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Thursday, February 18, 2010

This is one more proof, if you ever needed one, of WHO BIBI WORKS FOR: and it sure ain't us! How about NWO, Vatican, Illuminati, etc. Maybe now you understand better the URGENCY of the SUPRIEM REQUIEM posts.

 This picture was taken by a friend while in Eilat recently.  It is on the road that crosses the border and one of the first things a visitor sees when coming from Egypt into Israel.  I have written about the involvement of Freemasonry in the Israeli Government mainly through the Supreme Court and the Knesset.  But this makes a clear statement to anyone crossing the border into Israel that the Illuminati (or freemasons) are in control here.


PM's List of Heritage Sites Does Not Include Cave of Machpelah

Adar 4, 5770, 18 February 10 06:41
by Gil Ronen
( The Chairman of the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria (the Yesha Council), Danny Dayan, asked Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Thursday to make a last minute change in the list of heritage sites that the government intends to promote and enhance, and add to it the Cave of Machpelah (Cave of the Patriarchs) in Hevron and Rachel's Tomb near Bethlehem.
In recent days Netanyahu has been proudly touting a new initiative for preserving heritage sites throughout Israel. However, many who read the list of sites promulgated by the Prime Minister's Office were disappointed to find no mention of the two important sites where the nation's forefathers and fore-mothers are buried, and which are specifically mentioned in the Bible.
"No one knows better than you that our continued presence on the land depends more than anything on the deep consciousness that this is the land of our forefathers,” Dayan wrote Netanyahu. “What better than these two sites for passing on this consciousness to the public. The Cave of Machpelah and the Tomb of Rachel are the 'rock of our existence.'” 
"A list of heritage sites that does not include the Cave of Machpelah and the Tomb of Rachel completely misses its purpose,” Dayan explained. “It blurs the link of the nation of Israel to its land instead of bringing it into focus; it causes one to forget, G-d forbid, rather than to remember; in disconnects instead of connecting.”      
Christian sites includedThe list of heritage sites does include numerous locations of importance for Christians that will be restored and receive an annual maintenance budget. These include the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, the Last Supper Room, the Hagia Maria Sion Abbey, the Church of the Gospel, a baptism site on the River Jordan, three churches in Capernaum, and many more.
Arutz Sheva's Hebrew service reported that in recent days, ministers and Knesset members asked the Prime Minister's Office to add the Tomb of Rachel and the Cave of Machpelah to the list of heritage sites but received a flat 'no' in response. 
The Jewish sages teach that the Cave of Machpelah is one of “three places about which the nations of the world cannot deceive Israel and say 'you stole them'” (from Beresheet Rabah). The reason for this is that the Bible records the act of purchase of the cave by Abraham.

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Maybe this will help you understand why, just a little bit better?

BUT A WARNING FIRST: THE NEXT TWO LINKS ARE TO A SITE THAT BELONGS TO MESSIANIC JEWS. DISREGARD THE RELIGIOUS PROPAGANDA, PLEASE. I didn't want to remove this link because of the important information about Israel and Freemasons, but I am totally opposed to the poisonous religious propaganda. See comment below.

And this:

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See also:


Dear Daisy,
You posted a link to this Golden person's website. (The Golden Report) Please look at what he believes in. (Statement of Faith/My Testimony) May HaShem protect us! You must not put people like this on your website unless you want to lose readers who are  faithful only to HaShem. Much damage has been done because Jews have read what he writes from Israel Truth Times. Spiritual poison is no less damaging than the bad stuff found in vaccines and often, worse.

I know you process a lot of information, but you must please check everything. I copied and pasted the least offensive part for you to see.
Shabbat Shalom.

"Jerry & Connie Golden are Jewish Believers who believe in the Word of G_d, the G_d of their forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. They believe that the person of Yeshua the Messiah…"

Dear Susan,

Thanks for the reminder. Yes, I did see that they are like that; but the information about the Israel and the Masons hold. And that is, to my opinion, very, very important. That is why I posted it, even though I saw what they believe.

I will post your warning, though, and put a warning of my own. You are absolutely right about this.

Unfortunately I find it unethical to reproduce other people's content without acknowledging the source. So I have to choose between publishing the information, WITH the source, or withholding the information. In this case, I thought that the information was important enough to override the danger. Hopefully this warning will do the job.

Thanks for your input.

Shabbat Shalom




Godssecret said...

I like your blog

some interesting articles

but, they are right no need for the

Jews for j link

Just pass on the info you think is relevant

That Christian stuff is stronger Tuma than

that fake Rockfeller guy your posting about

And again its all fake

the picture of Him in Israel is not Israel, but at his home in
Tennessee or Kentucky

I searched it all out he is a complete fake

scamming for money

He is not a Rockfeller and has none

The United states was founded by Masons , I have alot of research on it in a article at my blog
this is without doubt

They do have some influence here, but

Hakodesh Baruch Hu

is in charge !

DS said...


Thanks for your comment. I would be interested to see the result of your research, details, sources,etc. Could you please share this information with us? Thank you.

I'll see what can be done re; providing the info while removing the links to the J for J's. Best