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Monday, July 25, 2011

Your thoughts? Question of false flag attack in Norway. In addition, evidence of close collaboration between Fatah and Norway, right at that camp!

 I really haven't followed Norwegian politics, but the way Alex Jones puts it, it  reminds me of the Rabin assassination and other staged events here. What do you think?? See various responses in the 'Comments' section.

It would also explain the discrepancy between Anders' manifesto ( which I did not read, just reviewed what intelligent others said about it) and this massacre.

( According to Aryeh - or is it Jack? -:

"The only thing that occurred to me was that he targeted the Marxist cabal that is pushing multiculturalism in order to destroy Western Civilization and institute totalitarian control. This place was the summer camp of the socialist party establishment. 
 His manifesto is not a "rant." It is an entirely lucid, logical, orderly, researched and positively scholarly exposition of the history of Islamic brutality, social dysfunction, mass murder and genocide. I have not read it all, of course, and probably never will but that much stands out boldly on every page. If it were written by a big-time university professor, it would be taken to be authoritative. It would be vilified, of course, b/c it is so NOT PC and all, but authoritative. No one would even try to confront it. They would just shout it down, like Joan Peters' From Time Immemorial. It would change the mood and tenor of the presentation of multiculturalism. It would be the ever present elephant in the room. Peruse it and you will see. It is no rant.

Another interesting question: perusing it, more or less at random, there seems to be nothing in it about doing anything like what he did. Bringing up the Crusades in the 12-minute video, and the way it is presented, clearly contemplates civil war to eject the Muslims from Europe, it is true. But an armed attack on teenagers at camp, murdering them face to face or as they fled, over an extended period of an hour and a half? That seems stunningly out of the blue.)"

Meanwhile, the fact is, Norway, and in particular the Norwegian Labor Party and its minions, really, really deserved this tragedy; they were, among others, close associates of Fatah! See below, and the Norwegian response to this attack. Any more doubts as to where Norway stands? With friends like these, who needs enemies.

 Fatah Youth condemns Norway attacks, over 90 killed
Monday 25/07/2011
BETHLEHEM (Ma'an) -- Fatah Youth released a statement on Saturday condemning attacks in Norway which have reportedly killed over 90 people.

"It is with consternation that we have received the dramatic news of an awful terrorist attack against a summer camp ran by our comrades of Norwegian Labor Youth 'AUF,'" the statement said.

The Fatah Youth group had taken part in the summer camp in the past on the Island of Utoya, near Oslo, where over 90 people were reportedly killed in a shooting spree on the Island and a bomb attack in Oslo on Friday, news reports said.

"Fatah Youth declares its consternation about the terror attack. There are no words to describe an attack against people that have been our comrades in our struggle for freedom and independence. Very few people have stood by our side as much as the Norwegian people, and particularly our AUF comrades."

"We know those who have been cowardly assassinated. Those are people that have stood for the human and national rights of the Palestinian people both in Europe and while visiting Palestine.

"Fatah Youth has participated for almost 15 years in the same summer camp and our youth has benefited by learning and sharing experiences on democracy and advocacy for peace and justice.

"We hope that those responsible for this criminal terror attack will be brought to justice. Such sick minds should not have a place in any society.

"As a people that has been victim of state terror for the last 64 years, the Palestinian people and particularly Fatah Youth presents its condolences to the families of those killed and sends a strong message of support to our comrades from the Norwegian AUF as well as from other sister parties that were participating in this summer camp," the statement concluded.


Envoy contrasts terror in Israel, Norway

July 26, 2011 JERUSALEM (JTA) -- Norway's ambassador to Israel drew distinctions between the Oslo and Utoya massacres and Palestinian terrorism.
Svein Sevje said in an Israeli newspaper interview Tuesday that while the Norwergian bomb and gun rampages that killed 76 people and Palestinian attacks should both be considered morally unacceptable, he wanted to "outline the similarity and the difference in the two cases."
Palestinians, the ambassador told Maariv, "are doing this because of a defined goal that is related to the Israeli occupation. There are elements of revenge against Israel and hatred of Israel. To this you can add the religious element to  their actions."
"In the case of the terror attack in Norway, the murderer had an ideology that says that Norway, particularly the Labor Party, is forgoing Norwegian culture," Sevje said, referring to suspect Anders Breivik, a Christian nativist who is opently anti-Islam and anti-immigration.
Unlike European Union states, Norway has engaged Hamas and often been fiercely critical of Israel, to Jerusalem's dismay.
While Sevje voiced sympathy for Israeli terror victims, having experienced "the inferno" of such attacks during his posting, he saw little chance of Norway reviewing its Middle East policies.
"We Norwegians consider the occupation to be the cause of  the terror against Israel," he said. "Those who believe this will not change their mind because of the attack in Oslo."
He added, "Can Israel and the Palestinians solve the problems without Hamas? I don't think so."

NB: thanks to A.M.( both features below), a reminder :

The Islam in Europe blog  reports on the numbers and percentages of Muslims in many European cities:

Marseilles – 25% (200,000 of 800,000)
Malmö - ~25% (67,000 of 270,000
Amsterdam – 24% (180,000 of 750,000)
Stockholm – 20% (>155,000 of 771,038)
Brussels - ~20% (some say 33%)
Moscow - 16-20% (2 million of 10-12 million)
London – 17% (1.3 million of 7.5 million)
Luton - 14.6% (26,963)
Birmingham 14.3% (139,771)
The Hague - 14.2% (67,896 of 475,580)
Utrecht - 13.2% (38,300 of 289,000)
Rotterdam – 13% (80,000 of 600,000)
Copenhagen - 12.6% (63,000 of 500,000)
Leicester – 11% (>30,000 of 280,000)
Aarhus - ~10% Zaan district (Netherlands) - 8.8 percent
Paris - 7.38% (155,000 of 2.1 million)
Antwerp- 6.7% (>30,000 of >450,000)
Hamburg - 6.4% (>110,000 of 1.73 million)
Berlin - 5.9% (~200,000 of 3.40 million)


Anonymous said...

It is really too early to have an opinion on this. Not enough is know. If something like this had happened 60-70 years ago in Germany to a Hitler Youth camp, what would have people said? How would the attacker have been seen by civilized people?

He could very well be a delusional maniac or a clear thinking patriot who has identified his county's true enemy and has acted against it. We need more information.

Aryeh Zelasko
Beit Shemesh

DS said...

SHmuel commented:

I am at a loss regarding the "yield" of the horrific shooting spree and quite a few other things.
The shooter must be a super expert marksman to be able to reach that kill ratio. 87 killed and 66 wounded. Incredible focus however malignant. Very, very unique.
The whole sequel including, also in this case, the police arriving about an hour after the rampage, is weird.
Any paramilitary force includes special rifles and shooters that can kill anyone from a kilometer or more away. They do not have speed boats? No choppers?

From the purely military angle, we must understand what a single, well trained operative can do.

DS said...

Mosh said:

don't know enough about this s tory to comment... but from what i do know... all terror is staged... always has been... and i've known this from prince phillip's intro to his 1988 book "down to earth..."

in the same paragraph that he describes how man keeps the animal world in check so that it does not impede upon human habitats thru hnting, selective breeding etc... he says that "the so-called homo sapien population are controlled by war, disease and TERRORISM..." so u see he said it straight out and in the open the fact that the elitist slime control all world terrorism in history... be it the threat from spartacus to replace roman republicanism with the despotism of the caesars right on down to the hitlers and stalins of ww2 and the muslim menace of post ww2... they control it all... brought all of it to power and unleashed it upon us each and every time... it is their doing to accomplish their sick demented and twisted agenda of nwo/owg... he may have been speaking out of school but he told the truth... admitted to it all with this statement...

and so it goes... if there is terror anywhere these slime arranged it and made sure it was carried outfor whatever diseased reason they had at the time... mosh.out...

DS said...

Jack says:

It is inherently credible.... The MO is familiar: find someone who wants to do it and make sure he gets a good shot and have an insider behind the scene making sure the goal is accomplished fully. Sirhan Sirhan thinks he did it. Yigal Amir seems to think he did it. McVeigh seems to have thought he did it. We don't know what Lee Harvey Oswald thought.

Or just do it themselves and blame it on a patsy. That's the MO of the invasion of Poland. That was the plan of Operation Northwoods for an invasion of Cuba. James Earl Ray confessed but retracted his confession and maintained he didn't do it. Coretta King believed him to the end and believed the FBI murdered her husband and framed Ray. We have seen it often enough but they seem to prefer not doing it with their own hands or at least not appearing to do so.

So Breivik thinks he did it. And the police say it really took 90 minutes to get there. It sounds like the 45 minutes it took for the ambulance to arrive at the scene of the murder of Binyamin Zeev Kahana and his wife.

The segment about Glenn Beck is also a very important development.

DS said...
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DS said...

Mosh added:

i took a look around to see about the story... i think i have a handle on it... the slime trying to discredit all groups or individuals who are legitimately disturbed about islamic intentions to sweep into power all over the globe... by setting this guy up to act out violently and stupidly accomplishing absolutely nothing to defeat global jihad... the slime can use this incident to discredit with a broad brush anyone out there fighting for their freedoms and liberties from the muslim brotherhood and all other forms of sharia inroads into the life of western democracies... it makes all decent people protesting such abuses of their human rights and civil rights by slime-run muslim nazism look evil and violent... painting with a broad brush that the decent people of this world are all the potential crazies in this fight for their very survival as free people... that's my take into what this is all about... the slime being the slime... as usual... as always...

DS replies: you know what, I do agree, Mosh. It is starting to make a lot of sense.

DS said...

I guess Jack means this segment on Glenn Beck:

So, Glenn Beck cuts out info from Alex Jones.... maybe....

But Alex Jones cuts out info about the Vatican.