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Friday, July 22, 2011

What do you know? Who would have guessed Homeland Security's selective and deliberate blindness?

Thanks to A.M.

See also the post below; I had warned you about this a long time ago already; it goes right along Obama's loyalties. One would almost guess Obama WANTS America attacked! What else could he do to destroy his country?....
Yep, two parallel and complementary actions.


DS said...

From Jack:

Homeland security is characteristically deaf, dumb and blind toward the phenomenon. "Unable to corroborate" means, at the very least, that they are not taking sufficient interest in it.We are talking about Iranian proxy terrorist organizations establishing sanctuary next to the US-Mexico borders, arming themselves with powerful, sophisticated weaponry with the full power of Iran behind them. That's far too serious for a lethargic "cannot corroborate." That's how people with intellectual pretensions say "dunno nuthin' about it." What efforts is Homeland Insecurity making to find out? Cong. Myrick found out quite a lot. So it's not just Fox News smoking the hemp of right wing incitement. Well, Myrick is a Republican so you can go back to sleep, citizens.

Isn't it time to consider whether this administration isn't running interference for the Islamic crazies? Providing cover for the global jihad (which can't be mentioned in official federal government documents)?

DS said...

Mosh wrote:

it's even worse than u think... muzbrohood been here since 70's and 80's brought in by the same gang and their successors who brought in the nazi murderers after ww2... pact betw these slime pre-ww2 to bring commies, nazis and muzbrohood to power as their surrogates to do all their dirty work worldwide for generations now... bringing the world to its knees... just like phelps said and just as john loftus exposes in his new book... "america's nazi secret..." read intro and epilogue to see the muslim angle to all of this...