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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Encouraging: a humane judge, for a change. We'll see how the police manages to stall/evade/bypass this order, though. Story worth following.

Court Orders Police: Reveal Names, Tactics at Amona

23 Av 5768, 24 August 08 09:13

( A Jerusalem court has ordered the police to provide the names of policemen involved in the violence against demonstrators at the community of Amona two years ago and to disclose orders concerning the use of clubs and mounted police. Judge Anat Ziner issued the order after the Yesha Human Rights group appealed to the court to provide the information for a civil suit that has been filed for injuries a young girl suffered from mounted police who trampled her with their horses.

The police were given 30 days to disclose the information. Lawyers for the plaintiff, Rivka Turgeman, stated in the civil suit that she suffers from 10 percent incapacitation because of the wounds when she was trampled while sitting on the ground. Another lawsuit has charged a policeman with clubbing a youth, and a picture has shown a policeman butting a youth his helmet.

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