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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Shabak ( Israeli intelligence, "Yevsektsia" - the Jewish section) is 'pissed', and taking revenge on a Jew, violating all laws of the land and his basic human rights: read the whole saga here, and watch how the real criminals are being unmasked, one step at a time . God's work!

Chaim Perlman, Photo Credit: Moti Kimchi

Shabak, Israel's Internal Security Agency Continues to Torture Perlman to Obtain a Confession

Honenu has recently taken on a high profile case. Chaim Perlman, age 30 who was once hired by the Shabak to provide information has enraged his handlers by releasing 20 hours of taped conversations to the public showing how the Shabak incited him to commit crimes against Arabs.

Chaim Perlman, Photo credit J Post
Perlman is being charged with a 1998 killing of two - four Arabs. Pearlman denied all the allegations and said in an interview recorded two days before his arrest and aired on Channel 2 that he was being framed. Perlman claimed the Shabak was taking revenge on him because he taped their conversations. His lawyer claimed that the Shabak has no evidence linking the crime to Perlman. In order to save face, the Shabak needs to obtain a confession. Many times in Israel, a confession is proof of guilt even if there is no evidence corroborating the confession and even if the evidence contradicts the confession. The Shabak denied Perlman a basic right, a meeting with his lawyer. It was 10 days after his arrest that Perlman was finally able to meet with his Honenu lawyer due to Honenu intervention and a ruling of Justice Edmond Levy. Perlman confided to his attorney of the torture he was enduring ie: being handcuffed for 18 hours a day, beatings etc. Now after 19 days under Shabak interrogation, Honenu is once again charging the Shabak with continued abuse.
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Perelman's Arrest Extended for Again for Six More Days

Av 24, 5770, 04 August 10 06:59
( The Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court has again extended the detention of Chaim Perlman - this time for six days.
Perlman, who was a former informer for the General Security Service (Shabak), has been held for over a month without any charges being laid. Four other people have been arrested in the case and all similarily released without charges being laid.

Perlman's Wife Says Police Abused Him

Av 25, 5770, 05 August 10 01:47
( Karen Perlman, the wife of Chaim Perlman says that her husband was abused by police officers in prison. Arutz 7 spoke with her in an exclusive video interview outside the courthouse.
Perlman is accused of killing Arabs in the 1990s. Just before his arrest, he released secret audio recordings of conversations with a man he says was an undercover Shabak agent trying to entrap him.
To view the interview in Hebrew click here.

Shabak to Request Perelman Detention for Another 8 Days

Av 29, 5770, 09 August 10 10:59
( The General Security Service (Shabak) has asked the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court to extend by eight days the detention of Chaim Perlman.

Perlman's lawyer said in response that he hopes the court will stop giving unlimited credit to the Shabak, "This investigation is stuck, it's time to release Perlman," he added.
Perlman has been held for over a month without any charges being laid.

Special AG Permission to Continue Detention of Perlman

Av 29, 5770, 09 August 10 11:59
( A discussion will be held at 14:00 at the Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court where the GSS and police are expected to request the extension of Chaim Pearlman's arrest for another 8 days.
The GSS will repotedly bring a special permit from the Attorney General approving the continuation of Perelman's detention for more than the 30 days allowed by law.

Court Slams Police, Says No Significant Evidence against Perlman

Av 29, 5770, 09 August 10 05:17
by Hillel Fendel
( The Jewish Department of the Shabak (Israel Security Agency, ISA) has been put on notice by the judicial system that it does not have much time left to investigate the Chaim Perlman charges.
The Petach Tikvah Magistrates Court, generally considered the Shabak’s “home court,” rejected the security organization’s request to extend Perlman’s remand by eight more days. Justice Nachum Sternlicht allowed a remand of only two additional days, and expressed wonder as to why the actions that the police wish to carry out in the coming days have not been done until now.
Perlman, 31, was arrested nearly a month ago on charges of stabbing two Arabs to death in Jerusalem about a decade ago. The charges were later expanded to include two other Arab deaths in similar circumstances. The crimes were alleged to have been committed in response to two terrorist murders in Jerusalem.
Perlman has barely been permitted to meet with his Honenu-organization lawyer throughout his 25 days in prison. His wife and lawyer say he has been mistreated while in prison, but he has maintained his innocence throughout. It has been reported that he has also maintained his right to remain silent.
Judge Sternlicht said he does not see any significant evidence against Perlman. He added that though the suspicions against him are grave, it must be taken into account that throughout the long duration of his incarceration, barely any progress has been made in the case.
Two other people have been arrested, and released, in connection with the case. This, together with the recordings of ISA agents trying to goad him into carrying out violent acts against Israeli-Arab leaders, indicates the strong motivation of the Shin Bet to convict him.  

Friend of Haim Perlman Arrested

Av 30, 5770, 10 August 10 04:58
( Police and Shabak agents earlier Tuesday arrested a 24 year old Tekoa resident who is a friend of Haim Perlman, who was detained for allegedly planning to kill Arabs. Friends of Perlman's said that the Shabak “doesn't know how to lose with dignity. It was clear after a judge criticized the Shabak for holding Perlman for no good reason that it would try to come up with phony 'developments' in the case in order to keep him in custody. It's time for the Shabak to understand that its behavior is illegal, and that its Jewish Unit is not above the law,” the friends said.

Friend of Perlman Released

Av 30, 5770, 10 August 10 08:50
( The friend of Haim Perlman who was arrested earlier Tuesday has been released. The Honenu legal defense group said that the individual was questioned for several hours and released. Friends of Perlman said that the interrogation was designed to impress upon the courts that progress was being made in the case, even though there was no legitimate case against Perlman altogether.

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C. Writes:

The case of Perlman is similar to that of Amos Baranes who was given a life sentence in that he was kept without sleep and tortured to such a great extent that in the case of Baranes he finally admitted to the killing.
Who knows how long Chaim Perlman will be able to endure.

Court Rules "No Evidence" in Perlman Case

Elul 1, 5770, 11 August 10 02:01
( The Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court rules that there is "no serious evidence" linking Perlman to the stabbing deaths of four Arabs in the 1990's. Police announced an alleged victim of Perlman identified him in a police line-up and have asked the court for an extention. Perlman, age 30, has been in prison for a month. The court has ordered him released to house arrest.
Before his arrest, Perlman released secret audio recordings to the media of an alleged undercover agent whom he says attempted to prod him into committing act of vengeance against Arabs. Perlman says the man was a plant trying to dig up dirt and convict him as a political extremist. 

Court: Release Perelman to House Arrest

Elul 1, 5770, 11 August 10 03:45
( The Petah Tikva Magistrate's Court has refused to accept a police request to extend the detention of Chaim Perlman and has decided to release him to house arrest in the town of Tekoa in Gush Etzion. At first the court said that Perlman should be released immediately but later revised its decision to within two days. Perlman has been held for over a month without any charges being laid against him.
The Perlman case is the latest in a number of false arrests of nationalist activists by the General Security Serivce.






 Exclusive: 'The Shin Bet Won't Leave My Husband Alone'

Elul 2, 5770, 12 August 10 09:29
by Uzi Baruch
( Chaim Perlman's wife, Keren, had trouble sleeping last night due to her excitement after hearing of the court decision to release her husband to house arrest yesterday. "I look forward to the moment when Chaim will come out of the dark hole where he is right now. Our children miss him so much," she told Arutz-7 in an exclusive interview. Perlman has been held for nearly a month on suspicions of involvement in the killing of four Arabs ten years ago.
Following the decision of Petah Tikva Magistrates Court Judge Nahum Sternlicht, this moment seems closer than ever, but Keren, a devoted wife, is trying not to celebrate too early. Together with faith and hope, she is trying to keep both feet on the ground.

"The Shin Bet [Israel's General Security Service] is the most powerful body in the country," says Keren Perlman. "During the court hearings, I saw cases where the very fact that the request to extend Chaim's detention came from the Shin Bet, was enough to make judges automatically acquiesce and prolong Chaim's detention, even though there was no material proof to support the decision. Judge Sternlicht is a worthy judge, but there aren't too many judges like him in Israeli courts, and I would not be surprised if the Shin Bet finds a judge who is more 'agreeable' who will extend Chaim's detention for a few more days."
When Keren speaks she sounds like a veteran jurist, but she says the situation in which her family finds itself is like a nightmare, from which she hopes to wake up quickly and return to routine life.
"I met Chaim in the Kahane Youth Movement," Keren says. "Chaim was a youth leader there and I was an activist. We participated in bus trips from Pardes Hana to Jerusalem to distribute leaflets... Our activities centered around demonstrations and educational campaigns aimed at convincing the public that the land of Israel is in danger."
Keren was 19 years old when she and Chaim decided to get married. "Chaim is the most amazing person I ever met. His sensitivity, his dedication, his innocence, were all things that drew me to him." After their marriage they moved to the town of Tapuach in the Shomron, then to Givat Washington near Ashdod. "Chaim's dream was to become a physical education teacher and to work with children. He loves children very much, and looked for a profession where he could work with them."
But that dream was shattered when the professional committee of the Ministry of Education refused to allow Chaim to be a teacher in Israel.
"It was very strange," Keren recalls, describing the committee's decision to reject Chaim due to what was defined as a criminal record. "We brought all kinds of recommendations from around the world, proof that the files against Chaim were of political demonstrations, or raising the flag of Israel on the Temple Mount." Despite the fact than an absolute majority of the committee members believed that they shouldn't rule out the possibility of Chaim being a teacher, there was one member of the committee who was decisively opposed to the nomination: "The ministry's security officer argued that due to Chaim's criminal record and the fact that he was put in prison for demonstrating against the expulsion of Jews from Gush Katif, he must not be allowed to become a teacher."
"The next day the phone rang, and on the line was someone who introduced himself as a friend of Chaim's from the past. In retrospect, this conversation was the beginning of the roller coaster of our lives today."
This "friend" turned out to be a Shin Bet agent, who "played on Chaim's conscience and our difficult economic situation. He met with Chaim repeatedly and told him that for the sake of his new-born son, Yitzhar, going into first grade, he should cooperate. Chaim, in his innocence, agreed. The Shin Bet agents would talk to him about faith and and his economic situation, giving Chaim money. Chaim didn't share the details to me at the time, and he would come home each time saying that he made some money doing odd jobs in Ashkelon."

"After several meetings, the agents wanted to see some results from Chaim. They expected him to tell stories about what his friends were doing. Chaim didn't want to talk about others, so instead, he began to make up stories about himself. These weren't true, but the Shin Bet wanted to believe those made-up tales."
"At this point, when Chaim realized he had made a mistake, he let me in on what was going on and we turned together to Itamar Ben-Gvir and Noam Federman. They recommended that Chaim cut off contact immediately with the Shin Bet, and Itamar also began to involve the media, which turned out to be a brilliant step."

Chaim's connection with the media was carried out "right under the Shin Bet's nose," says Keren, "but that didn't stop them from sending an agent, code-named 'Dada', to try to incriminate him. It was clear to us from the start that Dada was an agent, and Chaim taped his conversations with him, where Dada tried to 'trip him up'. These conversations were then sent to the media, who published them so that all of Israel could witness the conduct of the General Security Service."

Once the Shin Bet found out that Dada was suspected and that Chaim was in possession of dozens of hours of taped conversations, they came to arrest him and to search for the recordings: "Late at night, nine 'thugs' came to our house looking for the tapes. When they found them they were quite happy," recalls Karen. "But they did not know at the time that  Itamar Ben-Gvir had passed on several of the tapes to the media. As soon as Chaim was arrested, the media released the recordings to the public."
Keren says that Chaim was treated horribly during his detention. "They prevented Chaim from seeing a lawyer for ten days. They abused him, tied him to a chair every day for 16 hours, beat him, screamed in his ear, kept him from sleeping, put him into a refrigerator where the temperature was 6-7 degrees Centigrade and prevented me from giving him a sweater," she says. "When I came with a sweater to the interrogation facility, they said it would interfere with the investigation."
During all this time, Keren says she kept believing in G-d, "Who performed miracle after miracle for us in this story. When I think of what happened, my belief in G-d is strengthened. First of all, the very fact that Chaim did not break down is a miracle. Anyone else in that situation would even have admitted to killing Arlozoroff!"
She made sure to mention the names of several people that "I want to thank who helped us to no end." Here she named Shmuel Medad, head of the Honenu legal rights organization - "a genuine angel" - as well as others from Honenu, in addition to friends and neighbors from Givat Washington, and others.

Keren has no illusions, and knows that the story is far from over: "Already this morning the Shabak appealed the decision to release him to house arrest, and it's very likely that they will find a rubber-stamp judge who will agree. But they themselves know that there's no evidence against him, and I therefore hope and pray that he will return home very soon... Chaim was naive when he agreed to meet them. He was worried about feeding his children, but we both know now that it is better to collect alms on the street than to trust these dishonest people whose only motivation is to appease the left and 'stick it' to the right."

Family Members: Judge Shift in Perlman Case a Bad Sign

Elul 2, 5770, 12 August 10 10:29
( The wife of Haim Perlman responded with anger to a decision on Thursday morning that a new judge would decide on whether to release her husband from custody. The former judge, Clara Regiano, had ruled Wednesday that the police and Shabak did not have enough evidence to hold Perlman. She is to be replaced by Avraham Tal. Tal, said friends of Perlman, is known for his pro-police stances.

Perlman's wife said that the development gave her a “difficult feeling. It appears that the Shabak is managing the court.”

Court Rejects Appeal, Perlman to be Released

Elul 2, 5770, 12 August 10 10:31
by Hillel Fendel
( The Petah Tikva Magistrates Court has rejected the Shin Bet's appeal, and Chaim Perlman will be released to house arrest.
The original order to send him to five days of house arrest was extended to 15, however, and the judge has also banned Perlman from making any contact with any of the others involved in the case. Perlman's lawyer Adi Keidar of the Honenu legal rights organization said he would appeal the house arrest, as the evidence against him is "weak."
The dramatic decision was made around 10:30 AM, shortly after Perlman's lawyer and supporters were disappointed to learn that the judge assigned to hear the appeal had been abruptly replaced. The new judge, Avraham Tal, had previously ruled that Perlman must be incarcerated without being allowed to meet with his lawyer. This decision was later overturned in the Supreme Court.

Perlman has been in prison under difficult conditions for nearly a month, after police and the Shabak announced that they had "found the murderer" of four Arabs who were stabbed to death in Jerusalem 10 and 12 years ago. Perlman denied the charges against him, and publicized recordings of a Shabak agent attempting to goad him into killing other Arabs.


MKs Call for Perlman Case Probe

Elul 2, 5770, 12 August 10 11:45
( MKs Dr. Michael Ben-Ari and Prof. Aryeh Eldad (National Union) said that they believe that the Perlman affair raises serious questions about the functioning of the ISA and called for a committee probe of the circumstances of the case.

Perlman's Father Worried about Future

Elul 2, 5770, 12 August 10 10:54
( Eliyahu Perlman, the father of Chaim Perlman, said Thursday that he hope the court decision to release his son from Shabak Israel Security Agency custody is the final word in the accusations of murder against his son. In a special interview to Arutz Sheva' Hebrew service, the older Perlman said, "We assume that the Shabak will try to pull this file more but, in principle, it's the end."
Eliyahu said his son is strong but expressed concern for his future. "Unfortunately, they have been persecuting him and causing him problems for years. He studied at Givat Washington College and at the end they told him they would not give him a teaching certificate because he has a police record. He only studied and I'm worried about him because he needs work."

Perlman Released: I Suffered, But Everything is For the Good

Elul 2, 5770, 12 August 10 05:26
by Yoni Kempinski

( video)

"They held me in custody for 31 days; they tortured me, screamed at me, swore at me, tried to humiliate me, and tied me to a chair with handcuffs for 18 hours straight," Chaim Perlman told reporters after his release Thursday.

"I suffered, but everything is for the good in the end," said the 30 year old Perlman. "I believe that everything is for the good. I thank G-d, the creator of the world, I thank my precious wife, I thank Itamar (Itamar Ben Gvir, leading nationalist activist who accompanied the trial - ed.) and the Honenu organization who helped me and brought in the best lawyers you can get."

Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) authorities suspect Perlman of killing four Arabs ten years ago, and Perlman has been held in administrative detention without any charges being filed against him.
The court ordered his release to house arrest in the town of Tekoa in Gush Etzion. On Monday, Petach Tikva Magistrate Court Judge Nahum Sternlicht rejected a police request to extend Perelman's detention by eight days and ordered a 48-hour extension instead. 

Perlman Banned from Talking to Three Rightists

Elul 2, 5770, 12 August 10 11:24
( Police issued a warrant to Chaim Perlman Thursday evening, threatening arrest if he is caught talking to Land of Israel activists Itamar Ben-Gvir and Noam Federman, as well as to Aryeh Groner of the Honenu legal-aid organization. The order follows Perlman's release afternoon from custody of the Shabak Israel Security Agency.
Ben-Gvir responded that the aim of the order is to keep continued publication of the agency's foulups and outrageous behavior. He also said the Shabak is trying to prevent Perlman from getting adequate legal representation.

Shabak, Israel's Internal Security Agency,was Forced to Release Perlman After 31 Days of Torture.
Chaim Perlman, age 30, claimed that police abused him, humiliated him and kept him handcuffed for 18 hours a daythree thugs would beat him up periodically. The Shabak was forced to release him from jail to house arrest after Judge Nachum Sternlicht said: "I haven't seen any substantial evidence that could serve to convict Pearlman." during his 31 days under Shabak interrogation. He said that Honenu lawyers still needed to deal with further Shabak shenanigans. Perlman was brought for an identification line up. Surprisingly, an Arab was found who singled out Perlman 12 years after the supposed crime. Honenu lawyers were not allowed to be present for the identification procedure. Shabak appealed Perlman's prison release, but lost in court. Perlman, who was once hired by the Shabak to provide information enraged his handlers by
releasing 20 hours of taped conversations to the public showing how the Shabak incited him to commit crimes against Arabs. Perlman is being charged with a 1998 killing of two-four Arabs. He denied all the allegations and said in an interview recorded two days before his arrest, and aired on Channel 2, that he was being framed. Perlman claimed the Shabak was taking revenge on him because he taped their conversations. From the beginning, his lawyer claimed that the Shabak had no evidence linking the crime to Perlman. In order to save face, the Shabak needed to obtain a confession. Many times in Israel a confession is proof of guilt, even if there is no evidence corroborating the confession and even if the evidence contradicts the confession. The Shabak early on denied Perlman a basic right, a meeting with his lawyer. It was 10 days after his arrest that Perlman was finally able to meet with his Honenu lawyer due to Honenu intervention and a ruling of Justice Edmond Levy. Even Haaretz, a far left wing newspaper has recently screamed foul playHonenu, no civil or legal rights organization has come out against the cruel punishment Perlman underwent. Perlman remained silent during the 31 days of interrogation. regarding this abuse of justice. Unfortunately , besides
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From Anonymous:

UPDATE: Breaking news:

"This is truly amazing!
The JTF was able to expose the head of the Yivsektzya in the shabak (Avigdor Arieli). They clandestinely filmed him and posted this video of him on Youtube.
He is supposedly 'religious" and wears a kippa on his head. He lives in the Yishuv of Kfar Adumim. ..."

More info:

  • See this link that was sent to me by David:ימין-ושמאל-נגד-השב-כ-לפרק-המחלקה-היהודית

Who said:
"we are living in a centralistic regime , very close to military regime "
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.

And Barry Chamish made THIS comment:

Perlman is a step above the hundreds of thousands of Yesha, religious and Right Israelis, who think the government of Israel represents them or can be changed with a new election.
He actually fought back intelligently. Where will this lead? Will the victim Jews rebel against a shadow government that hates their guts and will use any dirty trick to criminalize them.
Of course not. They will let the Shabak agents among them, dating from the days of Avishai Raviv, follow, report and drag them through the "court" system to prison. As long as the Likes of Baruch Marzel, Itamar Ben Gvir, Iris Cohen, Avigdor Eskin et al are accepted as one of them, and not Shabak squealers, more Perlmans will follow ad infinitum...Barry Chamish

While Tamar said:

Things are almost like the Soviet Union here.

DS retorts:
Why the Soviet Union? How about IRAN TODAY
Look at today's news: I don't see much difference in the technique and aim of forced confessions, do you?
"Many have later retracted these 'confessions,' stating that they were coerced to make them, sometimes under torture or other ill-treatment. "This so-called confession forms part of a growing catalogue of other forced confessions and self-incriminating statements made by many detainees in the past year."
The condemned woman's lawyer, Mohammad Mostafaei, said his client made those comments to state-run television "to save her life" and noted that the death sentence for murder charges related to her husband's death had been commuted.
"The channel that we have in Iran is completely under the control of the intelligence ministry," Mostafaei told CNN on Thursday. "The goal of this channel is character assassination. And the other goal it has, through the production of documentaries full of lies and people's confessions, is to justify the government's illegal actions. 

And Emanuel Winston writes:

      I am deeply ashamed of what was once a most honored security agency formed to protect the people of Israel.  That changed once the politicians of the Leftist Labor Party found they could use the GSS to intimidate and conduct dirty tricks against the political Right.
       Soon, Court Judges were recruited to go along with illegal detention – of Israelis. 
      The once honored Police began to cooperate in a way that reminded older Jews of the Nazi Stasi agents and, in some cases, methods used by the Gestapo and certain nationals in other European countries to entrap Jews. 
      Much of this ugliness comes from politicians who want dictatorial control of the Israeli people and every government agency.  To be fair, there are more honest agents than not - who risk their lives every day to protect the people and the nation of Israel.
      Then there are the politically biased directors who owe their high positions to crooked politicians whose greed for power has poisoned their role of government service.
      Biased courts, political security agencies were not what Israel was supposed to be but, regrettably, it is.
      Israel was NOT supposed to be like her Muslim Arab neighbors, with hostile security agents mixed in with the populace but, those methods have, unfortunately, become quite common in Israel. 
      There was a time when the people loved their Army, Shin Bet, Mossad because they were the peoples’ protectors.   Then the politicians got their hands on these power structures and now people fear them. 
      I wonder if the commanders and politicians ever think about what they are doing to their own nation by adopting the roles of thugs and enemies of the people whom they are sworn to protect.


DS said...

A resident of Nokedim writes:

Did you know that I, too, have been targeted by the authorities? They descended on my humble abode 4 years ago with a phony, contrived search warrant FOR DRUGS...ME, SOMEONE WHO --on principal-- DOESN'T EVEN TAKE ASPIRIN! And, someone who never smokes ANYTHING, EVER. Of course they didn't find drugs of any kind, but did find a showbox worth of bullets. On that, they're indicting me!!!
I will admit that I'm sensitive and that this indictment has taken its toll on my peace of mind. I will admit too that I've suffered sleepless nights over this nightmare. I also admit that to have received the indictment which reads "The State of Israel vs X.X." troubles my soul terribly. Israel, the country that I've dedicated my life to and that I've given up the good life in the "goldene medina" to be part of and serve.
Before this happened TO ME, I would have been prone to say that Perlman is the bad guy and the cops are the good guys. But now, in light of my own bitter personal experience, my knee-jerk assumption is that Perlman's the good guy and the cops are the bad guys. I'd even go one step further --again, based on my own bitter experience: In general, the cops are the enemy of the good citizen. Sad, isn't it?

Yah help us

DS said...

David said:

"we are living in a centralistic regime , very close to military regime "
Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz.