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Monday, August 9, 2010! This is as close as it gets to the truth about Obama, his origins, his religion, and his loyalties.

Thanks to C.

Fascinating, and frankly, quite understandable, specially considering the zillions of Saudi petrodollars in the US.
What we should never forget, though, is that the King of Saudi Arabia is subservient to Rome.

Sovereignty remained with the head of the Spanish house of Bourbon during the republican (1931–39) and Francoist (1939–1975) periods and is held today by the present King of Spain, Juan Carlos ( himself the temporal representative of the Vatican within nations).

Members of the Order

So, draw your own conclusions.

And here is an ADDENDUM, for your interest and enjoyment:

Joseph Farah, WND
Obama has lost eligibility issue

August 10, 2010© 2010

Just as Richard Nixon lost the battle of Watergate because of coverup and stonewalling, Barack Obama has lost the battle over his constitutional eligibility for the same sins.
With the latest CNN poll showing only 42 percent of Americans definitively persuaded that he was born in the U.S., those who claimed this wasn't a "winning issue" have been proven wrong. Not only is it a winning issue, it is the only issue that can effectively undo the nightmare of the Obama era in one fell swoop.
There would be no need for repealing Obamacare if it turns out his presidency was a sham from the beginning.
There would be no need to wait until Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan retire or die to see them replaced on the Supreme Court if it turns out his presidency was a sham from the beginning.
There would be no need to wring our hands in hopes that future congresses and future presidents might roll back all of the damage Obama has inflicted on America if it turns out his presidency was sham from the beginning.
There would be no need to wait until 2011 in hopes that a new Republican majority might impeach Obama if it turns out his presidency was a sham from the beginning.
There would be no need to wait until 2012 for another chance to replace Obama if it turns out his presidency was a sham from the beginning.
That's why this issue is so important.
I've had many confidential conversations with influential people whose names you would know well – people sitting on the fence on this issue for too long. They began explaining to me a year or two ago why they didn't challenge Obama on this issue more aggressively. They were afraid of going out on a limb that Obama could saw off at any moment by producing his birth certificate that would clear up all the questions.
It should be quite clear to anyone by now that is never going to happen.
First of all, Obama is never going to produce that document. I don't know why he won't, except that it will reveal something extraordinarily embarrassing – something completely at odds with his official narrative. There are just too many other personal documents being concealed by Obama – student records, travel records, passport records, medical records, etc. Even his mother's passport records reportedly have been destroyed! 
Second, even in the extremely unlikely event that Obama were to produce a birth certificate that affirmed his birth story, it will merely serve to refocus the debate on eligibility. The best-selling new book "Manchurian President" devotes an entire chapter to exploring whether Obama could be constitutionally eleigible as the son of a Kenyan father. The clear conclusion is no – he can't be. There is no way that a foreigner could confer natural-born citizenship on a son no matter where that son was born.
In other words, this is a win-win issue for those of us who don't want to live any longer in the Obama Nation – not now, not next year, not the year after. So-called "birthers" now represent a majority of the American public.
I predict these polls will embolden politicians across the country – in spite of the ridicule and vitriol inflicted on them by the press establishment. I predict next year you will see more than one or two state legislatures approve bills that require presidential candidates to prove eligibility before getting on the ballot. I predict you will see more House and Senate members speak out on this issue in 2011, as the Congress takes on a new look.
I even predict a few other members of the media might open their eyes on this key constitutional question before too long.
After all, ultimately it's about the integrity of the Constitution. Obama has made it clear he has no respect for the law of the land. He has no respect for what the Constitution says and means. He does not believe in limited government. He does not believe in the rule of law. He believes in the rule of men – men like himself. And that's why so many of us want to see America freed of his leadership at the earliest possible moment and as completely as possible.
You tell me if there's a better way to achieve that objective than an uprising that demands he prove what he should have been required to prove in 2008.

Thanks to C., once again, for this contribution.


Anonymous said...

I think what you wrote makes more sense. Ive seen a few of this guys videos and he seems bent on proving that Islam is planning a world takeover, ignoring the fact that christian american leaders, the vatican and european aristocrats are the ones organizing the whole thing. As the midrash says, Esau will use Ishmael as a sword in the end times.

DS said...


Thank you for your comment. Please tell me, which Midrash says so: could you please give me - give us - the exact coordinates?

It is very important. I am working on a paper that discusses these very things.


Anonymous said...

Its from Midrash HaGadol on Torah portion “Toledot” (Genesis 26:34-5, 28:6-9)

Its pretty amazing how accurate midrashes are about the future.

You should go to and check out what proffesor narret has to say about whats going on today.

DS said...

Thanks for the tip, Anonymous. Will read. And thanks for the accurate info.