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Monday, January 30, 2012

VOTE WITH YOUR FEET* ! Better yet, VOTE FEIGLIN! Just in time for the Likud elections, let's remember what Bibi did: promises are cheap and memory is long.

*Title of this post moderated in the Comments section: consensus: VOTE FEIGLIN.

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I understand that there is massive corruption at the ballot box, raw, open vote fixing in Yesha: shenanigans to prevent Jews of Yehuda and Shomron from voting - see comments section for details.

UPDATE #2 - not surprising:

Feiglin HQ: Unexplained Gaps in Results

The Moshe Feiglin HQ protests the lack of transparency in the publication of the election results, and claim there were discrepancies between the publicized results and the actual ones. “For example, the official Beit Shemesh results were 126 Feiglin and 77 Netanyahu, when in reality the ballot box observer reported 289 Feiglin and 114 Netanyahu. We do not accept the results as publicized and demand clarification.”


    DS said...

    A. says:

    How does one vote for Feiglin with one's feet?

    I'd say a clarification is in order: not "vote with your feet" but "vote for Feiglin and Jewish Leadership".

    Best, A.

    DS said...

    K. says:

    Vote Feiglin

    DS said...

    E. says:

    No. Vote with your brain!

    DS said...

    DS replies:

    It is an English expression, meaning, show Bibi the door, leave him.

    DS said...

    E. replies:

    If I undestand well the English expression, it can be undestood like "please, do not go to vote"...

    DS said...

    A. replied:

    Of course; but not specific enough in this time of "confusion". Some people may take it as a call to not vote at all or vote with a (useless) blank note. Some may think you want them to stay away from the Likud altogether. Bibi's people are actively spreading disinformation along these lines. Take it as friendly advice - no room for ambiguity. Vote for Moshe Feiglin!

    Best, A.

    DS said...

    Shmuel said:

    I will have to agree on that VOTE for Feiglin should replace the statement.

    DS said...

    Yeshiva... said:

    No!, vote against him

    DS said...

    OK, since the consensus is, VOTE FOR FEIGLIN, I will change my title.

    First of all I am not in the Likud so I have no say in whom to vote for.

    Second I myself am not too crazy about Feiglin, for whatever reasons.

    But I agree with you, in this case it is imperative to vote against Bibi.

    So, Likudniks, by all means, do choose Feiglin over Bibi.

    DS said...

    Please look at this earlier post of mine, below, regarding Feiglin. Maybe he had another change of heart since then, and I do hope so. I understand that he goes to Har Habayit every week, and I respect him a lot for that.

    However one has to understand that U.S. pressure, Vatican pressure, and world pressure, on an Israeli prime minister is immense. They have, and use, all the means at their disposal, including murder of family members, any obscene atrocity, in order to blackmail whomever is sitting at the helm to do their bidding. So, would Feiglin break? Bibi certainly could not stand the pressure.

    DS said...

    DS said...


    From S, at 1:40 PM Israel time

    I understand that the voting places in Yehuda and Shomron are still closed... I wonder why...
    Not voting if one can vote is a vote for the one we do not want. I suggest to say to vote for Mr. Feiglin. Later we can fine tune as need be.

    DS said...

    DOV REPORTS, at 3:37 PM

    They tried to keep the Kalpis in Yesha closed today because of technicalities of their own making.

    The Likud Central Committee passed a regulation that a lawyer had to be at each kalpi to certify the ballots. But surprise surprise, they conveniently forgot to send lawyers to several kalpis in Yesha. the one in Sha'ar Binyamin opened up at 12:30.
    2 1/2 hours after voting supposedly began.

    I just know about Sha'ar Binyamin. They needed special permission from the Likud Central Committee to open without a lawyer being present.

    DS said...

    S. said:

    One must understand who Netanyahu really is. He did not vote for "disengagement" because he was "against" it...
    After the vote today that he has worked hard to tilt on his favor, Jews must be prepared for MEGA Pogrom.
    Only a miracle can give Feiglin enough votes to pass 40% and it will be quite an achievement 30%.
    We will know by midnight.

    DS said...

    C. said:

    Pipi can push Feiglin out as before.
    Likud gives away...Begin....Sharon.....Bibi
    Vote Mofaz