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Friday, August 1, 2008



by Emanuel A. Winston, Middle East Analyst & Commentator

WITH SIX WEEKS TO GO UNTIL OLMERT SAYS HE'LL RESIGN (Don't believe it till you see it), and with the Knesset in recess, Olmert is in a great position to "make his (notorious) mark" on Israeli history. Ehud Olmert is a criminal waiting for the indictments to come. He knows it. We know it. As he goes down, one can faintly hear the voice of James Cagney (known for his movie portrayals of tough gangster types) saying "Yada-Yada, Warden" as he faces down a hail of bullets in an attempted prison break.

Olmert can sign away Israel's security and sovereignty on the Golan, in Judea, Samaria, Gaza and Jerusalem. One question is: Will he say "Yada-Yada Israel" as signs away pieces of Israel to the applause of various anti-Semitic foreign governments? They will probably give him a Nobel Prize for damaging Israel.

The real question is: Can Ehud Barak, Tzippi Livni, the Labor party, Shas, and other Kadima members be sued for malfeasance and acting as accessories to the crime? They are the ones who let Olmert remain in power this long - despite the botched Lebanon War, despite the disastrous security situation, despite knowing Olmert really was a criminal.

Olmert, besides being a twisty lawyer is a petty tyrant. In his televised speech of his 'inconclusive' resignation, he blames all others for harassing him. Of course, nothing is his fault and, being caught

in criminal deals is a minor thing for which he takes no personal responsibility

Clearly, Olmert is vindictive and will do everything possible to get even - with a vengeance. Those around him share the same psychological aberrance - which is why the Kadima Party is such an assembly of corrupt incompetents and misfits.

Accompanying his so-called pledge of resignation with a time line of September for public consumption is a plan for Olmert's power to continue well past September.

The man-child Chaim Ramon has been speaking about Kadima holding power into February and March. Unless the weak Knesset collapses the Government, the elections after the Kadima Party primaries will stretch on into infinity. During that time the dying snake will lash out trying to finish what it planned to do with sub-dividing Israel as outlined by the Bush-Rice regime.


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