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Wednesday, February 10, 2010


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 Israeli Stabbed at Tapuach Jct., Condition Unknown

Shevat 26, 5770, 10 February 10 02:27
( An Israeli was stabbed by an Arab at the Tapuach Jct in the Shomron. The condition of the Israeli is not yet known. Police who in the area apprehended the stabber.

 Yesha Council: Murder Result of Security Gestures to PA

Shevat 26, 5770, 10 February 10 04:31
( The Yesha Council slammed the government Wednesday afternoon and said that "the attack at Tapuach Junction is a direct result of security gestures toward the PA."

"The pathetic attempts to "strengthen [PA chairman Abu] Abbas" and entice him into negotiations by relaxing security measures and handing over security responsibility to the PA, is costing us in blood," the organization said.

Palestinian Authority Policeman Murders IDF Soldier

Shevat 26, 5770, 10 February 10 02:26
by Hillel Fendel
( A Palestinian Authority policeman murdered an IDF soldier Wednesday at the Tapuach Junction in northern Samaria. The name of the soldier has been released: St.-Sgt. Ihab Hatib.
Hatib was sitting in a jeep at the junction when the Arab ran up to him and began stabbing him. The victim tried to escape and began driving, but he lost consciousness and his vehicle overturned off the road.

After artificial resuscitation was performed at the scene, Hatib was evacuated to a hospital in Petach Tikva, where he died of his wounds about an hour later.
An eyewitness sent Arutz Sheva the following short cellphone clip showing the Arab murderer after being subdued.

Jewish Town's Security Officer on the Scene
Channel Two news reported, "Police and army forces on the scene saw what was happening, and it wasn't long before the security officer of a nearby Jewish community began driving towards the terrorist and ran him down." Other reports said he was a volunteer with Magen David Adom emergency medical service. The lightly injured terrorist murderer was apprehended.
Shortly after the attack, a Jewish truckdriver reported that three masked terrorists had fired at him as he drove between Neriah and Nachliel in western Binyamin. He was not hurt, and the army has begun combing the area.
Finger Pointed at Gov't
MK Dr. Michael Ben-Ari said after the murder, "The government is busy opening checkpoints for Arabs and allowing free travel to terrorists, while the Brigade Commander is busy fighting with the Jewish residents - and the results are not long in coming. Jewish blood in Judea and Samaria has become cheap."%ad%
The Binyamin Residents Committee released this statement: "When the Defense Minister is over his head in enforcing the racist construction freeze and in false arrests of Jewish settlers, it's no wonder that the terrorists and those who help them are able to celebrate." Within the 12 hours before the murder, six Gilad Farm residents were brutally arrested in the middle of the night after an Arab claimed he had been beaten up, and Defense Ministry inspectors visited Tapuach to check for building freeze infractions.

Terrorist Who Murdered Jew near Tapuach – PA Policeman

Shevat 26, 5770, 10 February 10 04:57
( IDF sources confirmed that the Arab terrorist who murdered a Jew at Tapuach Junction on Wednesday is a PA policeman who works in northern Samaria.
Head of the Samaria Regional Council, Gershon Mesika, reacted angrily to the revelation, saying that "Jews are murdered again in vain due to the security abandonment by the government. All the recent murders in Samaria were carried out by PA policemen and Fatah operatives,” he added.

Brutal Midnight Arrests in Gilad Farm

Shevat 26, 5770, 10 February 10 11:38
by Hillel Fendel
( Plainclothes policemen broke into homes in Gilad Farm and Yeshivat Shiru LaMelekh in Samaria during the night and arrested five men and one minor – because an Arab complained that he was beaten up a month ago.
Yehuda Shimon, spokesman for the Gilad Farm near Yitzhar, who also serves as a lawyer on behalf of the Honenu Civil Rights organization, told Israel National News:

“Around 4:00 this morning, nearly 100 Yassam, shabak and magav men [special unit police, Israel Security Agency agents, and Border Guard policemen] broke into homes and the yeshiva caravans, and arrested three married men and three yeshiva boys, including one minor.  They pulled them out of their beds in the middle of the night, while waking up everyone else around them as well and asking for identification. One person tried to film what was going on – and a plainclothes agent broke his camera. This is clearly illegal, but we cannot identify who did it…

“The police did not, as the law requires, send them advance summons for questioning; only when they got to the police station were they informed that an Arab had complained that he was beaten up near Havat Gilad five weeks ago… The law states that they must send advance summons, unless there are special grounds to suspect that the investigation will be marred; it is clear that the police take advantage of the law in order to persecute us.
“They all denied any connection with the incident, and protested the fact that their arrests were carried out in such a brutal manner, with no advance warning, for an incident of this nature from five weeks ago… I understand that most of them are now being released, while one of them may be taken to court and then released.”
Most notably, Shimon said, “when the police originally asked for a warrant for their arrest, Judge Nava Bechor of the Magistrates Court turned them down. This is a very rare occurrence, and shows the weakness of the case against them. Only when the police then went to a higher court did they receive the warrants… This is just another very grave incident that is part of the known strategy of the Jewish Department of the ISA and Assistant State Prosecutor Shai Nitzan’s special Judea/Samaria law enforcement team to come down hard on the Jewish residents.”
In a Knesset committee session last month, MK Ze’ev Elkin (Likud) called for the disbanding of Nitzan’s team. Members of the committee said afterwards that Nitzan admitted that his team is politically biased against the Jews in Judea and Samaria.
Yehuda Shimon continued: “We feel as if we’re living in some kind of movie, with no basis in normal reality. We have had houses burnt down – two on Rosh HaShanah – and horses stolen, two women were stoned as they were walking here, a car was burnt – and all our complaints to the police are dismissed without any investigation. In the case of the houses, three Arabs were arrested and released, and that was the end of it. Yet here, on a five-week old charge by one man, they go to to this extreme to investigate us. There is clearly a policy from somewhere in the higher echelons to persecute the Jews of this area.”


JINSA: Obama Implementing Weapons Embargo on Israel

Shevat 26, 5770, 10 February 10 11:55
( A new report by the Jewish Institute for National Security Affairs (JINSA) has warned that the Obama administration has implemented a virtual weapons embargo on the Jewish State. The institute says that the government of Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has sought to conceal the embargo.
JINSA added that the Israeli government was also refusing to protest massive U.S. weapons projects for Arab rivals in the Middle East, which has eroded Israel's military superiority over its neighbors.


Thank God this time no Jew was killed - although the non-Jew who was defending Israel deserves our gratitude and condolences. My sincere sympathy to his family. 

ALL THE MURDERERS will be called to account for the blood. That includes their dispatchers as well, all the way up the chain of command - which of course does NOT stop at the PA. 

Obama is playing with fire: there is NO IMPUNITY in the ONLY TRUE JUSTICE COURT, the court of Hashem.

nik says:
yeah this is truly sick... the slime are after all jews who resist their nwo... we have to revolt... we cannot wait for someone like feiglin to come to power... enough is enough... coup now!!! nik.

SHmuel writes:

So what else is new?
Barak is a murderer by proxy, of Jews and allies alike that is.
He has a long history of being so.
TZEHILIM:  About 12 soldiers abandoned by the deviant to die while he run away on his... military chopper.
LEBANON: He abandoned thousands of SLA allies many of which were tortured and murdered by Hezbollah.
KEVER Yosef: Abandoned to bleed to death a Druze IDF soldier...
Many others were intentionally sent to dead end "missions" so they also were harmed.
What does the Jewish people expect from a miserable piece of excrement like that?
But of course the filthy creature will attack Jews and INTENTIONALLY ASSURE the conditions to facilitate that more of our soldiers and JEWISH civilians are murdered.

NM comments:

re the JINSA Report and the complicity of Barak and Barack, the two evil deceivers:

They are setting us up for what they think is a "Finally a Final Solution" but they just underestimate our Hashem in Shomayim. If they think a week's worth of snow shutting down Wash DC is only "global warming" there will be much more coming their way. 

sent in by NM


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What is there left to say of such evil backstabbers like barak. Hopefully, he will go out like a coward soon. Give this idiot a map showing the boundries of the land G-d given to the jews.This govt is a clueless spineless joke.G-d help us.