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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BILAN 2009- PLANS 2010 : LONG, BUT VERY INFORMATIVE , about W.H.O. H1N1 vaccination campaign successes, failures, and future moves.

" And finally, thanks to this program where vaccination will gradually be widespread, the fertility of the population will have dropped drastically to the point of becoming largely sterile. This will solve the problem of world overpopulation, in one generation, without having to resort to genocide (strategy which is a bit too showy and shocking). That is why it is absolutely imperative to maintain squalene as an adjuvant in vaccines because its presence interferes strongly with the production of steroids, our sex hormones."

"Nothing will ever be the same again;" Jean-Jacques Crevecoeur Reflects On The Swine Flu Scam (Translated by Carolyn Dunning)

Scientist Jean-Jacques Crevecoeur believes nothing will ever be the same again after the swine flu vaccine scam.

The scandal is unprecedented.

But the response has been unprecedented too.

All around the world,  people are waking up to the corruption of governments, the mainstream media and the pharamceutical companies.

What used to be ridiculed as "conspiracy theories" are increasingly being recognised to be fact-based issues that need to be investigated by parliaments.

People are more aware today than ever before that their national governments do not represent them or their interests, but march in lock step to increase the profits and power of an international corporate crime syndicate, which is organised around groups Bilderbergs -- attended by top ranking Freemasons --, and which seeks to expand their sphere of influence at the expense of the freedom and prosperity of rest of the population.

Crevecoeur says 2009 has finished off an "excellent year".

He warns, though, we are not out of danger yet.

The same international corporate crime syndicate behind the swine flu  and the climate change scam as well as the financial meltdown continues to pursue their plans for a one-world totalitarian government with a parallel drastic reduction in the global population.

While removing these people from power might not be a sufficient condition to restore good government, it is a necessary condition, and we can accomplish their removal in 2010 by insisting that the law and parliaments do their job and bring the perpetrators of the swine flu vaccine crime to justice.

Email n°11 from Jean-Jacques Crèvecoeur : 2009, nothing will ever be the same!
Take the time to read this email and meditate, as well as to look at the many references that I've put here.
And most importantly, send this text to all your contacts, reproduce it on your websites and your blogs, translate it into other languages.
DO NOT BELIEVE ESPECIALLY THAT WE ARE OUT OF DANGER WITH THIS SO-CALLED FOR PANDEMIC FLU H1N1! This is not the time to put our guard down and fall asleep again. WHO and our governments are preparing their next attack. Some more clues in this email.
So, If you want to know:
· why the year 2009 was, when all has been said and done, an excellent year
· how the truth is being revealed about the H1N1 pandemic influenza, global warming, the attacks of September 11 and the media
· why we have managed to sabotage, working all of us together, the plans for mandatory vaccination
· why do we not speak of hundreds of deaths caused by vaccination (and this is just the beginning, unfortunately)
· why there is concern that Tamiflu has killed more people than flu H1N1 itself
· why we're going to see an epidemic of problems of fertility and sterility in the next three years
· what awaits us in 2010 and what are the likely scenarios that could come at us
· why the microchipping of people will become a major issue in the coming years
More importantly, if you want to know what actions to take to counter this criminal madness and destrouction freedom,

This is also why I shall resume my activities as a trainer and lecturer at the beginning of March in Europe and Quebec. In anticipation of receiving my detailed program by email (next week), I invite you to read the schedule which will be updated regularly. I will be visiting Belgium, Switzerland and France from March 10 until April 15. I will also resume my activities in Quebec after April 15.

Stand up! I beg you.

Montréal, January 7, 2010

Dear Madam, Dear Sir,
Dear friends,

It has become a tradition that I have cherished jealously for years. In the Northern Hemisphere, the winter solstice marks the time when our nights are longer (around 16 hours in Brussels, Paris or Montreal) and the days are shortest. For me it is an annual event that nature offers me to take time to meditate, to learn from the past year and take stock. For years, I have decided to escape all these noisy, superficial parties to offer myself a retreat, often accompanied by the woman I love or some particularly dear friends.

2009: Finally, a great year!
The year 2009 ended for me with a feeling I've ever known. The feeling that after the events we have experienced, nothing will ever be the same again. You may say that this year was difficult, painful, disgusting, repulsive, in short, a year of shit! Yes, this is a point of view. But let me quote the famous words of Richard Bach (born 1936), extracted from "Illusions or the Reluctant Messiah": "what the caterpillar calls the end of the World, the Master calls the butterfly."

Because, of course from our point of view as caterpillars, there would be enough to despair of Humanity (whether we are mindless sheep or corrupt, cynical leaders). And I will not deny that several times I, too, have been submerged by sadness and discouragement. But by taking a step back and upwards to view life on Earth as a great stage where the goal of the game is to evolve according to our conscience thanks to events that we live on this stage, the prospect then becomes overwhelmingly positive.

For decades, only a small percentage of us has been convinced that the global system has become a machine to crush people and peoples for the benefit of an elite minority who concentrate more and more wealth in fewer and fewer hands. So far, we were a minority denouncing the lies, corruption, collusion and conspiracy hatched by governments and supranational bodies (like the UN, WHO, IMF, FAO) against their own citizens or citizens of the World. Whenever we pointed our finger at a law, decree, agreement, demonstrating once again that a part of our freedom and our sovereignty (individual or collective) had been scorned and trampled, we were called conspirers, revisionists, conspiracy theorists, extreme left anarchists, sects, dangerous agitators, and so on (complete the list yourself!)

The extraordinary change that 2009 has given us is that this crushing machine was turned on, in the belief that it would soon reach its ultimate goal: absolute power. And too sure of itself, this machine accelerated pace to achieve its goal, increasing the lies, falsifications, manipulations, all over the planet. It is true that the director of the Hitler's propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, once said at the time:
"The bigger the lie, the better it works!" Seeing what happened in 2009, we must believe he was mistaken.

The veil is lifting off the immunization file
In the case of influenza H1N1, a majority of people understood that there was something fishy in the management of this so-called crisis. And the hundreds of millions of dollars or euros invested to disseminate pro-vaccine propaganda failed to convince people that they should be vaccinated. Instead, these propagandist efforts backfired. Millions of people received information that they would never have received otherwise, and now, many people have become aware that a vaccine can be dangerous! Furthermore, more and more people have realized that corruption exists within the WHO and among public health officials. In this connection it is interesting to note that no less than six countries, to my knowledge, have launched (or will start) applications for investigations into corruption in this file:
· Russia, through the voice of Igor Barinov, who even threatened to withdraw from the WHO because of the corruption that prevails (see: ) ;
· Holland, who has launched an investigation against Albert Osterhaus, the key-expert number one to the WHO pandemic dossier who has earned hundreds of millions of euros personally with the outbreak of the pandemic alert (see: ) ;
· France, through the voice of certain parliamentary members of the   opposition (see: ) ;
· The European Parliament Health Committee, presided by Dr. Wolgang Wodarg, who unanimously demanded an investigation into the corruption within the WHO (see: ) ;
· Poland, which, by the voice of his health minister, Ewa Kopacz and his prime minister, has refused to order or impose vaccines for its population (see: ).
· Note also that Roselyne Bachelot was summoned (for the complete text see: ) before the tribunal de grande instance de Paris (TGI) on Monday January 4, in response to a complaint of attempted poisoning (see: ). But curiously, have you heard about it on TV???
What is great is that all these complaints come from elected politicians (mostly members or ministers). Difficult to call those people conspirators! Or sects! In nine months, WHO and public health officials have furthered the cause of anti-vaccine more than vaccines critics have in decades (at the same time, fortunately, these pioneers have worked to inform us and to prepare the ground for this massive awareness!). So thank you to people like Sylvie Simon, Michel Georget, Raymond Hauglustaine Marc Vercoutère Christian Tal Schaller, Jean-Marie Mora, Jacques Viau and many others, for having alerted us long ago to the futility and danger of vaccines. But thank you also to Margaret Chan (Director General of WHO), Albert Osterhaus, Alain Poirier, Roselyne Bachelot, Laurette Onkelinx, Bruno Lina, experts and all the corrupt leaders of drug companies: without you we would have taken another thirty years to achieve the same result of awareness about vaccines and corruption in the medical and pharmaceutical field.

Which just goes to show, once again, that shadow and light cooperate together to uplift and edify humanity's conscience! Let us never forget that!

The veil has begun to lift off the issue of global warming
In another case, that of global warming, last November, hackers (hackers) attacked the site of the CRU (Climatic Research Unit ), a key unit of the IPCC (International Panel on Climate Change) and made public exchanges of 1073 and 3585 emails incriminating documents (programming codes and graphics mainly) going back 13 years. These documents reflect manipulation of data, establishment of mechanisms to avoid providing the raw data (including deleting them), manipulation of the process of editing (peer review), manipulation of the media (well, well ?), recognition of certain errors, etc.. (see summary of the case on: )

However, for several recent years, many scientists and independent journalists have tried to inform us about the outrageous scam that has been totally invented around the issue of global warming (see, in this respect, the excellent BBC documentary on the fraud of global warming: et ). Not that there is no warming currently. But the causes of global warming have nothing to do with CO2 emissions of human origin. In short, the thesis of these scientists is as follows (it is well covered in the lecture by Professor Vincent Courtillot, the Academy of Sciences, available at ):
· Changes in temperature of the Earth have been related, since hundreds of thousands of years, to variations in solar activity (rapid cycle, ± 11 years) and to changes in the trajectory of the Earth around the sun (slow cycle, several tens of thousands of years)
· since men have documented solar activity (through numbers of sunspots), that is to say, since Galileo's time (1600 ± ), it has been possible to observe a strong correlation between sunspot number (indicator of the intensity of the sun) and global temperature (measured in the thickness of the rings of tree trunks and in sedimentary layers). . In other words, when the sun is warmer, it is warmer on Earth. And vice versa. Nothing to do with human activity, in other words ...
· human-caused CO2 represents only a small percentage (3%) of total CO2 emissions. Besides this, the oceans and forests contribute respectively by 40% and 57% of CO2 emitted (see section 2 of the summary: ). When you realise, again, that CO2 is not the largest greenhouse gas emission in the atmosphere, but that it is water vapor (water vapor is present in the atmosphere in quantities 25 to 100 times greater than carbon dioxide), we can really begin to doubt the impact of human activities on global warming. A little calculation will allow you to understand that the CO2 of human origin represents 0.06% of greenhouse gases emitted. When they talk of reducing our emissions by 10%, this means that they decrease our contribution by 0.006%! Of course, this argument must not allow us to continue to pollute as we are doing and destroy the ecosystem dramatically. That is clear;
· Finally, scientists suggest and demonstrate that it is the warming which is causing an increase in carbon emissions, and not vice versa. Because the hotter it gets, the more forests and oceans release CO2. The colder it gets, the more they absorb.
My purpose is not to resolve the issue of global warming in a nutshell. But to note that the year 2009 was marked by revelations that have not been disputed by scientists, since the latter have become trapped (they have sought to minimize the information, with the complicity of the media, once again). And the authenticity of documents proving the manipulation has been proven by independent experts.
When you know that Al Gore's movie (An Inconvenient Truth) was condemned by the senior British court in 2007 because it contained no less than 11 gross errors (see: ) and that it was imposed as a landmark film in schools, it gives me hope that lies will become a more and more difficult art to practice.
When will there be investigations requested by members to update the fraudulous explanation of global warming? When will there be investigations to expose the fraudulent use made of these false explanations in favour of new taxes imposed on individuals and further loss of power from the states?
If one day, pirates attack the servers of the WHO and of public health authorities, bringing to light fraud and criminal lies in health matters, how interesting and instructive it would be to read the correspondence between Big Pharma and Alain, Roselyne, Laurette or Margaret!
The veil is beginning to lift off the September 11, 2001 file
Again, it is becoming increasingly difficult for journalists and leaders of countries to seriously support the official account of the attacks of September 11, 2001. Since the release of the official report of the Committee of Inquiry in 2004, and thanks to all the questions that it has voluntarily left in the shadows, movements demanding the truth about the attacks have continued to rise in power. On September 9, 2008, the French comedian Jean-Marie Bigard dared to doubt the official version before the television cameras, he was mocked and called a revisionist and denialist by press unleashed against him! Whereas, a few months later, in June 2009, he launched his famous very well documented, humorous videos that have been seen since by more than 3 million people (go and see, it's worth the detour: )

A few months before, Marion Cotillard (Oscar winner in 2008 for her role as the kid in "La Vie en Rose") had expressed her doubts about the official account (which led her to be charged, as well, of denying the attacks). A few months later, Mathieu Kassovitz, in September 2009, also challenged the famous official thesis, and he too was compared to Joseph Goebbels and called a revisionist.
Last September, a thunderbolt! John Farmer, senior advisor to the Committee on 11/09 and co-editor of the famous official report criticized by hundreds of thousands of people, published an extremely disturbing book, "Ground Truth"
( In this tedious, but well documented book, he recognizes that most of the conclusions of the official report are based on false information from the U.S. government and army. He does not say who organized the attacks, or who allowed things to happen as they happened, but that does not matter: the damage is done. He affirms and he proves that this report is based on a tissue of lies to mask their disorganization and incompetence (his version).
We are only a step away from the veil falling away completely. For disorganization and incompetence were never made the towers fall, they never removed the wings of an airplane and never changed the laws of physics. To convince yourself of that fact, listen to lectures that American architects give around the world today, to demonstrate what the official authorities and the media refuse to acknowledge.
The benefit of this movement which is growing larger all the time (one of the best reference site is: and one of the best documentaries to be seen on the subject is: ) is that there are more and more of us who conceive that a government can organize an event against its own people (attack or attempted attack, as December 25 last – for the details of this case, read: ) in order to justify a planned long-standing act so as to be able to reduce our individual and collective freedoms more and more. Even Obama did not seem pleased that the CIA had organized this grotesque set-up.
And if we can conceive that a government can act against his people in an attack, it becomes easier to imagine that this same government may act against its people through a mass toxic or lethal vaccination. Individual consciousness is moving faster now that those people are seeking to destroy our freedoms. And that's the good news.
The veil has finally lifted off the true nature of media
I think it is THE most important benefit of this year 2009. Countless citizens have opened their eyes to the role the prostitute media played in this race for world dictatorship. With the various events that I have cited above, it has become clear that the media are responsible for:
· maintaining falsehood and fear in the population (fear of viruses, fear of global warming, fear of terrorists, etc..);
· concealing corruption and scandal from people (aside ARTE, the Parisian, Der Spiegel, France 24 and some independent media, who dared ask questions about conflicts of interest, corruption, differences of opinion in the scientific community in the case of the flu, global warming or September 11?);
· discrediting, lynching, abusing or ridiculing individuals and groups of people who dare to swim against the tide and who dare ask the questions everyone should ask themselves;
· diverting public attention from critical issues by serving entertainment and insipid and stupid non-information
As I said in one of my previous emails: "You can lie all the time to some people. You can sometimes lie to everyone. You can not lie all the time to everyone. This is the trap that the media have set for themselves. The agony of the media world as we know it, is engaged. "
The lessons to be drawn from the year 2009
Despite the appearances of events, you can see that I'm very enthusiastic. To return to the main file which kept me busy for the last five months of 2009, here is the balance that I draw from this case:
· Firstly, in relation to projects by Western governments to impose a compulsory vaccination campaign on us, we can be proud that we have succeeded. With our limited financial resources, thanks to the time invested in research and reading, through written communications sent and relayed, we have made ALL governments retreat with their project. So much so that now they have abandoned their goal of vaccinating the entire population and are trying to flog all their vaccines and toxic deaths to other countries;
· I do not hide the fact that I'm very glad I invested body and soul in this battle. Even if, like others, I lost a few feathers (financial shortfall, abuse, media lynching, threats), I am certain to have helped save many lives (I have received thousands of letters of testimony on this subject). I dare say "save lives" because the emails I receive unveil a reality which is much less amusing for those who have been vaccinated. Among all the evidence of negative side effects and deaths, I will cite only two examples here lived in Quebec (see below). Reading these stories, it is apparent that nobody would want to go get vaccinated. And many may live in fear of the effects that might arise in the coming months ...
· the analysis of hundreds of statements made by public health officials in different countries (except Poland) has convinced me of one thing: our health is the last concern of these people. For whenever a doubt was expressed about the safety or efficacy of vaccines, it was swept away with a wave of one's hand, without the question even being asked: is there a danger in the vaccine act? On the other hand, whenever serious side effects appeared within minutes, hours or days after vaccination, the same litany was repeated consistently (I never heard it go unsaid): the link with vaccination cannot be proved, the person is probably suffering from an underlying condition and would have died anyway.
But let us not dwell on these considerations. Let us consider instead the factors that have enabled us to win this victory, despite the disproportion between strength and resources? Some of those who chose not to get vaccinated:
· had either experienced personally or in their environment, side effects related to previous vaccination, which persuaded them to prefer the natural route of immunization rather than the (sometimes severe) complications related to this act which is less trivial than what is presented to us;
· or had already sought information about the (general) dangers of vaccination a long time beforehand. Their position on the so-called threat of flu has not changed, because they considered the danger of vaccines as superior to that of influenza;
· or had knowledge of the fake that vaccination has been, in general, since its invention by Pasteur. For them, nothing could make them change their mind even if the pandemic had been real, because they know that vaccines do not offer the benefits advertised;
· or had an attitude critical of the media, or neither listened nor read information from the mainstream media long ago. So they could not be conditioned by the aggressive, everyday propaganda aiming to create a collective psychosis against the flu;
· or have an active approach to information. Instead of letting it come to them (all chewed), they went to search it out (in books, at conferences or on news sites on the Internet), or
· have developed a healthy scepticism in response to the exaggerated hype. And without knowing anything about the issue of vaccination, without even wanting to learn, have chosen, in principle, to not trust the government orders. As a friend of mine said: "When the government tells you to go left, turn right. You'll be sure to make the right choice!"
They are, in my view, the elements that brought about this victory in the battle of information. I suggested below courses of action for you directly inspired from this analysis. But before implementing a strategy, let us continuing to take stock.
Was I right to make alarmist predictions?
I am not Madame Soleil (fortune teller). Yet, this fall 2009, I took the risk of making alarmist and alarming predictions (go read my emails on my site: ). Some have criticized me, saying that the health catastrophe and carnage announced did not happen. I also announced a compulsory vaccination campaign, which finally took place nowhere. Was I mistaken? Was I wrong to make such announcements? With hindsight, I am certain that I was right to act like that.
In fact, I feel a bit like the prophet Daniel, who complained to God that he was ridiculed by the people, because none of the apocalyptic prophecies he had foretold had come true. To this God replied that it was because he, Daniel, had alerted the people, a change of mentalities and attitudes had been able to come about, avoiding at the same time the misfortunes which would otherwise have occurred. Of course, I do not see myself as a prophet or a saviour and I do not have the self-proclaimed privilege to be in communication with God. But I find the story an interesting analogy.
A few dozen of us placed ourselves at the forefront of the protest, relayed by hundreds of managers of websites and thousands of therapists, also relayed by hundreds of thousands of anonymous people. If we had not exposed to the light of day the projects for the compulsory vaccination of populations, no reaction would have been shown and the people have been taken by surprise, pushed into these huge mass vaccination centres, like cattle pushed to the slaughterhouse. So, yes, fortunately we did denounce this plan for mass vaccination and we provided evidence. Otherwise, it would really have happened.

As for the health catastrophe announced, did I exaggerate? Unfortunately, it is too early to evaluate this. If you believe the mainstream media, there has been virtually no problem following this vaccination concerning millions of people. And we are assured (before a serious assessment has even been made) that the few problems reported were not proved to be linked to the vaccination. Everything is going very well in the best of worlds. For my part, I do not share this hypocritical and criminal optimism. In this regard, I invite you to read a testimonial that I received yesterday from one of my correspondents who works as a pharmacy technician in a Quebec hospital. Read this testimony, written hardly three months after vaccination of medical personnel. It is inspiring.

"I have worked in a hospital as a pharmacy technician since 2008. After your appearance on LCN (Quebec TV channel editor's note), I decided to do my research on the vaccine, knowing that I would surely be among the first vaccinated. What I discovered dissuaded me from being vaccinated. I told my work colleagues, warning them of the danger. After listening carefully, they ran to be vaccinated for fear of this little bout of flu (grippette)! And this even though we had had many cases of emergencies during the summer and though only one of the technicians had been ill (and not very ill)!

Today (January 4, 2010), there is only a handful of us left who have refused the vaccination. And none of us has been sick or is currently ill. We are very well, apart from the fatigue of the holidays of course! The problem is rather due to the fact that at least half of the "vaccinated" now have problems. Many cough constantly, have flu-like symptoms, headaches, persistent toothache, stomach aches and insomnia ... One of my colleagues, who already suffered from anaemia in the past, began to bleed under her thumbnails and lost four toenails! Of course, nobody suspects the vaccine! I am starting to monitor more carefully the condition of my colleagues who were among the first vaccinated in Quebec. To my knowledge, our hospital was the first to receive the vaccine (the Arepanrix GSK with the "cursed" squalene ASO3, well marked on the box, in addition to the thimerosal)."

Furthermore, the brother of an acquaintance of mine from Quebec City saw his little nine month old daughter die within fifteen days after the vaccination, while her two year old son developed a giant rash which necessitated intensive hospital care. Since then, this child has an endless list of foods he can no longer eat (multiple allergies). Her sister now rests in a cemetery where she should not be. And I do not even mention the hundreds of pregnant women who had miscarriages in the hours after vaccination. Do you think health authorities have recognized the potential liability of the vaccine in the case that hit this young family? Do you think the media flocked to the front door of the unhappy parents, as they did every time someone supposedly died of influenza H1N1? Absolutely not. When the dead could be used to sell vaccines, journalists pounced on them like vultures on a rotting corpse. But when the dead could put the safety of vaccines in doubt, none of these vultures is around to warn the public about the dangers of vaccines.
In short, to return to the health disaster, I think we'll see clearer in a year. The admissions made on 7th January by the European Medicines Agency made me furious: the massacre that we announced is indeed currently happening. Read for yourself: when I insist that they are lying to us and making a mockery of us, I am understating the truth. Governments are killing us in cold blood, amid general indifference (see: ). In reality, I fear that the number of patients of all kinds reaches at least 50% of the number of people vaccinated. I recall, if need be, that is 25% of the 730,000 GIs vaccinated against anthrax with a vaccine containing squalene, who experienced the so-called Gulf War Syndrome, in the months that followed vaccination. This syndrome is characterized by nervous system disorders (chronic fatigue, muscle and joint disorders, memory problems, brain cancer), the emergence of autoimmune diseases (amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, fibromyalgia) and severe disorders of reproduction (decrease in fertility, congenital malformation in a high percentage of children, etc...). I also remember that 19 years after the first Gulf War, over 450,000 GIs (average age 39 years) had to retire due to health problems!!! Normally, we do not expect such a high percentage of patients (60%) among such young people who are suffering so much that they are paid by the government to do nothing! What did they have in common? Two injections of ten different vaccines received in an interval of three weeks, including a vaccine containing squalene. The same squalene our governments gave us for our end of the year 2009 present (see, in this respect, my article on the squalene: ).

Still on health catastrophe, we will also see more clearly in two to three years. When babies conceived by vaccinated parents come into the world, with a significantly large number of monstrous malformations, congenital handicaps, brain or organic degeneration. Unless we discover an epidemic of infertility in the men and women who were so imprudent as to be vaccinated. But of course, here again, nobody will incriminate our good vaccine full of squalene, since clinical trials prior to approval to market showed no impact on infertility. A completely fallacious argument, when we know that these clinical trials are conducted over a period of several weeks, whereas these side effects can not be detected until months or years later!
What awaits us in 2010?
Now, what awaits us in 2010? Will I still take the risk of making predictions for 2010? Well yes, although I recognize that exercise is dangerous and risky. For, since my retirement from public life, I have never stopped reviewing documents related to this famous influenza H1N1. What are the facts that have caught my attention? There have been many, here is a summary:
· Margaret Chan, General Director for the WHO, announced that the pandemic would last at least until 2011 (which goes to show that being ridiculous doesn't kill you) (ref: );
· Ukraine experienced an epidemic of extremely deadly lung disease (death occurring 24 hours after onset) in November 2009. According to the autopsies performed on the corpses of victims, the symptoms were different from those of influenza and the virus that attacked the lungs was different from the H1N1 virus, but by combining with it, became extremely deadly (ref: et ) ;
· But what is disturbing about the case in Ukraine is that two months beforehand (in Warsaw, Poland on 29th and 30th September, 2009), Interpol had proposed to six of Central and Eastern European countries a drill simulating a bioterrorist attack against the Ukraine, an attack in which the terrorists' modus operandi was to spread a virus of pneumonic plague by air (see: ). Two months later, thousands of testimonies from the people of Ukraine reported that planes had flown at low altitude during the night, a few days before the outbreak of the deadly epidemic first describes as pneumonic plague. A coincidence? ;
· Dr. Taubenberger, whom I spoke about in several of my lectures, is the head of the Laboratory of Molecular Pathology in the American Armed Forces. It was he who in 2004 removed lung tissue from the corpse of an Inuit, who had died in 1918 of the Spanish flu, to resurrect and recombine the deadly strain of the famous pandemic flu (with the help of laboratory CDC (Center for Disease Control)). What I am saying is anything but Internet gossip: this work was the subject of several scientific publications in Nature (Taubenberger, Jeffrey. « Characterization of the 1918 influenza virus polymerase genes ». Nature. 437, pp 889-893 (2005)) and in Science (Tumpey, Terrence. « Characterization of the reconstructed 1918 Spanish influenza pandemic virus ». Science. 310, pp 77-80 (2005)). One can already find it suspicious that the Armed Forces and the CDC should invest substantial resources to recombine an extinct virus responsible for the deaths of 20 to 60 million people;
· This same professor Taubenberger has just released the results of the autopsies he performed on the first casualties of the H1N1 flu, in the region of New York, between May and July 2009. Two questions came to my mind: why give this man the privilege of carrying out autopsies on the first victims of the new flu, when this geographic area was neither under his jurisdiction nor part of his normal duties? And why did he wait until late November to make public its findings on observations made in May? Especially when his conclusions showed that the victims had not died from the flu (oh, really?), but a lung disease which is very similar to what the Ukrainians are dying from now!!! (Ref: ). L'Ukraine aurait-elle été le terrain de test d'une contamination à plus large échelle, pour plus tard ? ). Had the Ukraine been the testing ground for later contamination on a larger scale?
· WHO continues to recommend Tamiflu as a way to fight against influenza and flu symptoms. Roselyne Bachelot, has dutifully recommended the systematic prescription of this useless, dangerous and deadly poison, for any person suffering from flu-like symptoms or influenza (see: ). When you know that Tamiflu has not been proved efficacious (see the articles about Tamiflu on my site: ), one can question the motivation of such a measure. But when we know in addition that Tamiflu often causes within hours super infection and acute respiratory distress leading to death (see: ), it is reasonable to question the criminal intent of this measure (see also: ). Since then I have came across an in vitro study which explains that the antiviral has the effect of boosting the virulence of H1N1 (see: ). Based on this, I am convinced that these so-called new types of flu victims (those that the virus does not usually touch) were rather victims simply of Tamiflu,. And that's why we've been told that the flu attacked young and healthy adults!
· Bills are under consideration in several countries in the world (including the United States, Great Britain and others) to allow governments to censor or ban subversive websites (voir : );
· The company Verichip announced it had won the race for a patent, to bring to market a microchip which could be implanted in the body and whose function was to detect the presence of the H1N1 virus in the body. This announcement is dated September 21, 2009 ( ). Since then, the firm has taken the name of Positive ID (to make us forget its sinister reputation for transforming us into micro-chipped cattle) and is preparing to expand its range of services in the medical field) and is preparing to expand its range of services in the medical field (see:;selector-perfector );
· At the Copenhagen summit on global warming, a recommendation that was discussed throughout the meetings was the need to reduce the population of the planet (see: )
· On December 25, 2009, a Nigerian passenger, well known to the FBI and CIA, boarded the flight 253 connecting Amsterdam to Detroit, not through the usual security procedures, and without showing his passport to the staff embarkation, thanks to the intervention of a man of Indian descent who accompanied him (see the testimony of a lawyer who was a passenger on the same flight: ). By pure coincidence, this VIP passenger tried to blow up the plane a few hours later (or pretended to attempt to blow up the plane). Immediate reaction of governments: implementation of more intrusive procedures for screening passengers and baggage, which means that scanners will now show us naked, to the delight of airport security agents (voyeurs).
What can we expect in the coming months? Based on the above information, different scenarios are possible. To imagine them, just put yourself in the shoes of those who orchestrated the staging of this pseudo-epidemic. If I was the mastermind of this case, given my failure to enforce the vaccination to the entire population, I would go about things as follows:
· Firstly, ensure no leakage is relayed by the mainstream media about the side effects of vaccines. This is to reassure the non-vaccinated population in the countries of the northern hemisphere, as well as developing countries and countries in the Southern Hemisphere. It would be very bad for trade if rumours of deaths and disabilities came to the ears of people in these countries, before they themselves are vaccinated;
· At the same time, ensure faster passing laws permitting censorship of subversive websites. Meanwhile, the old methods of intimidation and death threats may still be applied (they were used by the DCRI (Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence) in France against two websites: and, who both spread essential information against the H1N1 vaccination campaign);
· Continue to communicate regularly about the dangers and deaths from influenza H1N1, so as to maintaining the fear of the flu (which could become as virulent and deadly as Spanish flu - note that the argument was already used in 1976 at the first alert for swine influenza and for the bird flu alert in 2004). Continue to mention the deaths from influenza H1N1, so as to instil in the public mind that the flu is a deadly disease (thereby making people forget that many diseases are much more deadly than the flu, even in the West);
· Continue talking about a third pandemic wave, a fourth and fifth wave, of a pandemic peak, finally, all the vocabulary needed to justify preventive action and press releases;
· Recommend the use of Tamiflu, to increase the chances of killing people with ordinary flu symptoms. It's good for statistics, and good for sales of vaccines, too! Going on the experience of Canada, 400 deaths attributed to influenza H1N1 convinced 15 million Canadians to be vaccinated. That makes 37,500 vaccinated for each death! One understands better why each death was so hyped the media;
· Next, artificially cause outbreaks of influenza, but this time much more virulent, inspired by the Ukrainian experience. Causing some outbreaks with the new virus strain, spread through the air or water, would create a state of the art panic. Suggestion: take advantage of major international gatherings to conduct biological and bacteriological attacks: first target: the Winter Olympics in Vancouver (Canada) in February 2010. Second target: World Football Cup in South Africa in June-July 2010. And perhaps other targets to be determined if needed. That should motivate the most reluctant to be vaccinated
· Once a real pandemic has been installed, convince the entire population of the need for a chip for detecting the H1N1 virus to prevent its spread from one country to another. Thus, those who wish to leave a country will be forced to wear the chip produced by Positive ID (formerly Verichip) so that customs can check if they are carriers or not the deadly virus. To kill two birds with one stone and accelerate security procedures at airports, propose a chip implanted with elements of their identity and criminal record for registering the same people.  Let us not forget that at any moment dangerous terrorists can blow up the plane we could be taking (except that they, even when they are listed by the CIA, pass security checks imposed on us and which we find a drag!);
· The presence of this chip will allow authorities to completely monitor the immunization program for each individual (the famous vaccine tracking Roselyne Bachelot was so intent on setting up). In other words, to move around, it will soon be absolutely necessary to be in order as regards vaccination. As websites denouncing the dangers and uselessness of vaccines will not be there to warn people, it will become easier to convince the population to be vaccinated against all sorts of diseases, arguing that the cost of vaccine is less than the cost of treating a cancer (I have heard Dr. Poirier make this argument to justify the price of the vaccine against HPV).
· One could imagine a deal with the insured, either they participate in a vaccination program in a cooperative manner, and they can continue to benefit from social security, or they refuse vaccination, and in this case, they are no longer covered for their Free health care for illness (this is already required in France for cancer patients who refuse chemotherapy: OK, no chemo, but then, no cover for health care costs);
· And finally, thanks to this program where vaccination will gradually be widespread, the fertility of the population will have dropped drastically to the point of becoming largely sterile. This will solve the problem of world overpopulation, in one generation, without having to resort to genocide (strategy which is a bit too showy and shocking). That is why it is absolutely imperative to maintain squalene as an adjuvant in vaccines because its presence interferes strongly with the production of steroids, our sex hormones.
This is the program I would set up if I was the mastermind of this case. Now, don't make me say what I haven't said. I haven't said this will happen. But I say it's a possible scenario that could arise logically from the facts cited above. In any case, I shall be particularly attentive to what happens in Vancouver in a few weeks. Because I strongly question the reasons why Stephen Harper (Prime Minister of Canada) has extended the working sessions of parliament from 25 January to early March (after the Olympics). No observer, no lawyer, has understood the intention behind this totally unjustifiable measure. It is not because the Olympics are going to take place in a country that parliament should stop meetings and their work! Unless a bioterrorist attack in the very middle of the games obliges a select committee to take action by declaring a health emergency, without democratic debate, since the parliament would be missing! I'm not saying this is the Prime Minister's intention. But thanks to time and experience, for as long as I've been observing all these power games, this is the kind of twisted plan I can imagine world leaders have.
What should we do in 2010?
Whether the catastrophic and diabolical scenario I describe above happens or not is to me irrelevant.
· What is important to remember is that everything indicates, through the announcements of public health officials, that they will continue trying to convince us that we are facing a pandemic, while common sense proves that there never was a pandemic (12,000 dead in eight months, whereas seasonal influenza which has never fired any emergency program causes 250,000 to 500,000 annually). At this point, remember that I predicted 13,000 deaths by December 31, 2009, in my e-mail No. 6 dated October 13, 2009 ( ) ? Once again, I was accurate!
· What is also important to remember is that the probability we will get more and more vaccines is far from zero.
· What is important to note, finally, is that behind the false attacks of September 11, behind false origins of global warming, behind the false threat of a pandemic, the same security logic is at work: the aim to restrict more and more our freedoms of choice, opinion, travel, information, expression, assembly, etc… And the likelihood of us all being chipped in a few years time is one of the most plausible scenarios, when one sees the convergence of a whole series of technological innovations occurring. I recall that almost all our ID cards are now endowed with a RFID chip, our identification card, driver's license, Medicare card, bank card, credit card, etc… From there to transferring information from these different chips into a single chip implanted in the body, there is only one step, one that our leaders are willing to take.
If we do not want such a world, we only have a few months to transform this great awakening of consciousness caused by the events of 2009 to implement concrete actions. If we want to counteract the eventual totalitarian tendencies of the global elite, we must focus our priorities on the following:
· continue personal research for information and learn to decipher the information that the media give us, so as to understand the scenarios that are being staged behind our backs;
· seek alternative sources of information to better understand the logic behind the apparent events;
· form citizen alliances in each city, to coordinate activities for information and training, but also to challenge people with political duties to initiate legal action and to organize protests and non-violent acts of civil disobedience;
· put pressure on each elected politician in our region and our country so that corruption and conflicts of interest are charged and convicted;
· put pressure on each elected politician in our region and our country to demand that our country permanently withdraws from all the international bodies who have stolen our sovereignty (beginning with WHO, the European Community or NAFTA and NATO);
· become, each and every one of us, disseminators of information in our immediate environment (co-workers, families, neighbours, friends). For if we do not gather a critical mass of knowledgeable people, the next attack of so-called avian or so-called pneumonic plague will put us in a minority position within a frightened flock face to governmental actions and manoeuvres by the WHO.
In fact, for our individual freedom (selfish motivation), we can no longer afford to help others to open their eyes (altruistic motivation). In other words, we can not save ourselves alone. And this is the last good news the events of have triggered: to reclaim our freedoms and our individual sovereignty, we are obliged to rebuild the social fabric and networks of solidarity that have been carefully unravelled over the past fifty years. Without these alliances which must be rebuilt between us, between neighbours and colleagues, we are condemned to live in fear and helplessness.

Let us never forget that the motto of the dictators of the Roman Empire was: divide et impera, divide and conquer. It is because we are so divided that it is possible today for a leader to lead, for a security guard to impose idiotic measures to which we all submit, for the medical association to threaten doctors with exclusion, etc.. When there are ten thousand of us saying no to a ban, what will the mayor of our city be able to do? Put all of us in jail? The prisons are already so full!

Nor should we forget what was said by Benjamin Franklin (1706 - 1790), writer, philosopher and diplomat, who was co-editor and a signatory of the Declaration of Independence United States of America in 1776: "Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." I do not think any sentence best describes the choice which faces us now. Because we still have choices, even if dictatorship is already at work in our world. We have little time to act, but we there is still time. We have the choice to permanently abandon the illusion of security offered to us by our puppet governments and reclaim our essential freedom. Or to let ourselves be lead by this movement which seems inevitable, to enter into the "Brave New World" (book by Aldous Huxley in 1923 and which is extraordinarily pertinent today! I read it again just before Christmas. What a shock! ).

Nor should we forget the famous statement of the German philosopher, Georg Hegel (1770 - 1831), the father of dialectical thinking: "
When a slave dies, the master disappears". In other words, the Masters of the World can only exist and be maintained if we give them the power to wield power over us. In this regard, I invite you all to reflect on the extraordinary power of a simple refusal, a simple "NO". Roselyne Bachelot (France) and Alain Poirier (Quebec) were at a loss to see their vaccination centres desperately empty. And if people had kept their televisions switched off, if they had stopped listened to the media taking advantage of the slightest death to feed their fear of death, if they had they been better informed and trained, vaccination centres would have stayed permanently empty.

That's why I shall take up my pilgrim's staff again, from the beginning of March, in Europe and in Quebec, to educate, inform and train all those who wish, but also to help to create the citizens committees desired.. I am convinced that this action is absolutely necessary, because the more people are informed and aware, the less they will fall into the traps of misinformation and manipulation. And the more chances we will have to emptying power of its substance.

It is my hope that many of you will respond to my invitation.

And that 2010 will be the year we regain control over our own sovereignty, our liberty and our lives.
More than ever, we must stand, aware and awake. But together!!!
Sincerely and fraternally, Jean-Jacques Crevecoeur
From the Flu Case

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