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Friday, August 22, 2008

Re: Your sources were all a hoax/mars/moon info

Troy wrote:


I think that people who know it's a hoax pass it on for a couple of different reasons, either:

1/ they're into a bit of tomfoolery (which can be funny, but I don't condone it in emails)


2/ to discredit the other info that people distribute


Could be...; I could see plenty of reasons why someone would want to try and discredit the news I share with you all... except that the person who sent it to me has no interest in doing so, and neither did the sender of the previous hoax that unfortunately went out of my e-mail box.

So who is to say... At any rate, if you see some extraordinary item I send you, I guess it is always a good idea to look at it with a grain of salt, and do you own research, After all, WHO cares about the moon, really? This blog is about Israel, the world of nations, etc, not about astronomy!!! I just thought it would be interesting, I had no idea that these things just don't happen,as I am not an astronomer, and have no idea about astronomy.

My apologies once more.


Thanks, Judy. I don't know why I keep getting hoaxes. What INTEREST do people have in doing that, I wonder.  The person who sent it to me is a smart guy, never sent me anything of that nature until now. I bet he didn't know either. He has already been informed of this , from another source.

Sorry. Again, do your own DD, as I don't have the time.


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