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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

TWO MAJOR SCANDALS TODAY: רצח יצחק רבין, the Rabin assassination ; and a scam so big, if anyone tried to pull it, he or she would be sitting in jail for many years; not so the big banks!

Today, 11th of Cheshvan, is the 15th anniversary of Rabin's assassination according to the Jewish calendar; ( oh, sorry, the anniversary is actually tomorrow, the 12th of Cheshvan, but starts tonight: that should tell you how much I care, I didn't even know its exact date!).

It is also the Yahrzeit of Rachel Imeinu, our Matriarch Rachel, so much more important  in my eyes, as I have always visited Kever Rachel on this day, ignoring and bypassing Rabin events altogether.

....Just as a reminder...

As we see over and over, Divine Justice never fails: Yitshak Rabin, murderer of 15-16 innocent Jews as commander of the guilty battalion, himself died murdered at the hand of another Jew. 


And from the same source, Voice of Judea commentary:

Anti-Rabin backlash worry Labor Party leaders
Left-wing politicians are not having an easy time accepting public apathy and indifference to the memory of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was assassinated 15 years ago.

President Peres summed up his bitterness in a speech he gave at the opening memorial, The assassination of Yitzhak Rabin "must not be forgiven or forgotten."

On Tuesday afternoon, on the eve of the Hebrew date of the anniversary of the prime minister's death, Peres spoke about the man with whom he was awarded the 1994 Nobel Peace Prize. Rabin family members, public figures, youth movement members and students were hauled in to attend the ceremony.
"We are holding a memorial evening because we must fight forgetfulness," Peres said. "Such forgetfulness is the enemy of man. It's also puts democracy in danger."
Peres was not speaking in theoretical terms. If recent surveys are any indication, the average Israeli is indifferent to the Rabin assassination, and forgetful of Rabin, or is openly resentful and negative about the controversial legacy Rabin left behind.
A memorial in Jerusalem’s Beth HaGesher last night had to be called off due to poor attendance. The FREE delicious cakes and sweets spread on barren tables could not draw a single customer. Only one person attended the event. Organizers of the main Tel Aviv memorial rally held in “Rabin Square” are speaking of the upcoming memorial as “the last year we make a public memorial due to lack of public interest”. A recent poll taken on Walla, Israel’s popular internet news site showed that most people associate Rabin’s legacy with his alcohol and cigarette addiction and not with any of his contributions to “peace” or security. Fellow Labor Knesset members attacked Labor M.K. Einat Willif, who called upon Party Leaders to replace the Rabin portrait in party headquarters with one of Ben Gurion and urged organizers of the Tel Aviv rally to consider canceling it.
Another recent poll showed that a majority of Israelis oppose forcing the nation to mourn the death of Rabin.
Voice of Judea Commentary:
Ask any child. Futile attempts to force a kid to eat something that they dislike, usually causes the youthful victim to hate the food even more. And if the food is really disgusting it causes vomiting and nausea. The government has been stuffing Rabin down our throats for 15 years, with an almost cult-ritual obsession. Major hospitals, roads, schools, parks and what not have been renamed after Rabin by the dozens in every town and city. State television, radio. IDF seminars and schools have forced us to mourn Rabin. People who spoke negatively about Rabin have been jailed, persecuted, expelled, fired and prosecuted. Thousands of Arabs and members of various Israeli youth groups have been hauled in every year to attend the annual Rabin Fest, where leading performers and bands have been hired to draw dwindling crowds. Finally, after 15 years of futile attempts to reeducate the nation of Israel by force, party leaders are reaching the conclusion that the embarrassing results no longer justify the monumental efforts that have been taken.
What can you do? Every rocket that falls in Sderot and Ashqelon and every Israeli murdered by Arab terrorists who were awarded with the land and the weapons that they use to effectively attack Jews, is a constant reminder of the true legacy left behind by Rabin and his suicidal policies of appeasement to the Arabs. Someone needs to tell Peres the truth. The problem is not that people have forgotten Rabin! The problem that Peres and his Bolshevik partners need to contend with is that people remember Rabin only too well. Is it any surprise that a new and growing movement is demanding the early release of Rabin’s convicted assassin, Yigal Amir?
My comment:

Well said, Shimon Peres. We absolutely should not forgive and forget. If Barry Chamish is right, YOU are the person behind the assassination. We should NEVER forgive or forget that. Nor should we forgive or forget your treason vis-a vis the Jewish People in favor of Rome, our enemy of millenia; we should never forgive or forget how you sold us out, and continue to sell us out day after day after day. We should NEVER forgive or forget that because of you, thousands of innocent Jews were killed and continue to be killed.

WE SHALL NEVER FORGIVE OR FORGET your crimes against the Jewish Nation of Israel.


In this segment, we see the unbelievable scandal of the foreclosures in the U.S., how the scam really worked, in simple and easy terms. Should you try to pull a number like that, you would be indicted for fraud in no time, and would be sitting quite a few years behind bars. I sure hope the guilty parties serve a long, long time, but don't count on it; money crimes of that magnitude always seem to somehow be forgiven and forgotten - except in the Book of Divine Justice.

... Another author who agrees that the big criminals will not pay, no matter what their crimes.... 

Crime Pays if You're in this Club
By Steve Christ | Tuesday, October 19th, 2010
Whoever said crime doesn't pay must never have met Angelo Mozilo...
A wolf in wolves' clothing, Mozilo reportedly made $500 million at the peak of the bubble presiding over one of the dirtiest mortgage operations of all time — otherwise known as Countrywide Financial.
And while you might expect somebody like Mozilo to go to court for his crimes, your faith in the current system would be hopelessly naïve.
That's because there are two sets of rules in this country: One for people of power and influence, and another for everybody else.

Like it or not, that's the America we live in today. It's the powerful versus the powerless — just as it is in any banana republic.
Mozilo's slap on the wrist
So instead of seeing justice done in one of the most anticipated trials of the year, a deal was cut a mere four days before Mozilo was scheduled to show up in a Los Angeles courtroom.
Admitting no guilt, the former CEO and his lieutenants walked with nothing more than a slap on the wrist for their role in fleecing homeowners and shareholders alike.
From his gigantic ill-gotten fortune, Mozilo walked for a measly $22.5 million, leaving Bank of America on the hook for the remaining $45 million — along with the legal fees.
Nice deal, huh?
It gets even sweeter...
During one eight-year period, Mozilo received $521.5 million in compensation from Countrywide as he and his cronies ran it into the ground in the biggest, most destructive bubble in U.S. history.
Now, two years later, he walks for the equivalent of chump change. Not bad for a guy that used to sweep floors and make sausage...
They get the parachutes, and the rest of us get wiped out in the aftermath.
Meanwhile, the bad loans that Mr. Mozilo and so many others cashed in on have given birth to yet another challenge to the rule of law: foreclosure fraud.
It's another case in which laws were tossed aside out of greed and convenience. What with forged documents, phony affidavits, and defective titles, this is the Gordian knot that will knock housing down another peg.
I can tell you from experience that closing title on a loan is a process that carries with it a very specific set of legal steps that must be followed to the letter of the law. There can be no exceptions.
The reason for this is pretty simple: to protect the property rights of all involved parties.
That's why signed documents have to be witnessed and notarized; this proves that you are who you say you are, and that you own what you say you own.
What's more, these “wet ink” signatures need to be completed on the date of the transaction — not signed and backdated after the fact — or even worse, forged, stamped, and created months later in a rush to push more foreclosures through the pipeline.
This is the essence of the problem, since ignoring and/or breaking the law in this case clouds the transaction corrupting the chain of title.
This could effectively call into question as many as half of all housing transactions — making these homes basically unmarketable until each individual title is cleared. That includes not just foreclosed homes; but performing mortgages as well.
And here's the bigger problem: Some analysts believe these title issues go all the way back to 1998.
Understand that, and you can begin to understand the enormity of the problem... As well as why three major banks have halted foreclosures, and the Attorney Generals in 49 states have launched investigations of their own.
This should effectively freeze up the market for foreclosure sales over the next 6 to 12 months, and then some.
Needless to say, that's a big problem for the housing market. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 24% of all home sales in the second quarter involved foreclosures.
So if you are wondering whether housing will recover or relapse next year, the smart money is betting on the next leg down. In the absence of foreclosures, the sales numbers are going to be simply awful.
Foreclosure gate and the big banks
It also casts a giant shadow over the entire mortgage-backed securities business, since the loans that were "sliced and diced" in the process are the ones with the faulty and potentially invalid paperwork.
After all, you can't sell a note that is backed up by collateral that you don't have a proper lien on...
It leaves the investor with unsecured paper, failing the representations and warranties clause that can nullify the deal.
As a result, investors may now be able to argue that a “true sale” was never actually completed, allowing them to push untold billions of dollars in losses back on the big banks.
It turns into something like a good ol' fashioned game of Old Maid; the last person holding the queen of spades will be on the hook for huge losses.
As Adam noted yesterday, it's not a good time to be buying the big banks.
This mess won't be “contained” unless the government steps in and gives these crooked banksters a retroactive mulligan — leaving everyone else wondering why they bothered to play by the rules in the first place.
The cynic in me says that it will be delivered right after the election.
So don't worry about Angelo and his banker pals... The last time anyone saw them, they were laughing their heads off in backseats of chauffeured limousines.
By the way, according to Wikipedia, a banana republic is one that typically has large wealth inequities, poor infrastructure, poor schools, a "backward" economy, low capital spending, a reliance on foreign capital and money printing, budget deficits, and a weakening currency...
That about sums it up now, doesn't it?
It's why investors need to seriously consider buying commodities — gold, silver, and palladium — to protect their wealth against the Fed, the government, and their banker friends.
George Carlin said it best when he pointed out, “It's a big club, and you ain't in it.”
Your bargain-hunting analyst,
Steve Christ
Editor, Wealth Daily

.... And as an addendum to the articles above, this essay worth reading:

Both articles above from JSMineset

.... And  finally this video about another outrageous practice by big banks - the more we get to know them, the fouler they smell!

Video thanks to Anonymous

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