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Friday, August 1, 2008

Re: I don't know how this reached my desk, but it is truly horrible material that you should read; I don't remember seeing such a gruesome report ever ( oh, sorry, yes, I do: terrorist beheadings!) (ADULTS ONLY PLEASE) The FETUS Wholesalers

In my lifetime, we have seen exactly the depths of depravity and bestiality that Western "civilization" is capable of. We know that "civilization" is a thin facade and vary fragile. Still, America, as I experienced it, is rather benign on the whole, not to gainsay the dark chapters of her history, even what has been within my life and memory. Still, corrective action has always come from within. The capacity for growth and improvement is inherent in American society. No, it is not that the people involved in this heinous traffic are Americans. America includes the highest and the lowest of the human species and these Americans are uncivilized Americans. What shocks me is that the general level has fallen to the point that this can operate seemingly openly and without embarrassment.
Jack retorted:

You and I see eye to eye that the source of American society's corrective capacity is the influence of Tanakh. It's influence has been weakened in the last five or six decades to the point that it is just about banned from public discourse for most of the country. People who orient themselves by it are vilified by the "enlightened" sector, for whom the US Constitution is the highest and holiest. No American is answerable to any higher source and you cannot deny me an abortion, which is my civil right under the US Constitution, because of your benighted adherence to that bigoted, antiquated, medieval book. And yes, I am nonetheless shocked by the outcome.

 Aryeh commented:

I suspect that this shocks you because the people involved are "civilized" Americans. The sale of entire, living human beings is still practiced in most of the world, even in "civilized" parts of it. Human bodies are routinely sold on the white and black market every day. Human body parts, especially bones, have been and are still used to "decorate" everything from "holy" building, furniture and people. Babies and toddlers are routinely murdered by the vast majority of the world either for such mundane reasons as population control or war, or for more exalted reasons such as sacrifice to some god or the use of their body parts for magic. That's Goyim for you. 

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