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Thursday, January 21, 2010

"TEFILLIN TERROR": Is this a taste of things to come in the US? Only the third case of "custody", and it is already a religious Jew, with Tefillin as the excuse. We will need to follow this closely. Next thing you know they will forbid davening on the plane.

Tefillin Misunderstanding Causes Philly Emergency Landing

Shevat 6, 5770, 21 January 10 06:17
by Gil Ronen
( A plane headed from LaGuardia Airport to Louisville made an emergency landing at Philadelphia International Airport Thursday morning because a 17 year old man on a plane was praying with tefillin, or phylacteries. According to Fox News, the man was questioned by airline personnel, who "didn't get answers to satisfy them" and diverted the plane to Philadelphia.
The tefillin are two small boxes containing small prayer scrolls which are placed on the arm and forehead during prayer. They have straps which are wrapped around the arm and which dangle from the shoulders. A passenger who was not familiar with the Jewish prayer custom became suspicious and alerted the flight crew. 
The crew quickly took emergency procedures and diverted the flight to Philadelphia airport due to the proximity to the city. Homeland Security and Philadelphia Police were alerted and were on the scene along with fire crews and a bomb squad. The 17 year old was taken off the plane and reportedly fully cooperated with authorities. The airplane was taken to a remote part of the tarmac at Philadelphia International, and other flights were not being affected by the incident.
"One person was taken away from the plane in custody and the rest of the passengers were released," the Fox report said. USAirways spokesman Jim Olson said the passengers are being rebooked on other flights.
USAir Flight 3079 was a small commuter plane that holds 50 passengers


Joel says:

Shalom Daisy,

Americans that don't understand the difference between an Orthodox Jew praying and a Muslim praying are simply beyond hope. They are a reproach to our nation and should be excoriated for their abysmal ignorance. This makes me sick of living in this society.

SHmuel says:

They have been amply warned and it is up to them to either understand or... vote for Saetoro Obama and his ilk.

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