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Monday, February 15, 2010

SUPRIEM REQUIEM; REQUIEM SUPRIEM !....LINK. Also, below , modern-day equivalent of the battle between the prophets of Baal and Eliyahu Hanavi - KINGS 18:25. Of course Eliyahu won, because he was defending God's honor.


I see my article created quite a stir among the evil ones. If you have the stomach to look at these evil people, go to that site, see who you are dealing with. Every antisemite in the book, every satanist, every white power maniac loves this Supriem. As they say: "QUI SE RESSEMBLE, S'ASSEMBLE". Birds of one feather flock together.

Baruch Shelo Asani Goy.



Shortly after I had written this post, I received notice that the self-appointed "prophet" of the Thule society, Michael Prescott, had left a comment on the article SUPRIEM REQUIEM...

I have been thinking long and hard how to reply to this man, who, in typical  SNAKE FASHION - remember, the snake has a forked tongue! - with one side of his tongue spews melllifluous honey better to catch you with, while with the other side of his forked tongue he performs satanic magic and communes with the DEVIL!. Don't take my word for it, watch him - there is a video, or a picture, I forgot which, of him shamelessly doing his abominations for all to see. Mind you, this self- appointed prophet sees no contradiction here: that should tell you how perturbed his vision has become from the depravity of his behavior. He is a messenger of the netherworld, not a messenger of the God Most High. There is a word in Hebrew for him: he represents THE YETZER HARA - the EVIL urge. RA in Hebrew means EVIL. Not by accident do these people worship RA. His 'god', Supriem ( REQUIEM SUPRIEM!) claims to be RA himself;  I believe him! He IS RA: RA as ra in Hebrew.

The devil's prophet claims that the Thule society is innocent of having caused any harm - 'to humanity'. But wait a minute: I thought that for the Thule society Jews were not humans, they were Untermenschen! So I guess, killing 6 -even closer to 7 - million Jews doesn't count as harming humanity, is that it? The members of the Thule society never had, and never have to this day a bad word for the Jewish People, right? Never influenced Hitler, right? Again, don't take my word for it. READ ABOUT THE HISTORY of the Thule society: it will speak for itself. Some of it is spelled out in my article; for the rest, do your own research; if you really want to find out the truth, there is plenty of material available on the net.If this modern-day society were really as innocuous and God loving as they claim to be, they would have chosen a different name. Have you ever heard of GOOD NAZIS? Oh no, we are Nazis, but we are not like the other Nazis; we just like the name Nazi: it sounds so good. Come on, do you really believe this nonsense?

So, I will not even address him in person. I do not hold debates with representatives of the netherworld. I stay as far away from them as I possibly can.

Instead, I will let one of OUR HOLY MEN SPEAK TO HIM. He has a message for him, which I do believe was inspired by RUACH HAKODESH, by the TRUE HOLY SPIRIT, the spirit of the MOST HIGH GOD, HASHEM, YUD, KEI, VAV, KEI, THE TETRAGRAMMATON. After I post the devil's prophet's words, I will post the TRUE MAN OF GOD'S words. YOU BE THE JUDGE, AND SEE WHO SPEAKS THE TRUTH.

And if YOUR soul is too polluted to differentiate between truth and falsehood, GOD WILL. GOD RULES THE WORLD. HE IS THE KING, and HE DIRECTS ALL EVENTS OF HUMANITY. He knows who is sincere, who is innocent, who is truly pure, and who is a false, deceiving devil in disguise.


So here are the devil worshipper "prophet" 's words:

"I'd like to say that this blog is over zealous and exagerated.

We of the Thule-Gesellschaft stand in unity with Israel as we do with all nations.

We stand in sincere support of Supriem Rockefeller and find his vision for a united world under the love of GD to be of the best origins of holy faith.

This article clearly states how Hitler outlawed the Thule after his reign and let that speak for itself because the Thule did not share his anti-Jewish beliefs, that was never the vision of Sebottendorf nor of the Thule-Gesellschaft as a whole.

I think the claim of the Nazi affiliation is more founded in the fact theat Thule had any connection to Hitler at all, but then again so did Italy, and so today do we blame Italy? no we blame the leadership.

The strongest testiment of Thule -Gesellschaft being innocent of all false claims should be the fact as stated that Hitler OUTLAWED the Thule of that era for their unwillingness to support the great harm Hitler brought aginst humanity.

We rebuke any NAZI claim against us as it is false and unfounded. We reject Naziism and frown greatly upon it's rise in past history and with the entire world we see it as a horrible lesson for mankind to have learned and overcomed.

I might also add that Supriem Rockefeller has a genuine word of support from us as with many people around the world, we are one among many and we do not have anything to do with his personel business affairs we respect his right to privacy in all he endeavors, he simply has a fair vision for all the world that we see is good for all the world to embrace.

The love Supriem has for the world knows specific creed, relgion or color, he loves humanity as a whole and his mission is to serve the world.

Articles like this will not stop the progress of the New Aeon but rather give it more resolve as this world is hurting for answers and the answers are coming, all the world will see a new day and may that day be led by the love of GD.

Blessing's My Beloved,
Michael Noel Prescott
The Third Prophet"


Yes, a "New Aeon", a New Age, a New World Order - like we haven't had enough of that already! Thanks, I'll do without, as I am sure most of you will too. Just see what the messengers of that same creed, the UN and the WHO, have done for the world so far. You want more information? There are many, many articles on this blog about the evil of those two entities. Just search the words, UN, WHO, NWO, and find out.

..And notice the slips of the forked tongue - are those slips deliberate, or did Hashem make him slip despite himself??

" the love Supriem has for the world knows specific creed ....". So , here is an admission, by this PROPHET - he says he is one, right?! - that Supriem is a RACIST, THAT HE JUDGES PEOPLE BY THEIR CREED, RELIGION AND COLOR.

Notice also how he couldn't even get himself to spell the word "religion" in full. That is because religion is such anathema to Satan. The I is missing; it is like saying: religion doesn't have I, doesn't have me, I have no religion, I am outside of religion. See the coded words? Or are these slips of the forked tongue?

Notice also the strange signature: the apostrophe in the word blessings. That changes the whole meaning of the phrase, doesn't it? It now means: the blessing is my beloved. Better yet: MY BELOVED IS THE BLESSING ( WHO IS THE BELOVED: HIS WIFE? HIS GIRLFRIEND? SATAN? )

It does NOT mean I bless you. How could a prophet of the devil bless ANYONE, anyway?!

Now do you understand what I mean by A FORKED TONGUE???

That reminds me of the story of Balaam who was sent to CURSE THE PEOPLE OF ISRAEL, yet ended up BLESSING ISRAEL! NUMBERS 22-24


"tell him the following from me...

we do not believe u... u are a liar... we have 6 million dead brothers and sisters that forcefully prove otherwise... talk is cheap... if u wish to repudiate nazism and embrace Judaism than do so with actions and deeds and not with mere words... so first pull out of all plans and negotiations to take money from people to build this false temple in Jerusalem... give back all the money and ask back your money from all Jews whom u tried to influence to let u do this outrage and obscenity against the L-rd... and of course cease all activity which is directly led and meant to lead to the construction of this unholy and damnable heretical temple...

and then pronounce to the world the cessation of your desires and claims to want to hold Har Habayit and build upon it a blasphemous masonic/luciferian/nimrodian cult-slave-based temple to unite all religious faiths into the eternal throes of bondage which is the truth of the babylonian/egyptian mystery death-cult-moloch-worshiping religion of yours... the one which nimrod and mitzrayim a grandson and son of cham defied G-d with shortly after the mabul (the great deluge or the flood of Noach)... u pagans and idolators have no right to our Temple Mount and we want u to cease and desist trying to usurp it away from us...

acknowledge openly that the G-d of Israel reigns supreme over the universe and not your false messiah and jesus-wanna-be guy who is a false prophet and a false messiah who will eventually be exposed as a fraud... if u wish to befriend us... tell the the world that it is G-d Himself who wishes to have exclusive worship in a temple on Har Habayit in His holy land and holy city of Jerusalem and only in the guise of Torah judaism... and only under the auspices of His holy priests and levites...

and tell the world as well that G-d wishes all of this to be done only in the form as depicted in the Book of Leviticus and in many other places thruout the bible... exclusively in the Tenach... the old-testament... the only testament... say this and we will believe u... say it not and we know u lie and are an enemy of Jews and Judaism everywhere...

and tell the world that this temple can only be built in the shape and size to the specific measurements and specifications as revealed at the end of the Book of Ezekiel and that by no means can this third and final temple ever be built and take the shape of the former first temple model of King Solomon's original one...

tell the world that this is the secret by which we all may know that the world who favors this project to be done for all religions and faiths of the world and to replicate King Solomon's temple so as to unite all the races and creeds in one giant witch's cauldron... tell the world that this is how we can know that the fix is in and that we are being duped... and that this will lead to worldwide slavery and eternal serfdom as planned by the slime powers-that-be in this world... tell the whole world to be very wary of this plot... that this is the deathknell for freedom and liberty for all... and tell them that no man will be spared if this plan goes thru... and that this will spell the end of "all men were created equal" because this plan will only make us all equally enthralled in servitude for all-time to come... tell them this and we will accept u as a friend... tell mankind the full truth that they will all rue the day this temple went up... and
 that this is all a trick to enslave them all...

also tell the world that Judaism and Torah are the only forms of Divine worship acceptable to G-d... and that all other religions are varying degrees of idolatry and blasphemy against the living G-d... the one and only G-d of Israel... tell the world to adopt the 7 universal laws given to Noach after the flood... that the Jews will keep the 613 and all other nations and peoples only these 7... and do so immediately so that we might know u are our friend as u claim...

and tell the world to utterly reject all idolatrous worship and cults and to abandon all other forms of laws and rites and prayers and incantations and services to G-d and certainly to any other gods and satans or any earthly or heavenly bodies etc... tell them this angers the one true G-d Hashem to no end and is the worst of sins to Him... tell them that all religions are false except for Judaism... and while u are at it... tell them that also only orthodox Torah-true Judaism is the true Judaism and that all others are mere imposters and outright lies...

and stop calling Him y-a-h-w-e-y this too is an affront to His great glory and to the awesome levels of honor and reverence He is due...

and so do all of this today... openly and manifestly with these exact words and pronouncements... so we may know the truth of your protestations of sincerely loving us and G-d... or stop wasting our time and distracting us from fighting against u to the death if necessary for the sake of our G-d and our land and our people and our Torah... nikmatdam"


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