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Thursday, August 5, 2010

HABITUAL SINNERS, that is what Israeli police, Yassams, border police, and the IDF forces have become: synagogue destroyers, sadists, would-be murderers; what shall be their end? And how shall we respond?

 הֱוֵה רָץ לְמִצְוָה קַלָּה כַּחֲמוּרָה וּבוֹרֵחַ מִן הָעֲבֵרָה

, שֶׁמִּצְוָה גּוֹרֶרֶת מִצְוָה, 


גּוֹרֶרֶת עֲבֵרָה


    מסכת אבות, פרק ד, משנה ב


 More Yesha Destruction: 5 Buildings & Synagogue Near Kiryat Arba

Av 25, 5770, 05 August 10 08:34
by Hillel Fendel
( Large police and army forces arrived in Mitzpeh Avichai early this morning and destroyed six structures. Police violence was unusually intense, residents reported.
Large police and army forces arrived in Mitzpeh Avichai early this morning and destroyed six wooden structures, including a synagogue. Police violence was unusually intense, a resident reported; five residents were injured, including a 16-year-old girl. Four were arrested.
The residents immediately got to work rebuilding the neighborhood, though others went out and burned nearby Arab fields in a familiar response known as Price Tag.
One of the razed homes belonged to Aryeh Davis, a member of Kiryat Arba’s emergency response team. He told Arutz-7 that the forces arrived at 3:00 AM: “Hundreds of Yassam and Border Guard police, as well as soldiers from the Nachal’s Battalion 50, descended upon us. They shook and pounded on our house in their attempt to get in, and as a result, a bookcase collapsed, hitting our baby daughter.”

Synagogue Destruction Has Become Routine.

Five years ago, the nation was aghast at the possible scenario of the State destroying synagogues in Gush Katif, and intense efforts were made to avoid it. It was said that Jewish communities abroad would be left with no recourse when local authorities, or anti-Semites, moved to destroy synagogues, if Israel itself destroys Jewish houses of worship. Since then, however, the State has destroyed synagogues in several places, including Nachliel, Yad Yair, Hazon David (dozens of times), Maoz Esther, Tapuach, and others.
Resident Itamar Ben-Gvir said, “If a mosque is destroyed, all the bleeding hearts cry out – but when a synagogue is torn down, they are all quiet.”
The buildings were not destroyed because of the construction freeze, but were rather deemed illegal for other reasons. Demolition orders were issued against them last week.
MK Michael Ben-Ari (National Union), who took part in a festive “New Torah Scroll” ceremony at Mitzpeh Avichai ten days ago, said in response, The forces of destruction of the Netanyahu government continue to flex their muscles at the expense of Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria. This racist destruction in Mitzpeh Avichai is another pitiful attempt to strike out at the pioneer settlers of the Land in order to bend over backwards before the terrorist Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas). But, the pioneers are stronger; when Netanyahu and Barak are thrown into the trash bin of history, Mitzpeh Avichai will be opening new kindergartens.”

..... But while this is going on, and while the evil ones are busy destroying, something good is coming to Kiryat Arba, new force, positive energy!

See this next post.

  It fills me with optimism; and so does a visit by some Swiss supporters, out of the blue, yesterday. There is good out there in the world; what we need to do is unite all the goodness, so that the evil ones will be the ones full of holes like Swiss cheese. Something's cooking, I am telling you.

Read about the upcoming ISRAELI TEA PARTY; what a great idea, whose time has come. Will update you as we go along. The debate at this point is, what should it be called: the Tea Party, the Matzoh Party( i.e. Yetsiat Mitzrayim), or some other idea? Please help with choosing a name, I will convey your thoughts to the originator of the idea.

Meanwhile, let the monsters burn in their hatred, degeneracy and lunacy... we move on.


To the credit of the soldiers of the Nahal Haredi unit - of course Haredim, - the soldiers wrote a letter to the IDF rabbis. Lying, cheating commanders responded in a disgraceful and dishonest manner - I would not expect any better from them. What a bunch of revolting scumbags.

Hareidi Soldiers Say Commanders Lied to Them

Av 30, 5770, 10 August 10 10:54
by Hillel Fendel
( Soldiers of the Nachal Hareidi regiment – a heretofore successful experiment in integrating hareidi-religious soldiers in the IDF – write of a “mortal blow” to their trust in the IDF command.
The soldiers say their commanders lied to them during the recent (July 26th) destruction of a large house in Givat Ronen (Ronen Hill) outside the Jewish town of Har Bracha in Shomron (Samaria). The Nachal Hareidi soldiers were sent to replace the Border Guard forces, after being falsely told that the latter had gone southward for police work.
The destroyed home, built at a cost of hundreds of thousands of shekels, belonged to the Afarsimon family. The dozens of Border Guard and special Yassam police troops also destroyed a goat pen and caravan (mobile home without wheels) at the site. The incident, in which each of the neighboring Jewish homes was surrounded by police to prevent the residents from attempting to block the destruction, was followed by a sharp clash – part of the residents’ “Price Tag” response to actions of this nature -  between Jews and Arabs in which four Jews were hurt.
Forty Nachal Hareidi soldiers signed a letter, unprecedented in its sharp tone, to their battalion commanders and to IDF Chief Rabbi Rafi Peretz. Excerpts from the letter:
“This was an arrogant, disgraceful and deceptive act… We are saddened that time after time, the IDF does not realize that it should respect the values of Jewish tradition. This, in addition to the fact that the IDF does not know the different between a political mission that hurts the IDF goals and crumbles its ethical strength, and a security mission for which we risk our lives.
“In order to accomplish this mission [of destruction in Givat Ronen], the commanders knowingly lied to the regiment soldiers, telling them that they were to replace a Border Guard battalion that was leaving for the south for active duty – when in fact these Border Guardsman were actually involved in destroying Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria. This fact is a mortal blow to our trust in the IDF command. To deviate from the norm of telling the truth in the IDF is a mortal blow that could have ramifications in all the various planes of military behavior, both in routine work and at times of emergency.”
The soldiers say that their senior commanders lied to them knowing that many of the soldiers would not want to take part even indirectly in harming Jews and their property. “Instead, they chose to sacrifice the trust of their soldiers in their commanders, causing a direct blow to their combat readiness and ability – and all this in order to carry out a grave act that stands in opposition to the goals of the IDF.”
The IDF Spokesman, asked to comment on the issue, did not relate to the actual charges of lying and deception. Instead, he issued a peculiar statement to the effect that the soldiers did not actually mean to sign the letter. The statement reads: “According to a review conducted by the Central Command with the soldiers, it became clear that their names were affixed to the document without their permission, without authority and against their will, despite the fact that they asked, when the incident became known, to remove their names. The IDF rejects what is written in the document. The soldiers of the Netzach Yehuda Battalion [Nachal Hareidi] perform their work in a professional manner and are an important force in the combat needs of the Central Command.”
Destruction in Beit El, NachlielJust this morning (Tuesday), two other Jewish sites were destroyed by combined IDF-Border Guard forces. In Nachliel, in central Binyamin, a temporary synagogue was torn down, while another force arrived in Beit El to destroy a small shack built in defiance of the construction freeze. This was the second time this shack was thus destroyed. After the first destruction, early one morning just hours after the funeral of Rabbi Mordechai Eliyahu, it was rebuilt with the help and/or encouragement of MKs Aryeh Eldad and Yaakov Katz (Ketzaleh). It is now being rebuilt once again.

To which, X commented:

The prophesies call for a "filtering" process at the end of days when worthy Jews will survive. Is this part of the process to separate the worthy from the unworthy. Israel has gone beyond the point of reason and rationality due to its leadership for whom the description of "corrupt" is too mild. They have crossed into idiocy, plunging the Jews into a state of hopelessness that only a miracle can abate. Even the most secular have to hope (even if they don't believe) that HaShem will show His hand and cleanse the world of the cancerous growths attacking His people.

Group Slams Barak Call for IDF Ramadan 'Fast'
Av 30, 5770, 10 August 10 06:42
( Rightwing and religious Israelis were up in arms Tuesday after Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered IDF troops not to eat while patrolling IDF checkpoints in Judea and Samaria during the monthlong Muslim Ramadan month, which begins Thursday.  In a statement, the Samaria Residents Council said that “it is sad to see that Barak has become an expert on Islam, as he sends IDF soldiers and border troops to tear down synagogues, beat up rabbis, issue orders to demolish Yeshivot, and arrest Jewish youths by dragging them by their peyot, their sidecurls. Is he Ehud Barak or 'Ahmed Barak,'?” the Council asked rhetorically. 
 Better question: WHO IS BARAK WORKING FOR?
I think the answer is clear.



DS said...

SHmuel writes:

I am very upset about the turn of events all around.
The Lebanese hit team murder was a grave attack and the response utterly inadequate as evaluated by just about every military person I know. Others called it "tepid".
Words do not mean squat.
Netanyahu has again failed to be a leader and let the J-Rat Barak "deal" with that blatant attack on Israel and murder act.
The bottom line is:
THEY KNOW HOW TO ASSAULT JEWS and destroy Jewish homes as shown again by the psychopaths they command destroying just now 5 Jewish homes and a Synagogue, but as repeatedly shown, they are unfit to defend the country.
Against Jews the unJews use brutal violence, torture by the Shabak "Jewish Sektion, while "against" islamics... "rubber bullets", "paint ball guns" and flour loaded tank ordnance.
And if jailed, FIVE star jails.
The Shi'ites are laughing all the way at the miserable weakling image the unJews project.


DS said...

And who are the guilty party? The victims of the assault, of course, THE JEWS! Whatever that boy did, I am sure it was as a reaction to the brutality and sheer bestiality of the entities. A minor mind you, and arrested nevertheless. Yes, stun grenades against women and children, arrests of kids - what a nice and honorable army and police we have, don't we.

Remand Hearing for Mitzpeh Avichai Youth
Av 26, 5770, 06 August 10 12:20

( A remand hearing began at noon on Friday at the Jerusalem Magistrates Court for a minor from the Judean Jewish community of Kiryat Arba, arrested when police and soldiers destroyed the Mitzpeh Avichai outpost next to Kiryat Arba on Thursday.

Police are asking that the boy, identified as "Aleph", be held until the end of proceedings against him.