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Sunday, July 31, 2011

I'd like to know: what interest does a company of this nature, located near the MILITARY AIRPORT of Rome, have in my blog?

 Interesting: I saw this company accessing my blog this morning (reading the post "Your thoughts..." which deals with the Norway incident). Maybe it was their first time; still, I'd like to know why: was it just one interested employee - at work on a 'holy' Sunday morning??? - , or is the NATO/VATICAN complex finally paying attention to what I am writing, and decided to infiltrate ISRAEL TRUTH TIMES? They sure have the capabilities, if they so choose. See below what they do.

For translation, please use either Google translate, of the Babylon translate sidebar on this blog.

 Where are they located? In Ciampino, Rome, which is Rome's military airport. Quite interesting....

Airport type
Operator Aeroporti di Roma SpA
Serves Rome
Location Ciampino

 Si.Tec. Headquarters:

Sede Operativa
Ciampino (Roma)

PS: one quick (old and irrelevant but helpful nevertheless) reference for the relationship between NDC ( NATO Defense College) and Ciampino airport:

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DS said...

SL. said:

As a rule, anyone transacting in INTERNET is tracked and recorded almost in all cases.
And those operating in the so called "social networks" are even more exposed.
Sites such as yours would be tracked by the main folk or some lesser fish.