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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Israelis Save Lives with Field Hospital in Haiti- impressive videos and interviews. Kol Hakavod, doctors, nurses and soldiers, you're the best. If only your bosses were as good as you; and if only you directed some of that love towards your fellow Jews in Yesha!

Moshe sent this:

אומרים שברעידת האדמה נהרגו כ-200 אלף איש רובם מסכנים ואביונים, והשאירו אחריהם אלפי יתומים

Truly impressive; those Israelis are really amazing doctors and soldiers. It is worth seeing the dedication, the professionalism, the love of these Israelis for their fellow man.
I wish they had the same love for their fellow Jews in Yesha!

And let me ask you: why , of all buildings , did they pick THE U.N. building to rescue? Why help the arrogant aggressors, instead of the poor, helpless Haitians?
"( CNN) The Israeli delegation of 220 arrived at the Antoine Izmery soccer field Friday to begin setting up tents and equipment. Its doctors and other medical personnel anticipated treating about 500 casualties a day. Much of the aid will be focused on helping any survivors of the destroyed U.N. headquarters in the capital, Port-au-Prince."
So is THAT why they were sent there? To help the New World Order stay in power? That is very, very sad. Altough I am sure the dedicated soldiers, doctors and nurses have no idea whom they are serving, and are doing this out of the goodness of their hearts.
A real Kiddush Hashem. And notice how hard it is for some of these media personalities to acknowledge the GOODNESS of AM Yisrael. Some serious cognitive dissonance, after all the venom spewed at Am Yisrael.
And Scott , of Democast, sent this:
CBS and CNN online news editors downplay Israel's role in reporters' stories
Though CBS' Dr. Jennifer Ashton and CNN's Dr. Elizabeth Cohen's video news stories feature Israel's prominent M*A*S*H field hospital, you'd never know it by the omission of any reference to Israel or their field hospital in their story descriptions or blurbs. Why not? Because Israel doing a visibly humanitarian act contradicts their vilified casting of the country, culture, Army, and ethics?
The web editor does their best to marginalize Israel's role in the print story:
Also Monday, a local community hospital with three operating rooms re-opened and just three miles from the large and sophisticated field hospital set up by the Israeli military continues to treat patients and save lives.
Neither story mentions what the problem with America's field hospital is, or why the Israelis are being relied upon, but not recognized, for having to pick up U.S. slack.

In ABC News' Dr. Richard Besser's story, even though he features the Israeli Army field hospital as the saviours of his obstetric crisis, Israel is also omitted in the editors' description online. 3 TV networks news stories feature Israel favorably, 3 networks' websites omit it. Coincidence? Or journalistic-bias?


אומרים שברעידת האדמה נהרגו כ-200 אלף איש רובם מסכנים ואביונים, והשאירו אחריהם אלפי יתומים




Israelis Save Lives with Field Hospital in Haiti


Haitian mother who named her son "Israel" after Israeli medics delivered the baby boy
Courtesy IDF Spokesperson's Office

Israelis Offer Haiti Functioning Hospital in Time of Crisis

To set up on-the-ground interviews in Haiti, contact Amb. Amos Radian at 011-881-631-575508; IDF spokesmen Capt. Matan Greenstein or Daniel Saada at 011-881-651-418199; or IsraAID founder and coordinator Shachar Zahavi at or 011-972-54-567-9979

Twitter updates of IDF Medical and Rescue Team in Haiti: @IDFinHaiti

As Haiti's humanitarian disaster pushed into its sixth day, Israelis rescued a six-year-old girl from the rubble and Jewish groups continued their efforts to provide relief to the people of Haiti.[1]  
[Read More

Royalty-Free Photo Gallery: Israeli Aid to Haiti


To see videos of Israeli Rescue Efforts in Haiti, click here

Video Coverage: "Haiti: Mission of Hope"
Geraldo Rivera Reporting from Port Au Prince on the Israeli Doctors in Haiti, January 17, 2010

Watch this Video Clip from BBC News of Israeli Rescue Teams in Haiti: 'Haiti Earthquake: Haitians Desperate for Supplies'

Watch this Video Clip from SkyNews of an Israeli Team Searching for Haitian Survivors

Haiti: Woman gives birth in IDF field hospital
Article by E.B. Solomont, JPost Correspondent in Port-Au-Prince, January 18, 2010

Rescuers describe 'Shabbat from hell'
Article by Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, January 15, 2010

Dr. Besser Assists in Haitian Baby's Birth
Video Clip: Dr. Richard Besser helps a woman deliver her child amid the chaos in Haiti.  January 18, 2010


Video Clip: Infections 'Out of Control'
Elizabeth Cohen visits an Israeli hospital in Haiti. 
January 18, 2010

Slow medical care is one more thing for quake victims to survive
Article by Elizabeth Cohen, January 17, 2010

ZAKA mission to Haiti 'proudly desecrating Shabbat'
Article by Amit Levy, January 17, 2010

Israeli team to halt Haiti search efforts Monday
Article by Natasha Mozgovaya, January 18, 2010

ISRAEL: Sending Soldiers of Peace to Haiti
Article by Batsheva Sobelman, January 17, 2010


The Israel Project offers its condolences to the victims
of the earthquake in Haiti.

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