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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Re: Russian invasion into Georgia : very enlightening article by scholarly historian

Thanks, Carl and Eric PH., for this extremely enlightening article.


Dear Brethren,
I had written an authority on this subject of the Russian invasion into Georgia with a few questions, and his answers are below in red.  Thought you might be interested.
Bro. Carl
Dear Brother Carl,
To understand the present we must review the past, so here goes:
1.    The Cold War, i.e., Rome's war on Biblical nationalism, never ended.  It was announced in 1999 at the Island of Malta, the Knights hosting Bush and Gorby, both Freemasons.  But with the new false enemy, the "fanatical Moslems" taking the place of the "atheistic communists," the war on nationalism would continue unabated.
2.    With the "end of the Cold War," the USSR became "Russia" or "The Former Soviet Union," enabling US corporations to pour high technology into Russia while demoralizing the Russian population with the creation of the pope's drug-running Russian Mafia aided by the former KGB, now the FSB/SVR.  This is serving to drive the now anti-American Russian people into right wing Jesuit Fascism now overseen by the SMOMs who were readmitted into Russia in around 1991, St Petersburg and Moscow being its headquarters.
3.    With the Vatican controlling both the governments of Washington and Moscow via the CFR in New York City and the RIIA in London, the war between Soviet Russia and Afghanistan was incited in order to justify the building of the Afghan Muhadin which became what is now the CIA's Al Qaeda Terrorist Network.  This Network was created for the purpose of using it as a controlled enemy against the people of the US and the Western crusading armies in the future.  Thus, both the US and Russia worked together to create Al "CIA" Qaeda for the ultimate extermination of the "heretic" Shia and then for the ultimate invasion of the "heretic and liberal" US.
4.    Some time after Georgia "seceded" from the former Soviet Union, the US began to help advising the nationalists in building a working army.  The question is if the Order is controlling both Washington and Moscow, why create an ostensible enemy for Moscow in nationalist Georgia, an enemy that opposes Russia and seeks an alliance with the EU?
5.    The answer is to be found in the reason for this short, five-day invasion of Russia into Georgia.  The US is propping up the true anti-Soviet nationalists of Georgia just as is being done in the anti-Soviet Ukraine which also is no longer in the Russian orb.  The reason is to flush out the true, leading nationalists in order to kill them all in the future.  This same tactic was utilized in Hungary in 1956, the CIA backing the nationalists and then betraying them into the hands of the Red Army and KGB.  This was also done in Cuba in 1961 with the true Cuban nationalists being betrayed by the CIA into the hands of Jesuit Castro.  This was also done in Czechoslovakia in 1968, the CIA inciting the nationalists to revolt, only to be betrayed into the hands of Kosygin's KGB and GRU of the USSR.  Now the same thing is being done in Georgia: incite the true nationalists to resist the breakup of the country while aiding Georgia with the Mossad IDF and CIA mercs, only to be invaded and humiliated with no help to be given to Georgia by either the pope's Jesuit fascist US or the pope's Jesuit fascist EU. 
This same tactic was used against the anti-communist nationalist Russians during WWII.  They all fled to Russian General Vlasov's anti-communist, true nationalist Russian army.  Vlasov, with 700,000 Russians, offered to fight for Hitler against Stalin.  But Hitler betrayed Vlasov, refused to put him in the field until it was too late for Germany to win the war.  Vlasov then surrendered his army to the Americans who then betrayed him and his men, sending them all back to Stalin to be tortured and murdered.  Vlasov was tortured and hung by the Jesuits running the Lubyanka in Moscow.  The Order's chief inquisitor in the Lubyanka was known for his sadism and cruelty, the real master of Stalin who lived with "Koba" in the Kremlin, Lubyanka General Alexander Poskrebyshev.  All Russian nationalism was crushed by FDR and Hitler working together paving the way for Stalin to lead the USSR into the Cold War with little resistence from anti-communist Russian nationalists who were murdered by Eisenhower in his infamous "Operation Keelhaul," outraging General Patton.  SMOM Eisenhower was then made the US president in 1952 by his master, Cardinal Spellman----the murderer of JFK.
This is how the Order's dialectic works---every time when no praying, Bible believers are in the mix.
Russia backed off Ossetia only after Georgia had been subdued.
Yes, there were mercs there from the US and Israel.
The Knights were setting up the Georgian leaders to lead their people into a calculated defeat as was the case with the Contras in Nicaragua in the 1980s
The real reason for the 4 Carrier Groups deployed to the Persian Gulf with their fighter groups is to wage war on Shia Iran.  The entire Sunni world secretly backs this move, and Sunni Dubai will be protected by at least one Carrier Group.
I do not know the answer to your fifth question, but it is a surety that both Orthodox Georgia and the Orthodox Ukraine will be reabsorbed into Jesuit Fascist Orthodox Russia in the future.  The breakup of the USSR allowed Jesuit Fascist NATO to absorb Roman Catholic Hungary, Roman Catholic Poland and Roman Catholic Czechoslovakia (Protestantism now being nearly destroyed in Czechoslovakia).
I believe Russia will be brought into the conflict sometime after the invasion of Iran.  The leaders of all the nations are secretly working together and will coordinate their actions to be enforced by the intelligence agencies of every country as was the case in WWII and Cold War.
I trust this is helpful.

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Seven Star Hand said...

Greetins DS and readers,

It's time for people to wake up to the true nature of the slimy world leaders that have set this thing into motion. It is far more contrived and deceptive than most would believe. That is why I have been patiently setting a very unique trap for these snakes. Take the time to understand and then hold their feet to the fire !!!

This whole Russia-Georgia affair is a purposely-orchestrated and easily-pierced theatrical production. How convenient is it that the Bush Administration trained and prepped Georgia and then (some...) US troops-trainers pull out just before they initiate an "apparent blunder" that the Russians have been ready and poised to respond to, for months. Remember, nothing of this scale can be pulled together quickly, and all sides have been watching each other, like hawks, for decades.

Remember, both sides have satellites and very well equipped spy agencies, so any assertion that anyone was surprised is laughable. It goes without saying that the leaders on all sides in this strange little war have something up their sleeves that most people have no clues about. All the pieces were placed on the board before major world leaders went off to the Olympics, pretending to be surprised, and pretending to be mad at each other afterwards.

Time to get a clue, before its too late...