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Sunday, October 25, 2009

OH,OH, what is going on here??? Rabin fiesta??? Or "HAPPY BIRTHDAY U.N." bash?? At any rate, U.N. aggression against the Jewish People is escalating: we are the proverbial FROG IN THE POT OF BOILING WATER!

PA Forces in Binyamin – without IDF

Cheshvan 6, 5770, 24 October 09 10:17

( Residents of the Jewish town of Gush Telmonim, in the Binyamin region, report that over 150 Palestinian Authority troops recently approached their town with no IDF escort. The IDF Civil Administration confirmed the incident, but declined to explain it.
PA security troops are normally required to work alongside the IDF if they enter an area such as Gush Telmonim, in which Israel is responsible for security.

While THIS is also going on - nothing new, unfortunately; together, they form an ominous picture.

Violent Expulsion in Samaria

Cheshvan 6, 5770, 24 October 09 08:59
( Dozens of residents of Reches Sela reported Saturday evening that they had been violently expelled from their community over the course of the Sabbath. Police expelled the group following clashes between Jews and Arabs from the nearby village of Burin.
Police used stun grenades and batons on residents during the forced eviction, they said. An eight-year-old child was wounded during the scuffle.
Reches Sela is located in Samaria, near the town of Bracha.



The "idf" is too busy assaulting Jews elsewhere and cannot be bothered by 150 murderers approaching Jewish folk you see...


probing to see if we are ripe for attack yet... this is the wave of the future... chalillah... we are going to be attacked by these vile, filthy dogs... nik. in disgust... out...

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