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Friday, February 5, 2010

Heart-rending : personal stories, in Canada, of terrible reactions to the H1N1 vaccine ( "HISTORY TAKING" in medical lingo: FOLLOW-UP IS AN ESSENTIAL PART OF GOOD MEDICAL CARE). Don't forget that the adjuvant's effects can be noticed weeks, even months or years after the shot. A special place in hell is reserved, I am sure, for the monsters responsible for this horrible crime.

France has similar records, I am sure other countries also have a central database - INDEPENDENT from the government, to collect testimonies.

I hope Israelis as well thought of establishing their own database away from government control: this is the only way to get to the whole truth. If it wasn't done yet, it should be done ASAP.

And of course the whole thimerosal story is coming out, just on time to drown out the cries of the injured and the scandal engulfing Europe and France over the pandemic fraud. Maybe I will post something about it in the future, no promise. Just realize that there are powerful interests behind the highly publicized decision of the Lancet to withdraw the study blaming Thimerosal for autism, and the whole thing is very suspicious.

For more information about it, read this article:

Shabbat Shalom


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