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Sunday, October 17, 2010

NO TO MEDITERRANEAN UNION!!! Minefield ahead, were you aware? How best to handle it - suggestions welcome. Please spread the word.


Dear all,

Today is a day of reflection for me, as I am trying to comprehend recent developments and upcoming events; I would like to share my musings with you as well:

A few days ago I appeared on the Barry Chamish talk show - featured on the home page of this blog. In it, Barry asked me to discuss the current events regarding the Vatican and Israel. Before I appeared, Barry interviewed a very interesting researcher - I suggest you listen to her, on hour one - who shared a wealth of information about the upcoming Mediterranean Union conference, which will take place in Barcelona at the end of November. She really enriched my vision, and today sent me material I was not aware of. I would like to share these contents with you, in addition to my own thoughts.

Bottom line: the pope is running out of patience.10/10/10 has come and gone, Greater Israel is still standing, to his great chagrin, although we sadly witness surrender of Jewish rights in Jerusalem and our Holy Land on a daily basis, thanks to our traitor D.M. Benedikt pulled out all the stops so far, trying to pressure Bibi into giving up Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria via Obama, as you well know, but thank God the Arabs once again showed their foolishness, and refused what was offered to them. That has freed Bibi to do as he wishes.... for now: for the first time in a long time we hear him speak like a proud Jew; but how long will this kind of speech last? I am afraid the flicker of an instant. You see, Bibi was scheduled to meet Abbas in Paris this week; he only postponed, but did not cancel the meeting. This meeting is designed to pave the way for the upcoming Mediterranean Union conference later in November. Bibi will attend the meeting, only in November instead of now: the U.S.elections are throwing a monkey wrench in the process, and both sides want to see what transpired in the US elections before  negotiating and committing, it seems.

Interestingly, pope Benedikt is scheduled to make another one of his hypocritical "religious" appearances, - in Spain this time, where else?- The first day will be devoted to some religious celebration, while the second day will be spent in Barcelona. He will be greeted at the airport by Spanish royals, of course; there will be plenty of time to discuss US elections and their results, and to carve out a strategy for the upcoming conference, how best to send the Jewish State of Israel into oblivion.

What a consummate politician, this Vatican head of state a.k.a. "holy father"! What a hypocrite too: do you EVER hear the Vatican making a pronouncement to the effect of: "Pope Benedikt needs to go discuss the Mediterrean Union conference with his underling Juan Carlos, in order to determine how best to put pressure on Israel to let go of Jerusalem"? Of course not! Time to set the record straight and call a spade a spade.

Of course, Peres the quisling is all obsequious, grinning from ear to ear, so happy that his Mediterranean Union scheme is finally taking shape. Never mind the millions of non-Jews that will flood Israel's borders, should such a scheme succeed. You need only see what the European Union has become, with workers from every poor country of the Union flooding every prosperous European spells  the end of Israel as a Jewish State. That is option #2, unless before that the UN succeeds in making the state of Palestine a fait accompli. Already, Spain has changed the status of the PA envoy to ambassador, never mind the lack of a nation....

One more item of importance: I had told you all along that Obama is the lackey of the pope, but I never understood why. The lady researcher on the show opened my eyes: you see, Obama attended a FRANCISCAN CATHOLIC SCHOOL for four years while in Indonesia. He had to attend Catholic prayers daily. So this little Muslim boy got a good Catholic education in his formative years, and I am quite sure that left a deep impression on him. The latter would explain his confused religious identity: Muslim at home, Catholic at school - dual religion: the perfect specimen for a plant in Protestant United States by the Vatican. And indeed, he WAS introduced to Chicago politics by his Catholic mentors. 

Remember also that Benedikt has strong Franciscan crusader ties, being THE crusader pope par excellence, and the Franciscan order being THE crusader order by excellence ( it received the title of "guardian of the Holy Places" centuries ago, and caused us all the troubles in the world. Yes, that is correct, cute and touching little "saint Francis of Assisi who loves all animals" notwithstanding ). But so does Obama, apparently, if he was reared by the Franciscans: Obama the confused little crusader in the making, cannot decide whether to root for the Catholics or for the Muslims ... at any rate, certainly against the Jews in the Holy Land! That explains it all, doesn't it.

So you see, everything is falling into place. Obama subservient to the King of Saudi Arabia to the point of bowing to him, while bowing to the pope as well... at any rate, King Abdullah also bows to Juan Carlos and Benedikt, so what's the difference???

Catholic-Muslim Obama will apparently also be in Spain at the time of the conference. And that is AFTER the Vatican Synod has taken place in Rome. If the experience of last year's summit of church leaders at the Cenacle is any indication, expect MASSIVE antisemitism and anti-Israel sentiment following this mega copy of last year's event in Jerusalem.

Conclusion? We have a lot of work to do. First and foremost, we need to STRENGHTEN Bibi against all these pressures, coming from Peres to begin with. We also need to explain to Jews and Israelis worldwide the extreme danger presented by this Mediterranean Union scheme: it spells the DEATH OF ISRAEL! 

Not to forget the INTERFAITH aspects of these events, foolishly supported by ignorant, secular Jews, as well as by apostates of Jewish birth. Notice the recent flooding of Israeli campuses by Catholic priests, as mentioned in last week-end's Jerusalem Post edition. To me, this phenomenon is crystal clear: it represents the pope's effort to ACTIVELY PROSELYTIZE TO ISRAELI JEWS.  We need to be aware of this, and stop him, just as we stop evangelists.

So, to make a long story short: time to open our eyes and get our fists ready: the assault on Jewish Israel is heavier than ever.

Links to the sources, with relevant articles, below.

All the best


  • VATICAN CITY – Pope Benedict XVI will visit Spain in November, the Vatican announced Friday

“On Nov. 6 and 7 His Holiness Benedict XVI will make an apostolic trip to Spain, during which he will visit Santiago de Compostela on the occasion of the Compostela Jubilee Year, and Barcelona, for the consecration of Church of the Holy Family,” the Vatican said in a communique.

This will be the pope’s second visit to Spain since he presided over the 5th World Meeting of the Families in Valencia in July 2006.

Santiago de Compostela is “a center of great spiritual significance” for Europe, which is why the pope is giving such importance to the visit, Vatican spokesman Federico Lombardi told Efe.

With the consecration of the church designed by Gaudi, the pope wishes to highlight the dialogue between faith and art.

Benedict XVI will be met at the airport in Santiago de Compostela by Spain’s Crown Prince Felipe and his wife, Princess Letizia.

After making a speech at the cathedral in Santiago, the pope will lunch with Spanish cardinals and bishops.

The pontiff will say a Mass in commemoration of the 2010 St. James Holy Year in Obradoiro Square, which some 12,000 of the faithful are expected to attend.

In Barcelona, Benedict will meet with King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia before consecrating the Church of the Holy Family.

The pope will return to Rome the evening of Nov. 7.

This will be the 18th foreign trip by Benedict in his five years as pontiff.
  • Netanyahu-Abbas Meeting Postponed

Cheshvan 9, 5771, 17 October 10 05:47
( A meeting originally scheduled for next week between Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas in Paris, at the initiative of French President Nicholas Sarkozy, will be postponed, apparently to late November, after the United States congressional elections and just ahead of the Euro-Mediterranean Conference in Barcelona.

The rescheduled meeting will bring together Netanyahu, Abbas, American Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

"The meeting is a preparatory meeting for the Euro-Mediterranean Conference," the Prime Minister's Office said in a statement. "Following joint discussions it has been decided to reschedule."

  • Spain Recognizes Non-Existent Palestinian State
 A friend in Spain filed this report with us:( One Jerusalem)

"Today, Foreign Minister Moratinos, has announced that Spain will behave diplomatically as if The PA was the government of The Palestinian State, its mission in Madrid being given diplomatic status of an Embassy as well as The consulate in East Jerusalem, that from today will be a Spanish Embassy.
He will encourage others to follow in preparation for the coming declaration of independence."

We have been keeping you informed of the growing movement to legitimize a Palestinian State outside the normal international framework of the creation of a State. Spain's action is a big step toward establishing such an entity. It completely sidelines Israel on this issue, so it is not dependent on Israel's approval. By ignoring Israel it sets the stage for the international community to recognize a Palestinian State along the 1967 boundaries. The Palestinians do not have to agree to anything to get this "prize." Therefore their demands for the so called right of return, their demands for Jerusalem to be their capital, and their refusal to recognize Israel as a Jewish State will be granted to them and they will be asked for nothing in return.

Spain, as a major state in the European Union, is providing political cover for several other states that are vehement opponents of Israel.

This development is a very serious matter. 

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