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Friday, October 1, 2010

From my other blog - a new blog I started a few weeks ago: "Beautiful Garden of Petach Gan Eden".

Tefillat Hageshem: Prayer for Rain

Today was Shemini Atzeret, the last day of our month-long holiday season ( combined in Israel with Simchat Torah, while in the Galut an extra day is added for Simchat Torah - I don't like the dichotomy, but that is another story). On this day, Jews the world over pray for rain: rain for the Land of Israel, rain that is so scarce at times that the ground is parched.....we pray for God to open His stores of bounty for His people.

So here is the text of the prayer we said today in the synagogue, in Hebrew, in front of the opened Ark. May God listen to our prayers and grant us plentiful rain this year: we really, really need it!

"Tefilat Geshem" - The Prayer for Rain

( from ArtScroll Sukkot Machzor)

"Af-Bri is designated as the name of the angel of rain; to thicken and to form clouds, to empty them and to cause rain.

Water with which to crown the valley's vegetation may it not be withheld because of our unredeemed debt.

In the merit of the faithful Patriarchs protect the ones who pray for rain.

Blessed are You, HASHEM, Shield of Abraham.
You are eternally mighty, my Lord, the Resuscitator of the dead are You; abundantly able to save.

May He obligate [the Angel Af-Bri] to give us portions of the segregated rain, to soften the wasteland's face when it is dry as rock.

With water You symbolized Your might in Scripture, to soothe with its drops those in whom was blown a soul, to keep alive the ones who recall the strengths of the rain."

G-d is implored to provide healthful rain to us in the merit of our forefathers and other great leaders of Israel, in connection with whom water-related verses are cited:

"Our God and the God of our forefathers:

Remember the Patriarch [Abraham], who was drawn behind You like water. You blessed him like a tree replanted alongside streams of water. You shielded him, You rescued him from fire and from water. You tested him when he sowed upon all waters.

  For his sake, do not hold water back!

Remember the one [Isaac] born with the tidings of, 'Let some water be brought. ' You told his father to slaughter him - to spill his blood like, water. He too was scrupulous to pour his heart like water. He dug and discovered wells of water.

  For the sake of his righteousness, grant abundant water!

Remember the one [Jacob] who carried his staff
and crossed the Jordan's water.
He dedicated his heart and rolled a stone
off the mouth of a well of water,
as when he was wrestled by an angel composed of fire and water.
Therefore You pledged to remain with him through fire and water.

  For his sake, do not hold water back!

Remember the one [Moses] drawn forth in a bulrush basket from the water. They said, 'He drew water and provided the sheep with water.' At the time Your treasured people thirsted for water, he struck the rock and out came water.

  For the sake of his righteousness, grant abundant water!

Remember the appointee [Aaron] over the Temple, who made five immersions in the water. He went to cleanse his hands through sanctification with water. He called out and sprinkled [blood bringing] purity as with water. He remained apart from a people of waterlike impetuosity.

 For his sake, do not hold water back!

Remember the twelve tribes You caused
to cross through the split waters,
for whom You sweetened the water's bitter taste.
Their offspring whose blood was spilt for You like water.
Turn to us - for woes engulf our souls like water.

  For the sake of their righteousness, grant abundant water!

For You are HASHEM, our God,

Who makes the wind blow and makes the rain descend.

For blessing and not for curse.
  For life and not for death.
  For plenty and not for scarcity.

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