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Friday, August 1, 2008

Re: I don't know how this reached my desk, but it is truly horrible material that you should read; I don't remember seeing such a gruesome report ever ( oh, sorry, yes, I do: terrorist beheadings!) (ADULTS ONLY PLEASE) The FETUS Wholesalers

DS interjected:

Sorry, I beg to differ. There is a world of difference between late abortion, and let's say, abortion at about 6 weeks, before we have a SENTIENT being. Until the nervous system is fully developed, there might be a moral issue, but we are not talking gruesome cruelty. This is way beyond that kind of abortion.

 A doctor talking.

Jack continued:

This is a point I was also about to make. If there is a national delicacy of Mexico, it is cabrito, which is the diminutive form of "goat." In general, it is milk fed kid, the equivalent of milk fed veal. The real supreme delicacy, however, is embryonic goat. The same people who hold firmly that abortion, even partial birth abortion, is a woman's Constitutionally protected civil right are grossed out by the idea of cabrito. Human fetuses matter less to them than goat fetuses. Still, I am shocked.
It takes three generations for an idea to take hold fully. Not until the third generation do we see the full extent of the ramifications and corolaries and implications of an ideology. This extension had never occurred to me. So even though I knew all that I knew, this ramification still surprises me.
Chaim stated;
I must be missing the horrors of this.  Once one accepts the idea of abortion, what difference does it make what happens to the "meat" of the aborted fetus?  The taking of the embryonic life - abortion - is murder.  So why would one expect the murderer to acknowledge the sanctity of the aborted fetus's bodily tissue??

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