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Monday, February 1, 2010

SO HERE IS MY RESPONSE TO PROFESSOR ENGELHARD. Did I, or did I not, warn you, dear professor? Did Israel , or did it not, waste public funds? Did it, or did it not, endanger public health for nothing? WILL YOU, or will you not, take responsibility for this utter blunder?

 This little vignette is not only addressed to the professor, but also to the Ministry of Health, Bibi, Litzman, etc., to all the people involved , all the bigwigs, who KNEW, who were informed there was a problem, yet refused to face up to it, refused to protect the public.

 I would rather not waste any more of my precious time on this nonsense:  that is why I did not answer Professor Engelhard's insulting public response in detail until now. But that is fine, because the BBC just did it for me - listen to the revealing short audiotape below.

Sometimes vindication is sweet: this is one of those times for me. Let us hope this response reaches the appropriate parties, and let us hope that besides feeling SHAME, they also PAY for their serious "negligence" ( I am being very generous).

I do expect a PUBLIC APOLOGY from Professor Engelhard for his disrespectful handling of my letter, which I wrote in order to protect the public from the dangerous vaccines. And the myriad media and websites that joined his chorus will also have to give an account sooner or later.

But meanwhile, knowing that I was right, that my long and hard work paid off, and that lives were saved as a result of my research and of my letter, is satisfaction enough for now.



And as a post-script, THIS article I just received:



DS said...

דייזי ,כל הכבוד

סוף הצדק לצאת לאור

From Moshe

DS said...

From SHmuel:

Congratulations Doctor!

And G.d bless all his little ones away from the rapacious tentacles of pseudo scientists working to fleece the unaware.
Please note that not one but two huge fabrications converged upon the poor of the world in 2009.
The pseudo pandemic, that thank G.d was never there and the fabrications of other professors, and I am a professor myself with Patent rights and books published as well as many hours of work with dear students, that funneled their acumen to mislead and defraud on behalf of vested interests regarding the CO2 subject.

What is worse than the fraud schemes is that there is some disciplined work we must do in both cases w/o pompous asses flying to puff their feathers and collect money from that, and the public is now doubting real needs as well.

Good people must now re start and assure that both the CO2 real problems are addressed rationally and that we all have access to vaccines as needed, but products w/o poisons and triple trap doors inserted into them.

The systems MUST be completely overhauled.

DS said...

From Joel:

Shalom Daisy,

You indeed helped many Israelis avoid the dangers of that vaccine. You have performed a very valuable service to your countrymen. As you are fully aware, great and even greater dangers than these are dead ahead for Israelis. With the credibility gained through this vaccine scandal, I know you'll continue to sound the clarion call concerning the lies and deceit of the Israeli and American governments regarding the coming "peace" treaty with the Palestinians. I'm certain many, probably even most Israelis are terribly unaware of the powerful forces of deceit arrayed against them and their desire for peace and freedom.

I know you are already working in this way, but may I further encourage you to target and warn Israelis with a desire for truth. I don't know how to define that in Israel from a target market perspective. I don't know if it means rabbis and the religious, or educated secularists, or just who. However, just as in this country, the young, less educated are completely tone deaf to the things going on. They're just struggling to keep themselves in food and housing. They know very little. The minorities are just tools in the hands of the socialists and cannot be counted on for almost anything regarding peace and freedom. Russian-speaking immigrants in Israel may be the same, but I don't know. You know the most receptive group(s) and they are the ones that need to be alerted and alarmed. The internal and foreign enemy is preparing to come like a flood, so you will have to remain evermore vigilant.

DS said...

From Jack

Well done, Daisy. Tnx.

Anonymous said...

Dear DS,

I don't sahre your political views, but regarding the swine flu issue - your contribution was absolutly magnificent.

You made Engelhard look like a fool, with his twists, double-talk and lies. Engelhard is just another crook with an MD title.


DS said...

Dear Mike,

Thank you for your comments and appreciation. It is doubly precious, coming from the other side of the political arena. That is OK, we don't have to agree on everything, as long as we are TRUTHFUL.

So, thanks again.