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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Sometimes 'accidents' are a good thing

Report: Top Russian Nuke Scientists Killed

Sivan 21, 5771, 23 June 11 01:17
( A report in Ha'aretz Thursday said that five top Russian nuclear scientists who were helping Iran were among the victims of a plane crash in Russia on Monday. The plane crash in northern Russia claimed 44 lives. The scientists had been working at the Bushehr nuclear facility, helping with the transition of management of the plant to a Russian group.

The report, quoting Russian security officials, said that the deaths of the scientists was a "great blow" to Russia's nuclear industry.


DS said...

Moshe said:

i do not believe in "accidents" anymore... nothing happens stam in this world with these slime running the show... they probably killed them to shut them up and keep them from spilling the beans on how high up this plot to help iran destroy israel really goes... as always... right on up all the way to the very top of the food chain same as before, during and after the holocaust... to the slime: the vatican, the royal families of europe and the elite snobs of america and all their nazi-fascist corporate and military lackeys and surrogates... the ones behind all the terrorism worldwide ever since the end of ww2 and now in full-earnest working to bring on ww3 on the back of a destroyed israel... that is what this "accident" was all about... and what it was for... mosh.out...

DS said...

S. said:

Remarkable coincidence. Is it?

DS said...

S. added

The latest count appears to be 5 top level nuclear experts all part of the Iranian nuclear system. That "accident" was as circumstantial as other "accidents" we have been informed about. Since Russian policy is, much as in other countries is, NEVER to allow multiple critical experts to travel as a group, one has to wonder how come 3-5 of them did it anyway. We may never know a thing more.
All possibilities considered by others are plausible.
Since operating a major nuclear reactor is not the same as growing milk camels, one can also expect that the missing experts will be sorely missed. By some... LOL