chief of Staff speaking on January 10, 2012, - only two days before this article about Syrian mercenaries appeared on Stratfor's website; I find the timing quite remarkable: who informed whom? Who decided this and when? Why now? What is the connection with this Stratfor intelligence information? Who got this intelligence before the article was written?

"...IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz said Tuesday that he expects Syrian President Bashar Assad to lose power and that the IDF is planning to absorb a large influx of Alawite Muslim refugees in the Golan Heights....")

Considering that the IDF intends to soon destroy Migron - see below - in the most cruel manner, 

Considering that the government understands that using Jewish IDF soldiers just won't cut it this time,

And considering the special unit that Ehud Barak created a while ago to deal with 'settlers' only , that is us,

It all makes sense now. The special unit is a UNIT OF MERCENARIES, A UNIT OF PLAIN CRIMINAL THUGS, just like Bashar Al-Assad's thugs, only WITH NATO'S BLESSINGS, SUPERVISION, AND COMPLICITY.

What should the response of us Jews be in such a case? I don't have the slightest doubt that our response has to be the strongest so far. We do not have an obligation to submit to those criminals; submitting to POGROMS is not being a good citizen, it is being a fool!

First of all, EXPOSE this story far and wide. The average Jew in Israel doesn't have the faintest idea about the truth.  EXPOSE the fact that these so-called legitimate governments are using common criminals and thugs to do their dirty work against us.

Second, EXPOSE the role of the US army on Israeli soil. This "joint exercise" is a sham. There is no joint exercise, as you have seen. What there is is a force of 9,000 heavily trained mercenaries, ready to do NATO's dirty work in Israel - with the willing cooperation of Ehud Barak and of Benny Gantz, who just flew to Brussels today to take his orders from his masters, who follow the orders of Germany, AKA the EU, AKA Rome, AKA AMALEK.

Aren't you going to finally open your eyes, Jews? What are you waiting for? Don't you see what these traitors are preparing for you? Won't you deal with these murderers the way murderers should be dealt with?

And what happened to you, Bibi? You, whose brother gave his life for his people: don't you have an ounce of shame, using criminal mercenaries against your own people? You are going to have to pay a very, very heavy price for your crimes, just as Sharon is paying right now, don't doubt that for an instant.

As for you, U.S. troops, we have you figured out. You can't pretend to be the righteous army you so hypocritically claim to be: you too, here in Israel, are nothing but an army of thugs, ready to pounce like a bull in a china shop, upon orders, against the Jews of Israel.

Better think before you act; otherwise God has a very good plan for you: read Ezekiel, chapters 38 and 39: keep at it and you will all die a miserable death here - and we won't even have to do it to you: GOD will see to it, as Ezekiel prophecized over 2,000 years ago. And whoever joins you in a violent action against us, the Jews of Israel, whom God Himself gave this Land to, will suffer the same horrible fate. So, think very seriously before you act; you have been warned.

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    January 12, 2012 | 1303 GMT


    STR/AFP/Getty Images
    Syrian President Bashar al Assad waves at supporters Jan. 11 in Damascus
    The regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad has relied heavily on a local mercenary force known as the Shabiha in its crackdown on protests. Because of the sectarian makeup of the Syrian military, Damascus will likely continue this approach, despite the Shabiha's deficiencies in skill and strategy and growing objections from Syria's allies in Iran.
    Regimes in the Middle East have used hired thugs in crackdowns for some time, as seen in Iran, Egypt and Libya. In Syria, the government of President Bashar al Assad has relied particularly heavily on a group of loyalist mercenaries known as the Shabiha. This reliance exposes the constraints faced by the Syrian military, which is dominated by the minority Alawite sect, in trying to put down the unrest, as well as the high level of sectarianism that continues to distinguish the Syrian conflict from other instances of regional unrest.

    The Shabiha: Origin and Expansion

    The Shabiha, which means "phantom-like," first appeared in 1976 when the Syrian army entered Lebanon during the Lebanese civil war. The group consisted of young, mostly Alawite men from the coastal Syrian cities of Latakia, Tartus and Banias, which have high concentrations of Alawites. Operating along the Syrian coast and across the Syrian-Lebanese borderland, the Shabiha were mostly involved in the smuggling and sale of stolen goods between Syria and Lebanon, while many also robbed households and warehouses.
    The Shabiha grew in number in the 1980s after an unsuccessful 1983 coup attempt by Rifaat al Assad, the brother of late former Syrian President Hafez al Assad. In the wake of the failed coup, Rifaat's Defense Companies, an elite Alawite force of roughly 55,000 soldiers that led the 1982 massacre of Sunni protesters in Hama, and intelligence units loyal to him were dismantled, and Rifaat was stripped of power and later forced into exile. Many of the fighters from the defunct Defense Companies eventually joined the ranks of the Shabiha.
    Currently the Shabiha have around 20,000 members, who are paid on average about $40 per day, according to Stratfor sources. Many of the Shabiha the Syrian regime has recruited to deal with the unrest were uneducated, unemployed youths or criminals released from prison on the condition that they would go to extreme lengths to demonstrate their loyalty to the regime, and most work for the regime on a part-time basis while working other menial jobs. However, some have also reportedly made their way into the Sunni business community in Damascus and Aleppo, where they perform a range of bureaucratic functions. Not all Shabiha are involved in security operations; a significant portion is involved in media operations to help the regime disseminate messages that portray the opposition fighting the army as militant jihadists.
    According to accounts by opposition activists, journalists and human rights monitors, the Syrian regime will typically bus Shabiha in to the more restive urban areas of the country, such as Homs and Hama, the outskirts of Damascus and Aleppo, and the border cities of Daraa and Talkalakh. Once there, the Shabiha will go door to door assaulting, jailing or killing suspected opposition members -- and their families, in some cases.
    Most Shabiha operate in plainclothes, but more recently opposition members have described them as wearing newly manufactured police or black uniforms and carrying what appear to be new AK-47 assault rifles. These reports could not be confirmed, but it would not be surprising if the Syrian regime were investing extra money to formalize the Shabiha as one of its main lines of defense.

    Iran and the Syrian Strategy

    The al Assad regime's heavy reliance on the Shabiha is not a strategy that appears to have the full endorsement of Syria's main ally, Iran. According to a Stratfor source, Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) helped train the Shabiha beginning in mid-March, when the first significant demonstrations broke out in Syria. Unlike Iran, which relied on young Basij militiamen -- who had been strongly indoctrinated in religion and integrated into the formal security apparatus -- to put down the so-called Green Revolution after the 2009 Iranian election controversy, Syria does not have well-trained militiamen at its disposal.
    Iranian officials privately describe the Shabiha as unruly and grossly undisciplined. One Stratfor Iranian source labeled the Shabiha's use of violence as misguided and explained how the IRGC unsuccessfully attempted to convey to the Syrian militiamen that violence must be employed strategically so as to suppress and not proliferate unrest. The source's information suggests that the IRGC has concluded that the Shabiha could be doing more damage than good for the al Assad regime. For this reason, the source claims that the IRGC has given up on training the Shabiha and has instead deployed Hezbollah members to work with them and in some cases even defend Shabiha who have more recently become targets of attacks by the rebel Free Syrian Army.
    Despite Iran's objections, the Syrian regime is unlikely to lessen its reliance on the Shabiha, primarily because of the sectarian environment in which the regime operates. Alawite officers, who are outnumbered by mostly low-to-mid-ranking Sunni conscript soldiers, dominate the Syrian military. Unwilling to fight against their coreligionists, many of the Sunni conscripts have deserted or defected to the Free Syrian Army. The regime crackdown has therefore been mostly led by all-Alawite forces, including the Republican Guard, Fourth Armored Division, the 14th and 15th Special Forces Divisions, riot police, Military Intelligence, Air Force Intelligence, the General Intelligence Directorate, the National Security Bureau, Baath Party security, the Political Security Directorate and, of course, the Shabiha. The regime has meanwhile been extremely hesitant to deploy more demographically mixed army divisions, which would be more prone to splitting along sectarian lines and undermining the unity of the army overall. The regime's reluctance to fully employ its armed forces means it will continue to rely on mercenaries for reinforcement in the crackdowns.
    The heavy use of Shabiha could also help the al Assad regime moderate its rapidly growing dependence on Iran, which has taken advantage of the political crisis to expand the IRGC's presence in Syria. Al Assad's strategy concerning the Shabiha may be far from perfect, but, given the constraints he faces, it is one that appears to be helping the regime hold the line against Syria's still-fractured opposition and maintain cohesion in the army overall.
    The regime of Syrian President Bashar al Assad has relied heavily on a local mercenary force known as the Shabiha in its crackdown on protests. Because of the sectarian makeup of the Syrian military, Damascus will likely continue this approach, despite the Shabiha's deficiencies in skill and strategy and growing objections from Syria's allies in Iran.

    • Top Officer: Migron Expulsion to Resemble Disengagement

    Senior officer in Central Command: "This is an unprecedented eviction compared to all we have done until now."
    By Gil Ronen
    First Publish: 1/17/2012, 3:44 PM

    Amona eviction, 2006
    Amona eviction, 2006
    The eviction of residents and demolition of Migron will resemble the Disengagement, a senior  IDF officer in Central Command told reporters Tuesday.
    "This is not another outpost eviction," he said. "Migron is a community. This is an unprecedented eviction compared to everything we have done until now."
    The officer further estimated that unlike outpost evictions, the destruction of Migron will not be over in one night. "I think the reaction of the settlers will also be more meaningful," he said. He added: "This step will also hurt the security aspect" – possibly meaning that IDF forces will have to be set aside to deal with Jews, thus compromising the anti-terror effort.
    The officer admitted that the press coverage of the Jewish riot at the Ephraim Brigade Base had been disproportional. "The subject received greater attention because of the spotlight that was pointed at the area that night. Events like this have happened in the past."
    The officer said that the IDF is worried about the rise in terror attacks on motorists in Judea and Samaria. Both rock attacks and firebomb attacks are increasing, he said.
    The technique of throwing rocks from inside a passing car at another car is relatively new, he said. "The phenomenon started last August. There appears to be a cell in Gush Etzion, and another one in Binyamin, that we have not yet put our hands on. The murder of Asher Palmer and his son gave terror groups a boost."
    Another dangerous and new terrorist technique, he said, is that of terrorists disguised as Israeli police who put up roadblocks and use a police strobe light to complete the illusion. The purpose seems to be abduction of Jews.


    DS said...

    Ron says:

    I think you are right about the use of mercenaries to accomplish evil intent. Historically it goes back to the Crusades when mercenaries were used unsuccessfully to secure the Holy Land for Rome but God’s words through Ezekiel’s will be fulfilled in our times. It will get rough but your people will never again be dislodged from the land you were promised, from “the river Euphrates, even unto the uttermost sea shall your coast be”.

    DS said...

    SHmuel said:

    That is why the Gantz was asked by Barak to say that "WE" would welcome "ALAWITE" refugees to the Golan...
    Guess who would be those folk?

    DS said...

    S. said:

    Exactly what we have been exposing for years.
    Netanyahu, Begin, Meridor, "the names"... They are all the same. Complicit to the hilt. They set up the "wisdom face" project "da voice" kehilu all of us are Tel Aviv zombies already and do not see through.

    For you to know. Many, very many included to my surprise most of the recently released from Tzahal soldiers got the idea... Barak better send the darlings in the US "exercise" gangs back to where they come from...

    DS said...

    Allan writes:

    In an EXCLUSIVE REPORT which CONTRADICTS all media reports (including its own!), DEBKAfile reveals that it was NOT a joint decision to call off the US-Israel military exercise scheduled for April.

    The decision was a unilateral, surprise, move by Benjamin Netanyahu which may well reduce the number of Obama’s troops and surveillance personnel on Israeli soil. It is believed by many that the secondary (maybe primary) mission of the American personnel involved in this combined military exercise is to protect IRAN from a preemptive, defensive, unilateral military action by Israel

    Netanyahu’s message to Obama is clear:

    “We Jews believe that you, Barack Hussein Obama, will permit Iran to obtain nuclear capabilities and threaten our very existence. This is unacceptable to the Nation of Israel and we retain the freedom to undertake any military action we deem necessary for our own defense -- despite what you may want. We believe that the American people and the Congress of the United States support us. Am Yisrael Hai!”

    It is obvious that Netanyahu finally realizes that the current failed American president either 1) is weak, cowardly and unable to make decisions, 2) lacks the intellect to understand world affairs, or 3) concurs with Iran’s religio-military ambitions to destroy the Jewish State and world Jewry. Take your pick (I believe that deep down in the tangled recesses of Obama’s narcissistic mind, the words of Rev. Wright and Louis Farrakhan resonate more strongly than any possible competing reason or logic.)

    DS said...

    Response to Ron,

    What you said re: the Crusades makes an awful lot of sense. After all, what we are dealing with IS a crusade, what I call 'THE LAST CRUSADE'. All the work of Rome, specifically of this evil , rotten pope.

    It would make sense that the church would decide to use time-honored traditions of the foulest kind, even though last time they failed. They still believe that they will win this time, despite all odds. Not a chance.

    DS said...

    70,000 visitors, a very special and holy number, just as the mystery was finally elucidated, and as Bibi is finally saying NO to the Americans....

    Miracles do happen.

    DS said...

    Thank you, Hashem.

    avles said...

    <<.....What there is is a force of 9,000 heavily trained mercenaries, ready to do NATO's dirty work in Israel........>> etc. etc.

    What needs America now is a bloody act joining Islam & American citizens in a spiritual anti-Jewish unity. Think to an engineered accident, a false flag attack etc. where BOTH U.S. soldiers in Israel AND Islamic Arabs ("Palestinian") are massacred, it will turn the American opinion (in great part RC Hispano immigrates) completely on the side of Hamas & Ahmadinejad.... USA would push for a No fly zone etc. meanwhile Iranian Navy (backed by Russian/Romish Kremlin Navy) will do the attack,...

    DS said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    DS said...

    From Aryeh: ( unrelated comment, but I liked it so much I included it here)

    I have never held it against a Goy that he is a Jew hater. Nor do I expect any of them to love us. When we are strong in our commitment to Torah, they will respect us and not bother us. When we slacken, G-D allows their hatred to be fully actualized.

    We are taught that G-D judges our commitment according to who we are. When the “secular” Zionist were strong in their love of Israel and fought to protect the Jewish people, the Goyim respected them and even aided them. Since the Oslo treason, they have been held in greater and greater contempt. Now that the Government of Israel openly destroys Jewish homes and persecutes Jews while financing terrorist activities against its own population, the contempt has turned into open and hysterical hatred.

    So let us not blame the messenger. The open contempt and hatred we are seeing in the past ten years against Israel and Jews is a direct result of the traitorous governments and leaders we have. Unless we rid ourselves of them and replace them with leaders loyal to the Jewish people, we can only expect the situation to become worse.