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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Brave leaders of Israel: here is our friend, Rabbi Moshe Parry, yesterday in L.A. Moshe, you are magnificent, and I admire your courage; may there be many more like you... such as Rav Dov Lior of Kiryat Arba - Hevron, below.

This video was shot by another good friend from L.A, " JooTube"; his original video can be found at

Moshe has been a frequent contributor to this blog ( under a pseudonym) , with his meaningful comments and analysis. Besides being a rabbi, he is a brilliant historian, who understands the intricacies of Rome and Edom very, very well.

Update: see this very special post about Moshe Parry that Tamar Yonah posted on her blog in Arutz7:
Thanks, Tamar. Let all the great minds meet! You both deserve the attention of Am Yisrael, and our thanks.

...And in Israel, we are proud to have another courageous leader, Rabbi Dov Lior, who received a tribute last night from some admirers, in the form of a poster:

To the honorable Rabbi Dov Lior shlita

Thank you for the lesson you gave us all in brave leadership,
to the honor of Erets Israel, Torat Israel and Am Israel.
According to the newsreports and even more so,
according to what is not reported,we are headed towards difficult challenges.
The Rabbi's strong stand vis-a-vis pressures by the authorities,
is a breath of fresh air.
We are lucky to be blessed with this kind of different leadership,
and we, the activists on the ground, receive from it a lot of strength.
With great honor and appreciation,

Women for Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)- The Committee for a Jewish Shdema- The Judea Action Committee

for all details about this sordid affair, where the Israeli government ( under guidance of our enemies, no doubt, but with full cooperation of our so-called "Jewish" courts and government) is in the business of arresting rabbis for Torah writings, and destroying synagogues. Time has come to put those Reshaim in their place!

And here is one more emerging leader of Israel, Rav Avraham Yosef, chief rabbi of Holon: true leaders of Israel are coming out of the woodworks, while our so-called present leaders show their true colors as weaklings and traitors.

Rav Avraham Yosef: Don’t Include Judges in a Minyan

Senior figures in the Israeli government or in the judicial system cannot join a minyan, according to Cholon’s Chief Rabbi Rav Avraham Yosef, who is also a representative on the Chief Rabbinate
Council and son of Shas spiritual leader Rav Ovadia Yosef.
“It is forbidden to allow them to participate or to integrate them in any shul liturgy,” Yosef said. “We must ignore their existence, as if they were just air.”
During the program on halachic issues he presents each morning on ultraradio station Kol Chai, Rav Yosef addressed the question of who is worthy of serving as a chazzan on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Whoever sends his children to learn in secular schools, he said, or brings his companions before courts which do not rule in accordance with the Torah, cannot take this role.
He also detailed what the judges in such courts should face: “The judge himself, even if he knows how to pray very well, even if he knows how to do everything excellently - from the moment he was appointed judge he made himself unworthy of joining a minyan,” the rabbi said. “Even if he promises that all his rulings will be in keeping with the Shulchan Aruch, he has still lifted his hand against the Toras Moshe and is not worthy of joining anything holy.”
Later, in response to a question from a visitor to the Moreshet website, Rav Yosef clarified that his ruling includes anyone working in the State Prosecutor’s Office or police investigation branch.
“Recently… some religious judges have been appointed with yarmulkes on their heads which makes it seem as if the court is ruling according to our holy Torah,” he said, adding that this was a gross distortion.
“According to our holy Torah, a single judge can never be appointed, and according to our holy Torah it is forbidden to sit in a court appointed by the State of Israel,” he continued. “The State of Israel rules and judges according to the laws of the nations… A man who fears God will keep away from a person like this - and not include him in any holy act or in any prayer.”
{Ynet/ Israel}


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SHmuel said:

Superb Jew. I saw his delivery to Soetoro and those pseudo "leaders". Magnificent

DS said...

Despite (Because of?) Rabbis’ Rally, Another Rabbi is Arrested
Elul 9, 5770, 19 August 10 09:40
by Hillel Fendel

( Hundreds of rabbis gathered in Jerusalem on Wednesday night to protest police intervention in Torah study, and a few hours later, another rabbi was arrested.

Rabbi Yossi Elitzur, a contributing author to the controversial Torah work Torat HaMelekh (Torah of the King), was arrested around 2:30 this morning in his hometown of Yitzhar, in the Shomron (Samaria). So reports the Honenu civil rights organization.

The arrest followed by just a few hours a show of strength by hundreds of rabbis, who gathered in Jerusalem last night to protest the arrest and/or interrogation of Torah scholars because of their Torah opinions. The police are demanding 5,000 shekels in bail for Rabbi Elitzur's release; he will be brought to court in Rishon LeTzion at 11:30 this morning.

The case began nearly four weeks ago, when the work's author, Rabbi Yitzchak Shapiro, was arrested in the middle of the night in his home in Yitzhar. The police also confiscated 33 copies of the book, which discusses the legal aspects of life-and-death issues between Jews and non-Jews, especially in times of war. The rabbi was released after several hours.

Two weeks later, least two other rabbis were summoned for questioning for having given approbations to the book. Neither of the two, Rabbi Dov Lior and Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, showed up for questioning – but the very summons infuriated a large sector of the rabbinical world. Last night’s event was the result, at which leading rabbis asserted that the Torah and rabbis’ scholarly opinions thereof are immune to police investigations.

Despite, or because of, the event, the police have now proceeded to arrest Rabbi Elitzur, for the second time. He was taken to the offices of the Serious and International Crimes Unit in Lod.

The State Prosecution was reportedly surprised to learn that relatively “moderate” rabbis also took part in last night’s protest. Even Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger, though he did not take part, expressed support, telling Arutz-7, “I oppose a situation in which a rabbi writes a letter of blessing or approbation for a Torah work, and then is accused or taken for questioning.” He said that he does not necessarily support the publication of the book, “because those who are not Torah scholars could misunderstand what is written there… But I suggest that the police come to the Chief Rabbinate for explanations about the significance of an approbation and suffice with that.”

Rabbi Metzger further remarked on the double standard applied by the police, in that “university professors express anti-Zionist, anti-Israeli, and anti-Jewish positions, and support Bishara, Hanin Zouabi and other enemies of Israel, and are allowed to do this in the name of democracy and freedom of expression.”