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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What an incredible story: you better believe it: most gold and silver ETF's are PHONEY! A shame that rich Arabs should be the good guys here. The whole thing unraveling quickly. Bottom line: demand delivery now!

After hearing about this London gold scandal, revealed in July but elaborated upon in September;

after finding out about the 'money troubles' of Queen Elizabeth; 

and after seeing the Vatican embroiled in yet another money scandal  - which made headlines on September 21;

I am starting to think that the pope's nice little visit to England September 16-19 mostly had to do with gold, money, and scandals.

NEVER underestimate the hypocrisy of Benedikt: his trips ALWAYS have an ulterior business or political motive; "religion" is the veneer, the popular explanation for the masses.

Religion in this case truly is OPIUM FOR THE MASSES!

... And now, adding this to the cocktail; what do you think, WHO got all the Federal Reserve money? Any connection there? Only asking questions!

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DS said...

Seriously, if you want to preserve your wealth, pay attention: the dollar is imploding while silver is exploding. Load up on precious metals and their shares now. Just my opinion.