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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Really cool happening in K.A.- Hevron, a rare occurrence in Jerusalem too, I would think: high-level new school for jewelry making and stone setting just opened. Will you join? I did.

יודעי חן בית הספר לתכשיטנות

Do you have a creative drive looking for an outlet?

Would you like to create an income at the same time?

Sign up now for our Jewellery maker course!

 This is a piece by Cartier,"Tutti-Frutti", 1935.
Mr. Baruch, our jewelry teacher, worked at Cartier and is highly regarded in Israel.
Isn't this piece gorgeous? I want to learn how to make something like that, and then wear it! DS

(By the way my namesake, Daisy Fellowes, also loved Cartier Tuttifrutti!)

Yodei Chen- Academy for Jewellery Making has opened its doors in Kiryat Arba. We are offering courses in jewellery smithing   (צורפות) and precious stone setting.

Our professional courses are focused on training students to develop expertise in all facets of jewellery creation, while developing and enhancing their own personal style.

We are creating a marketing system where our students will be able to sell their creations during and beyond their studies.

Small groups, morning or evening classes.

Call now for info!                            Uri 02-996-0960

Mention ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES and receive a 50 NIS discount on the cost of the tuition!

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