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Friday, July 1, 2011

A comprehensive explanation of Rav Lior and Rav Yosef's arrests. Please make sure to pass it on, the world has to know what is really happening here.


Dear All,

In the last couple of days, we have all been shocked by the insulting and brutal arrest of our Gadol, Rabbi Dov Lior. A Torah giant, a brilliant scholar, a dedicated rabbi to his community, his people, and all Am Yisrael, he has been libeled, falsely accused by the media, the police, and the left in general, of inciting Jews to murder gentiles. Today another rabbi, Rabbi Yaakov Yosef, son of Rav Ovadiah Yosef, was subjected to an almost similar treatment. Thank G-d, both rabbis, as well as Rabbi Melamed, realize that this book, Torat Hamelech, is only a poor excuse by the authorities to harass and persecute them:

A lot of ink has flown about this sickening event; lots of questions were asked so far, many true comments were made. However, I did not see anybody really getting to the core of the matter. So, here is the situation from a perspective you haven't heard yet, based on true facts and events that explain why this is happening ( I have included all links and references below so you will see what I base my conclusion on).

Correctly, comments were made that not since the dark days of Germany and the Soviet Union have we seen such callous and antisemitic treatment of our respected rabbis - indeed! And not by accident: the source of these arrests, once again, is ROME! So what else is new???

Look at the sequence of events, see where Rav Lior was taken for questioning, and you will understand that in fact, this interrogation did not originate with the Israeli police: it originated with an international unit that is not a standard unit of the Israeli police,a unit that cooperates with international powers and gives account to the United Nations, and is, in essence, part of the international "justice" system. The request to arrest Rav Lior came from Rome, it was instigated by Rome, and was pursued dutifully by this international branch of the Israeli Police, who acted in fear of prosecution themselves, traitors and cowards that they are, ( unlike the government of Indonesia and East Timor - see below - who refused to cooperate with this travesty of justice in their own country - are Jews worse traitors to their own people than Goyim??).

Recall that Shimon Peres, the perennial parasite and enemy of the Jewish People who was STRUCK BY LIGHTNING on his way back from Rome, NOT BY ACCIDENT I AM QUITE SURE, returned from Rome June 5th, where he had been since June 2nd at least.

Read below what else happened in Rome that week-end. Very interesting:

Notice the support of Benedikt for a palestinian state ( actually it was HIS idea in the first place!)

One more very important event occurred that week-end: notice that the Israel-born and "Peres-Beilin crowd" connected Meshumad David Jaeger, long-term negotiator for the Vatican, against Jewish interests in the negotiations with Israel, the Bilateral Agreement,  is now one of the main judges at the Vatican; his installation happened on June 3rd in Rome.(Was that the real reason for Shimon Peres's trip to Rome? Did he attend the installation? The Meshumad's sister did fly in specifically for the occasion, bringing a gift of an Avodah Zarah statue to her brother, no less; so why not Peres?)

That same justice court, the "Roman Rota", now has a foot in the door in Israel, a fifth column if you will: they can get direct information from Jaeger's little friends Yossi Beilin and co., in Tel-Aviv, and then make decisions, for instance condemn Jews, and use the United Nations apparatus - which is subordinate to them - to fulfill their decisions.

Notice how Danny Ayalon was summoned to Rome just two weeks later, June 16, (6/16) for secret negotiations about Church properties and Har Zion, and how only ten days later( 6/26) this shocking arrest of the rabbis happened.

Recall also the secret clauses of the Oslo Accords, created by those same enemies of ours, which call for persecution and even murder of rabbis and settler leaders. Doesn't Rav Lior fit the bill to the letter? Review also my interview on the Barry Chamish show, where I prove that Rav Lior's persecution started with the visit of Spanish and Church officials to Hevron in February;  and it all starts to fall into place.

Make no mistake about it: the interrogation of Rav Lior and Rav Yosef is very serious, it is of the nature of the charges against Slobodan Milosevic which landed him into the International Court of "Justice" of The Hague. Those criminals in Rome are intent on getting our leaders, they are determined to get our rabbis who stand up for the Jewish People in Eretz Yisrael, who stand firm for our right to Judea and Samaria, and who are getting in the way of the Catholic church's goal of creating a terrorist palestinian state in the Land of Israel, with the ultimate purpose of establishing the renewed Holy Roman Empire in Jerusalem; they will use any means, including fabricated charges, and the organization of the United Nations, to reach their goal.

It is to the eternal shame of the Israeli government, including Netanyahu and the entire Israeli justice system and police, that instead of having faith in God and Torah, instead of defending our true leaders, they chose to cooperate with this vile enemy of the Jewish People, who has been persecuting, killing, torturing and destroying us for two thousand years. Shame on you, Bibi! Shame on you, Jewish policemen who danced with a Torah scroll in Hevron: with your hands you work for the police force that shames the Torah, and yet with those very same hands you carry a Torah scroll? Why don't you speak up for the rabbis? Have you no mind, no sense, no honor, no Jewish pride?  And what about you, Jewish leaders, who don't understand what is going on here? How can you make a pact with the arch enemies of the Jewish People?? And if you just "don't get it"... well, then, maybe, it is time you opened your eyes: wake up, smell the coffee: you have been sold, nay, you sold yourselves. Eternal shame on you.

All references listed below. A warning: it is long, as there is lots of material. (And I haven't even begun to add it all here). Please excuse the presentation, I was having a difficult time posting.

So what shall we do, now that we understand what is REALLY going on here? Shall we let our rabbis be sacrificial lambs to the evil Inquisition? ROME = ESAV = AMALEK. We have seen throughout history what they are capable of, what they have done to Jews who resisted them. Just go see the Museum of Torture in Vienna if you need a reminder at all.

Shabbat Shalom.


PS: see here for the latest, including a shocking cartoon in Haaretz, worse than an actual cartoon in Der Stuermer during Hitler's times; published here in Israel, made by a so-called Jew. I think it deserves legal action:
Addendum to the previous post ' Comprehensive expl...

( this is the interview on the Barry Chamish show where I discuss what happened in February 2011)

"Hebrew: יחב"ל‎, Yahbal"

Israel Police's Unit of International Crime Investigations (Hebrew: יחב"ל‎, Yahbal) was founded in the 1990s in order not to let the organized crime from the former USSR infiltrate into Israel. At the beginning this unit was considered to be the best in all that concerned the fight against "Russian mafia".
To share expertise and information, representatives of law-enforcement authorities and secret services from Western Europe and the USA were frequently visiting Israel in late 1990s, and these included the FBI experts. However, in course of time the Americans discovered that the most part of the data got by the Israeli colleagues from their “secret agents” was in fact taken from the Russian Internet sources. This discovery caused serious claims towards YAHBAL from the FBI, and worsened the international image of the Israeli Police.

When you google יחב"ל this is what you get:
Serious Crimes Unit and Special Panels for Serious Crimes Cases

Serious Crimes Unit (SCU) and Special Panels for Serious Crimes Cases

Mandate: Created by the United Nations Transitional Administration in East Timor (UNTAET) (Resolution 1272 of 1999) to investigate and prosecute those responsible for crimes against humanity and other serious crimes committed in East Timor between 1 January 1999 and 25 October 1999 (that is, in the last few months of Indonesian occupation).  Serious crimes include murder, rape and torture. 
Staff: SCU had staff of 111, including prosecutors, investigators, case managers, forensic specialists, translators and mortuary staff.  The SCU was divided into 4 prosecution teams.
Structure: Cases investigated and prosecuted by the Serious Crimes Investigation Units.  The Special Panels adjudicate the trials.  The Special Panels are constituted under the Dili District Court. Each Panel consist of 2 international judges and 1 East Timorese judge.  Appeals are lodged with the national Court of Appeal. [SCU]
Funding: Primarily United Nations.
Results: 84 defendents convicted and 3 defendents acquitted on all charges (  95 indictments were issued involving 392 people accused, but of those only 81 were within Timor-Leste and subject to the jurisdiction of the Court. Many of those indicted found refuge in Indonesia [JSMP & SCU]


( thanks to Anonymous)
Pope meets Abbas..

Peres meets Abbas...

According to reports Peres and Abbas discussed the stalled Israel-PA diplomatic process and possible ways to revive negotiations. It is not known whether Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was aware the meeting would take place before Peres departed for Italy.

Israeli presidents fill a ceremonial role and are expected to remain aloof from controversial or partisan issues like the peace process. Despite this it came to light in April that Peres and Abbas have maintained contacts away from the limelight in which they continue to pursue back-channel talks.

It was secret negotiations between then-Defense Minister Shimon Peres and PLO chairman Yassir Arafat behind Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin's back that resulted in the disastrous Oslo Accords and creation of the Palestinian Authority.

Officials at the president's office refused to reveal details of the Peres-Abbas meeting in hopes of keeping them away away from the press - and Israeli public - and refused to confirm whether the two spoke alone, but diplomatic sources hinted that such conversation indeed took place.

About The Roman Rota:

...The Rota's main function is that of an appellate tribunal, ordinarily reviewing decisions of lower courts if the initial court (first instance) and the first appellate court (second instance) do not agree on the outcome of a case;[9] however, any party to an initial decision before a court of the Latin Church (and also some Eastern Churches) has the right to file a second-instance appeal directly to the Rota.[10] Dominating its case load are petitions seeking the issuance of a decree of nullity, although it has jurisdiction to hear any other type of judicial and non-administrative case in any area of canon law. In certain instances, the Rota has exclusive original jurisdiction, such as any contentious case in which a bishop of the Latin Church is a defendant.[11] If the case can still be appealed after a Rotal decision, the appeal goes to a different turnus, or panel, of the Rota.[citation needed]
The Rota is the highest appeals court, or Supreme court, for all judicial trials in the Catholic Church. A judgment of the Rota can, however with the greatest difficulty, be vacated by the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signatura, which is the highest Administrative Court in the Roman Catholic Church.[12] However, the legal procedure or process used by the judges of the Rota, not the merits of the case, are on trial before the Signatura: the Signatura is only able to grant the petitioner a new trial to be held before a new turnus of the Rota, if the Rota was found to have erred in procedure ("de procedendo").[citation needed]
The Roman Rota proceedings are ruled by a specific set of rules, the "Normae Romanae Rotae Tribunalis", promulgated in 1994 by Pope John Paul II. [13]
Only advocates who are registered in a specific list are allowed to represent the parties before the Tribunal. [14]

The Rota mainly reviews decisions of lower courts but dominating its case load are marriage annulment cases due to the increased civil divorce rates among Catholics, but it hears non-administrative cases in any area of canon law also.
"All enemies of the Church in Israel would be potential targets. If they ever get their power back, God have mercy on us, it will be like in the days of the Inquisition, expect torture, executions, etc. For the time being thank God they don't have OVERT power, but they still can condemn people to death and secretly murder them, they have never shied from doing so. It is like the Vatican having a foot in the door in Israel, via Shimon Peres, Yossi Beilin, the Shabak, which is in their hands., They can give info to the Vatican via Peres, and then the court can judge. Being the evil antisemite that he is, and that the whole gang is, I can only imagine what will come out of it. They were murdering rabbis and settler leaders until now? Expect a lot more of the same. If the orders come from above to kill such and such, believe me, their friends and underlings here will be only too happy to oblige ( as if they hadn't yet, but now it is even more so in the open.)"

  • ... And remember the Secret Clauses of the Oslo Accords:
 The secret clauses of Oslo were leaked by an alarmed employee
 of a government ministry, first to Jerusalem Post reporter
 Steve Rodan.  After a three month fact checking period, the
 Post printed the less frightening details on its front page and
 suffered expensive government retaliation immediately after.
    Through an intermediary, I was given the details of what the
 Post backed off printing, which I published in my newsletter
 Inside Israel.  Beilin's plan called for a covert war against
 the "settlers" or Jewish residents of disputed territories,
 which included incriminating the innocent in timely outrages
 and murdering public figures to instill terror and uncertainty.
 This plan ultimately led to the assassination of Prime Minister
 Yitzhak Rabin.
    When these charges were first published, there was widespread
 disbelief that the political leadership of Israel could be so
 evil.  Today in Israel, thanks to the bungled Rabin murder,
 perhaps a third of the public accept that this covert war did
 take place and is still taking place. ( From B. Chamish)

    ...February 1993: According to the Lebanese publication, El-Kifach Al Arabi, secret talks are underway between PLO officials and the Israeli government in Paris and London. The French magazine Le Canard Enchaine revealed that French experts will be in charge of establishing a Palestinian police force to secure an autonomy arrangement in the West Bank and Gaza. The agreement was reached in November l992 in a series of meetings in London under the auspices of the American government. One of the reasons the talks continued in secret is because Israel wanted to have already concluded an agreement with the PLO before the negotiations are made public.In a May l995 report in an Israeli newspaper, Oslo negotiator Ron Pundak revealed that the US State Department "was in on the secret process from day one."

    A secret clause to the Oslo Accords, authored by then Deputy Foreign Minister Yossi Beilin, was entitled: "The Palestine Interim Self-Government Agreement". It explains how the ultimate aims of the peace process are to 1) roll back Israel's territory to the l949 borders; 2) to create a Palestinian "entity", which, after an interim period will be granted statehood; and 3)to permit the right of return for any Palestinian to the new nation.

    The document which dealt with Jerusalem, called: "The Illegitimacy of Israeli Sovereignty Over Jerusalem" outlines the Israeli government's program for the future of Jerusalem. It called for the division of the Old City into cantons whose border posts will be under UN control. The Plan also wanted to work towards the removal of all Jews from beyond the Green line, to be done in stages. The first stage would be the disarming of the settlers. Once the settlers become less able to defend themselves, army presence on the roads leading to their homes will be greatly diminished leading to heavy terrorist casualties and a feeling of fear and helplessness. As part of this program, a "dehumanizing" effort would take place to paint the residents of the territories as fanatics" as they were against the peace process. Once such an image had been planted, the settlers would no longer be identified by most Israelis as one of them and it would be easier to break their m
    orale to resist.

    • ...And remember who David Jaeger is, and his role in the negotiations about Har Zion, the Bilateral Agreement:

    ... About his beliefs, what he fights for, what he thinks of Judea and Samaria in Jewish hands, and of Jerusalem as the Jewish capital:



    DS said...

    Moshe said:

    this book "torat hamelech" should be immediately translated into english so we can help defend r.lior's support for it... it would appear that it is similar to a chapter in "sefer rayon" where rav meir also stated that the obligation of milchemet mitzvah or milchemet chovah necessarily commands us to kill "innocent civilians" if necessary to save jewish lives and those belonging to jewish soldier's' lives... this is not racism or incitement to violence and terrorism against arabs... this is torah-true judaism as commanded by Hashem that in a a time of sekanah... in a time of war... Hashem expects us to protect the lives of am yisroel especially those being moser nefesh to do so... to be risking their lives for the safety and security of am yisroel b'eretz yisroel...

    and the slime who rule israel know this is what the torah really says and that this is all that this sefer was speaking about but they wish to incite the unkowing masses of leftist jews and ignorant of halacha unobservant to hate the torah... hate Hashem and the torah-loyal portion of the am Hashem...the slime surely know all of this but do not care that they are slandering and libeling... and thus they are cynically manipulating the unaware and uneducated jews of the populace to think that these jews are extreme and unrighteous even someone as special and beloved and holy as r.lior...

    this is sick civil-war type of stuff... these are deeds of deep depravity by them which are huge chilluley Hashem... and they are perpetrated by design and with a constant concerted effort they are propagandizing and pedalling shamelessly these utter falsehoods and lies in the true spirit of gobells repetatively in order to discredit the entire "torah-zionist camp..." painting it with a broad brush that it is led from the top by bloodthirsty rabbis who are "monsters..." chalilah v'chas... it just isn't so... if anything they are too mild and too timid these rabbis of ours b'aretz... they are much too self-effacing to speak up and out as vociferously as they should be doing for the sake of the honor of Hashem... to combat all of the sheker-muchlat that passes for truth these days... and they refuse are accused of saying and doing... and to rise up in righteous-indignation and stand up to the filth who rule israel as if it were their own private country club and who defy the will of G-d by their usurpation of His throne over our land ... and to whom... to our G-d... they feel no allegiance nor any respect

    this has to stop... these erev rav unjewish jews have to be exposed for the vile vermin and traitors scum that they truly really are... it is high-time that we took action in this regard and stop letting them kill us, maim us and defame us... it is up to all of us to fight this battle for truth and for kiddush Hashem...

    .. every jew on the planet should read either the last chapter (8) of "why be jewish...?" or in hebrew his sefer based on that 8th chapter... "al haemunah v'al hageluah..."

    next they should all go to google videos and type in rav meir kahane "why be jewish...?' and then "the yoke of heaven..." and watch and listen to two great shiurim by the rav on what essentially are the halachot or the laws or the comandments from Hashem of the "torat eretz yisroel..." shabat shalom...

    DS said...

    David wrote:

    .... sacrificial lambs to the evil Inquisition? ROME = ESAV = AMALEK. We have seen throughout history what they are capable of, what they have done to Jews who resisted them. Just go see the Museum of Torture in Vienna if you need a reminder at all.

    You are absolutely right about Rome , the Vatican , and their collaborators here.

    DS said...

    Ezra said:

    Great posting

    DS said...

    DS replied:


    You are absolutely right about everything that you write, and I am not minimizing that aspect of the story. But that was already discussed in other places, the misunderstanding of the rules of war, the deliberate fumbling for the purpose of the Jews not defending themselves in times of war.

    Still, there is the issue of where the whole persecution originates from, and it is coming first from Rome, and second from the corridors of hatred of the Israeli left. Actually, they are equal partners in crime, since one without the other couldn't function.

    Your assessment?

    DS said...

    Moshe replied:

    do not forget the other partners in the slime inc. the royal families of europe includingthe rothchild crowd of jewish traitors worldwide and of course the american blueblooded aristocratic filth ruling here in the u.s. since its inception... all of these combined along with the ruling clique in isr make up the slime elitist nazi fascist rule of the earth... tracing their roots back to the greek and roman empires and before that all the way back in time to esav and nimrod...

    DS said...

    David replied:

    Israel is the most complex of all.

    You are right about the Vatican and their friends.

    DS said...

    DS; see the next post - Addendum ...- for Professor Hillel Weiss's comment on the affair - in Hebrew.

    DS said...

    See also this related post:

    Take a special look at the horrific, inciteful, antisemitic, antisettler cartoon that Haaretz published. They should be prosecuted for it. This is how hatred is being created against a whole sector of the population; our worst enemies couldn't have done better. It is on a level with them, it rivals antisemitic cartoons in the Egyptian press.