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Monday, January 16, 2012

Update on "...The stench of deceit...": Moment of truth: if America is so opposed to an Israeli attack on Iran, what on earth are 9,000+ U.S. troops doing on Israeli soil right now???...And.... China upping the ante.


 Israel, make up your mind: is the U.S. a friend, or just an hindrance or worse? If a friend, the U.S. has to let us do what we need to do. If an enemy, get them out of here now!

U.S., make up your mind: sh-t, or get off the pot! ( Sorry for this crude expression which best pinpoints your predicament).

See earlier post here:

US Nervous, Sends Army General to Calm Down Israel

Obama sends army chief to Israel to convince it not to attack Iran and endanger 15,000 US personnel. “Unshakeable” support for Israel.”
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
First Publish: 1/15/2012, 8:35 AM

General Martin Dempsey
General Martin Dempsey
Israel news photo: Wikimedia Commons/United States Department of Defense
The Obama administration is sending the head of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff Martin Dempsey to Israel this Thursday to try to change what it sees as Israel’s increasing readiness to attack Iran.
Both Israel and the United States have stated they would not rule out a military strike on Tehran to prevent the Islamic Republic from reaching the capability of attacking Israel, or elsewhere, with a nuclear weapon. However, American officials are worried that Israel is closer to concluding that the “point of no return” is at hand, after which it may be too late to stop Iran.
With 15,000 soldiers, diplomats and contractors in Iraq, Iran’s neighbor, Washington is worried that an Israeli strike would place them in danger, The Wall Street Journal reported. Israel is concerned that Iranian nuclear capability would give it leverage to achieve its dream of dominating the Muslim world and “wiping Israel off the map” in the words of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.
Dempsey will meet his counterpart in Israel, IDF Chief of Staff Benny Gantz, as well as Defense Minister Ehud Barak and possibly Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. President Barack Obama telephoned the Prime Minister last Thursday and expressed his “unshakeable” commitment to Israel’s security, but the White House declined to describe the content of the conversation.
The head of the U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff, on his first official visit to Israel, will try to convince Israel that new sanctions on Iran and the deployment of thousands of U.S. soldiers in Kuwait demonstrate its intention to deter Iran. The United States also has sent a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf and underscored its vow to prevent Iran from holding the Western world hostage by closing the passage of oil tankers.
The nervousness in Washington is aggravated by its officials not really knowing what are the intentions of Israel. "It's hard to know what's bluster and what's not with the Israelis," a former U.S. official to the Journal.
The Obama administration now is in a position of slapping harsher sanctions on Iran as a response to Israeli threats.
The war of words between Israel and Iran escalated last week following the assassination of a top nuclear scientist in Iran, which accused “the Zionist regime” of carrying out the operation with approval of the United States.
George Mitchell, whose efforts to advance the “peace process” between the Palestinian Authority and Israel were a total failure, has joined the American chorus of advising Israel that it would be unwise to attack Iran.
Meanwhile, Iran claimed last week that an underground nuclear facility now is producing 20 percent enriched uranium, a key ingredient for a nuclear weapon.
  • Russia: Attack on Tehran is Attack on Moscow
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu Russia: Attack on Tehran is Attack on Moscow

Russia has given Iran its bear hug and warns Israel and the West that an attack on Tehran would be considered an attack on Moscow. The threat heightens the prospect of World War III in the event of a military strike on Iran.

“Iran is our neighbor,” Russia's outgoing ambassador to NATO, Dmitry Rogozin, told reporters in Brussels. “And if Iran is involved in any military action, it’s a direct threat to our security.”

Kremlin Security Council head Nikolai Patrushev accused Israel of provoking the United States towards war against Iran, the Russian Interfax news agency reported Friday. “But at the same time, we believe that any country has the right to have what it needs to feel comfortable, including Iran," he added.

Rogozin warned on Friday that more attacks on Iran could cause "a scorching Arab Summer."

Russia also has come to the defense of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, warning Western nations not to intervene in Syria with military forces. Russia is a major arms supplier to Syria and has a heavy investment in Iran’s nuclear facilities.

Japan also is drifting towards Iran, backtracking from its promise last week to back American sanctions aimed at persuading Iran to halt its unsupervised nuclear development.

Last week’s assassination of an Iranian nuclear scientist has aroused more “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” protest rallies in Iran, where the scientist was buried on Friday.

Iranian state radio said the 32-year-old scientist was involved with enriched uranium, a key ingredient for a nuclear weapon.

  • Just received the following video thanks to Ron, from Down Under:

The stakes are getting higher by the minute; this is a true test of faith: who is against Hashem, and who is for Hashem? Who will support the Jewish People in our time of need, when our life is on the line in the Land of Israel? Will the U.S. have the necessary faith to withstand this test? 

  • PS:

 And look at this: what do you think? This site is usually full of fantasy mixed in with grains of truth: could there be some truth to this version of events? What do you think?


Is Netanyahu blinking? Wouldn't be surprised. All of a sudden everything is fine and dandy; even CHINA is our best friend - just look at the video above to prove his point. I don't know about you, but to me this sounds like pure Bibi BS. The truth is, though, I am not a military person, and I don't understand all the particulars of the situation. Maybe better informed readers could fill us in on the facts?

See replies in the "Comments" section below.

Netanyahu: Iran 'Wobbling'

Prime Minister tells The Australian: "For the first time, I see Iran wobble,under the sanctions that have been adopted."
By Gil Ronen, INN
First Publish: 1/16/2012, 8:56 AM


"For the first time, I see Iran wobble under the sanctions that have been adopted and especially under the threat of strong sanctions on their central bank," Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu says in an interview published this weekend in The Australian.

He explained, "If these sanctions are coupled with a clear statement from the international community led by the US to act militarily to stop Iran if the sanctions fail, Iran may consider not going through the pain. There's no point in gritting your teeth if you're going to be stopped anyway. In any case, the Iranian economy is showing signs of strain."

The US has warned Iran that by blocking the Strait of Hormuz will be crossing a "red line."

Netanyahu told his interviewer Greg Sheridan that he does not feel Israel is as isolated internationally as some may think. "I just had breakfast with the Indian foreign minister. We talked about great projects of co-operation. It was a very positive conversation. We have similar experiences with China, which we feel has a desire for greater co-operation with Israel. Both countries express a real appreciation for Israeli technology. Israel has become a world power in technology, in agriculture, in medicine, in irrigation, in telecommunications, in IT, in cyber and in many other areas. 

"The same thing is happening in Africa. I'm going there soon, but I just had visits from the leaders of Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan. They're concerned with the Islamist tide above them. 

"We have excellent relations with many countries of central Europe. They're concerned with the Islamist tide to the south. Canada is like the other Australia, or Australia is like the other Canada, an extraordinary country."


IDF Chief of Staff going to Brussels to take orders from his handlers: once you understand the dynamics, this story reads like an open book.

From INN:

Gantz to NATO Meeting in Brussels

Chief of Staff Benny Gantz of the Israel Defense Forces left, Tuesday for a meeting of his counterparts in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization in Brussels. Deputy Chief of Staff Yair Naveh will be in command during Gantz's absence.
During the two-day visit, the chief of staff will discuss the nearby and distant challenges for Israel and its military, the combination of regional threats and the importance of cooperation with NATO countries and armies against the global terrorist threat. In addition, Gantz is expected to speak during a meeting between Mediterranean countries and the heads of the armies of NATO countries.

... While Avigdor Lieberman, who came out strongly in favor of attacking Iran yesterday, finds his legal troubles strangely resurfacing again - see latest comment below.

Did I tell you this story stinks? That it has the stench of deceit? It has the overwhelmingly foul, putrid smell of deceit, betrayal and evil intent.

..... Bingo! As predicted.....


DS said...

Then look at this: what do you think? This site is usually full of fantasy mixed in with grains of truth: could there be some truth to this version of events? What do you think?

DS said...
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DS said...

Pentagon excuse:

Pentagon: Postponing Drills is Common

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Sunday, following the postponement of a joint Israel-U.S. military drill, that postponing routine exercises is a common thing.

“The leaders of both countries believe that the maximum result will be achieved later this year,” Kirby added.

DS responds.

Oh, yes? That is the only reason? You didn't blink?

DS said...

SHmuel said:

The US is determined to do both, and getting off the pot at once. Ergo the messes the hybrids there invariably live in and leave behind.
Iran is one of their Carter -Soetor type mega messes. The truth is that Iran's first research lab reactor was given to the Shah by Eisenhower and we helped a bit...
We both said many years ago or was a long time ago the what we see would be the setting.
Paradigm crash time is here.
I bet on G.d taking the crown. I play for HIS team.

DS said...

SHmuel added., re: Bibi's comments in Australia:

I would not put it pass the snake to be up to something including serving Judea & Samarian Jews included, in exchange for a line for a Nobel.
He may even have accepted a nuclear Iran, as if all he did before did not lead to that...
And BTW...
That was why the US pulled its things out and gave a letter to Iran we know nothing about its content.

DS said...

Jock commented to the Bibi story on A7:

"liar -he is preparing Israel to fold under the US pressure

The US will let Israel go under as she has so many other allies"

DS said...

FM Avigdor Lieberman's opinion:

Time for Action on Iran

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman called upon the international community Monday to go from words to deeds regarding the Iranian nuclear threat.

In an interview on Voice of Israel government-run radio, Lieberman said that Iran does not only threaten Israel. "Iran is acting to take over Iraq and wants to take over and influence Saudi Arabia, too, and thus dictate the world's energy policy," he warned.

( INN)

DS said...

DP said:

the s.hit has hit the fan :)

sorry for the crude expression, etc.........


avles said...

inspired from element found in the above message. Confront the words of Sorcha Faal with the pics....Hoping it will help to understand all [remember that the financial quake is pushing to realize the prophecy of Jesuit trained Mario Draghi, that "central banks must take the leading role"...]:

avles said...

<<...and thus dictate the world's energy policy," he warned.....>>

But who is behind Iran (I mean who does him supply with Migs etc.)??

Look at the picture with the robot-arm planting Russian flag on the Articl circle etc....

Just imagine a RE-UNIFICATION of Rome's church (devouring) the rest of Orthodox world.... There's time I am warning about that, but no one cares about that.....I'm hoping that at least the Jews...:

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From Dingle Bay to the Straits of Bering: the true cause of the contemporary events shaking the world

DS said...


I also had in my mind, as I was writing this post, that the Titanic was no accident either. However that information just wasn't the center of my post, so I didn't include it here.

Notice also the date, the anniversary being a mere 3 months before the centennial of the Titanic.

One question we might ask is: who was on this ship?

Still, we should not ignore the symbol of this huge ship sinking at the same time as Europe is sinking. And the fact that this occurred just as Europe declared its intention to actively hurt the Jews of Judea and Samaria by funding illegal Arab construction in area C. I see the clear finger of God here too, even if a torpedo was His agent.

DS said...


Regarding your warning about the reunification of both churches:

I think it has already happened, to be specific in 2007, with the visit of Putin to the Vatican, preceded by the visit of Gorbachev in 1991.

Please see my latest post on Greece, with an internal link to an earlier post, where I show how Greece was deliberately destroyed by the RC Church, for that very reason. Greek Orthodox church is not accepted by Rome, as you know better than I do, I am sure.

DS said...

What we call Chutzpah:

Barak: Israeli Criticism of US Iran Policy Improper

Defense Minister Ehud Barak said Monday that Israel should not be criticizing the U.S. over its Iran policy. Speaking to the two other MKs in his Atzama'ut faction, Barak said that the U.S. was promoting Israel's security “more than even before in the past.

“The U.S. and Israel pay close attention to each other and respect each other's freedom of choice,” Barak continued. “We expect sanctions against Iran to be increased, but it is not a good idea to criticize the U.S. on this issue.”

Comment by one of our friends:

He is on assignment from the US State Department and Soetoro and wants to do his job.

avles said...

Well, for an answer, see my new:

Monday, January 16, 2012

".... and let establish the Jesuits' Central Banking System dictatorship on the wave of a global pogrom!"

DS said...

SHmuel said:

Ehud boyrak juss doin' he job. As to don netanyahu, great speaker is he not?
Seen much construction lately outside already long started places?
The 8500 US troops should be carefully watched. I am sure many of them are islamics the US collected in Iran and Afghanistan as well as some precious ones hatched in the US as well.


DS said...

J. said:

Not much construction. The 30 migrashim opened for bidding in Giva'atHaDagan here in Efrat have been set up according to rules that make it resemble roulette more than a real tender offer. I think the goal is so that they can say no one is interested in building in Yosh. "We made 3 migrashim available in Efrat and no one bid."

DS said...


I had no doubts about that.
"Construction" in unJewish terms means the type they did in Gush Katif, Amona and last week in the Kiriat Arba attached community.
We must make an issue about it exposing the charlatan with the golden second hand car salesmen talk, the BB.
Of course he is a liar. A transJew liar.

I bet those 9000 US troopers include contingents of former Iraqi, Afghan and other islamic murderers incorporated to the US military to serve here with Nitzan Alon, Barak, Aronovich and other commanders that have drafted islamic beasts into israeli uniform.
REMEMBER that the US SD and CIA incorporated also thousands of Nazi operatives into their ranks.
Anyone being attacked by a foreigner in the service of BB, Beinish, Barak and the rest, is fully entitled to put down the mercenary.

DS said...

BTW, I saw Gantz speaking to one of their 'generals": one big fat piggish, black thug, as TSA type, one of those monsters you see on Youtube attacking innocent civilians. I was thinking, how can a self-respecting, educated Jew, take orders from such a lowlife? THIS is the US army? What a disgrace. Did you see the pictures?

And maybe now we understand why they gave, and keep giving, all those grants and scholarships, 'affirmative action', 'college degrees', etc, to all these inner city, drug- bred, prison- fathered men: a 'higher' purpose to that, it seems. Which decent, well educated white boy would volunteer for such a job?

DS said...

Shmuel said;

Those troops are such and there are many islamics as well.

Yes. That element is dangerous.

DS said...

Oy... And now even the charade is off; there is no exercise, never was, never will: just a pretext to bring the thugs to Israel. I hope Gog and Magog happens fast, including the prophecy about them all finding their graves here.

DS said...

What convenient timing: BB. Barak and their masters obviously want Avigdor Lieberman silenced now:

Pre-Indictment Hearing for Avigdor Lieberman

Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein is scheduled to hold hearings Tuesday and Wednesday to determine whether or not to proceed with prosecuting Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman on charges of fraud and breach of trust, aggravated acceptance of something through fraud, money laundering and harassing a witness. With Lieberman out of the country on a diplomatic mission, he will be represented by his attorneys

Lieberman is suspected in the years 2008-2001, as a private businessman, and during his tenure as MK and minister, of unlawfully receiving funds totaling millions of dollars, transferred to companies and corporations under his control, from private businessmen from abroad, including Austrian tycoon Martin Schlaff, businessman Michael Chernoy, diamond merchant Dan Gertler and Daniel Gitenstein. At the end of the hearings, the prosecution will consult whether to proceed with indictments.

See yesterday,
FM Avigdor Lieberman's opinion:

Time for Action on Iran

Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman called upon the international community Monday to go from words to deeds regarding the Iranian nuclear threat.

In an interview on Voice of Israel government-run radio, Lieberman said that Iran does not only threaten Israel. "Iran is acting to take over Iraq and wants to take over and influence Saudi Arabia, too, and thus dictate the world's energy policy," he warned.

( INN)

DS said...

SHmuel said:

Blackmail time! LOL
After the "shimuah" another guess... There will be interminable "press releases", inventions, sabotage against him... The usual routine.
And of course the Negbi will eruct his idiotic pretense all over the airways, supported by a din of howling unJews on tow.

DS said...

C. said:

He was involved in the Jericho casino affair but....why now?

DS said...
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