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Monday, October 4, 2010

Women, better wake up: you are not safe in Muslim lands! Another tale of horrible rape and abuse at hands of Arab Muslim "employers", this time in Oman.

Abused, tortured, she returns on wheelchair

Ram Kumar Kamat
2010-10-03 11:59 PM
NEW DELHI: Thirty-four-year-old Maya (name changed) from Kapilvastu district, who had gone to Oman to work as a house maid, was sexually abused by her employer for months before being sent to New Delhi in a wheelchair.

Maya is undergoing treatment at Hindu Rao Hospital in the Indian capital New Delhi. She has injury marks on her body and is unable to move the lower part of her body.

She seems to be in a state of mental shock and can only vaguely remember.

“One day my employer told me to cook chicken. I do not remember what happened to me after I ate it,” Maya said.

Maya, who was referred to Nepal Pravasi Manch (NPM) by the Embassy of Nepal, was admitted to the hospital after it was found she couldn’t move the lower part of her body. IGI Police had handed her over to the embassy.

Her story is a harrowing tale of a series of sexual abuse.

She was sexually assaulted by her first employer who threatened her with dire consequences if she revealed the crime. Worse was to follow. The sexual assault continued at the hands of

the brothers of both the husband and wife.

She left her first employer after a year when she could not tolerate the abuse anymore. Then the wife of her second employer began beating her mercilessly for not taking care of their restless children.

Maya went to a placement agency which helped her find a new job. “Women are really not safe in that country. Two boys at the agency sexually abused me there too,” she said.

Maya does not remember being sexually abused in the house of the second employer but she said the male members of the family, both from the husband’s and wife’s side often made sexual advances towards her.

NPM Chairman Durga Prasad Aryal said the government of Nepal should discourage Nepali women form going to work in Gulf countries. If that is not possible, then female job aspirants should be sent only through recognised manpower agencies.

Nothing new, really... 

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