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Friday, October 30, 2009

Latest shocking reports, in France, the UK, in the US.... and there are more coming in every day!

I was in Cracow, Poland, on Monday giving a talk about the swine flu jab. After the talk in the evening, a man came up to me and told me that he had got a call from a friend living in England telling him that his young daughter had died after receiving the swine flu shot.

Unconfirmed reports from France say that mobile pandemic teams have been deployed since Friday to force vaccinate children in schools ahead of the schedule announced by the government.

One person reports that a boy rang his mother on his mobile phone last Friday afternoon panic stricken, saying that a mobile vaccination team was at the school and preparing to give pupils the jab. The mother immediately rang the director and said that giving her son the jab was out of the question. The director allegedly said: "I am applying the rules of the academic inspection."

The mother drove to the school to collect her son and then wrote letters of complaint to the relevant bodies, say reports.


Another Child Given Swine Flu Vaccine Without Consent

Health authorities flagrantly disregarding refusal of consent in pursuit of mass vaccination mandate

Paul Joseph Watson
Thursday, October 29, 2009

A boy in Ohio has received the swine flu vaccine despite the fact that his mother clearly refused consent for her child to be inoculated, in another example of how health authorities are blatantly disregarding the wishes of parents in the pursuit of a mass vaccination mandate.

“Kim Lutheran works as a nurse and says her son, Matthew, has had bad reactions to medicine. So, she says she signed for “no consent” on a vaccination form and then circled her intentions with a black marker to make things clear to the boy’s public school in the Toledo suburb of Oregon,” reports the Associated Press.

Despite her clear refusal to give consent, the boy was given the H1N1 shot on Monday. Lutheran is now demanding that the local health department be held accountable.

The mother had followed the correct procedure in filling in the form because parents were still required to return it even if they were notifying the school of their refusal to give consent. The fact that she so clearly indicated that her son was not to receive the vaccine suggests that health authorities flagrantly ignored her request and inoculated the boy anyway.

This is not the first time that a child has received the swine flu shot against their wishes of their parents and it’s unlikely to be the last.

A 7-year-old boy in Montgomery County was given the nasal spray version of the H1N1 vaccine last week despite his father’s objections that his son should be exempted because of underlying health problems.

Matthew Angel called the nurses’ station at Camargo Elementary School to ask why his son Jacob Wages was given the vaccine. They told him they had mistaken the boy with another child. An investigation is currently underway to discover exactly what happened.

“A little cold can lead to a big thing for him, if he runs a temperature it’s not a hundred point one, it’s a hundred and five,” said Angel, who fears his son’s health is now at risk.

Angel has every right to worry – the nasal spray version of the H1N1 vaccine contains live swine flu virus and doctors and hospitals are expressing concern that the FluMist vaccine could endanger people, with children the most vulnerable. With no less than 60 per cent of the U.S. population immunodeficient in one way or another, the nasal spray could actually make the swine flu pandemic worse, health experts have warned. A number of hospitals across the country have refused to administer the spray form of the vaccine because of these concerns.

Arkansas DHS vaccinates 36 children with swine flu vaccine against parents objections

In a radio interview with Greg Szymanski on September 30, Cheryl Barnes founder of CPS Legal Watch, revealed that the State of Arkansas has given 36 children the swine flu vaccine against their parents' wishes. The 36 children were taken into custody last fall by the Department of Human Services because the state said they were in jeopardy due to their parents' involvement with the Tony Alamo Ministries Church. The State of Arkansas does require that children get immunized if they are attending school. However, Arkansas does allow for religious and medical exemptions. The parents of the 36 children did not want their children vaccinated because it is against their religious beliefs. According to Barnes, all 36 children have received at least one of the three series of H1N1 flu shots and some have received all three. The swine flu vaccine has come under fire from a number of people from a variety of backgrounds and beliefs who have alleged that it is not safe. Health care workers in New York State have been ordered by the New York State Department of Health to get immunized against the swine flu. Some health care workers have been fired for refusing to get immunized and health care workers have held protests in Albany. Barnes also stated that the 36 children in Arkansas have been vaccinated against other illnesses against their parents' religious beliefs, including the vaccination of all of the girls with Gardasil. Attorneys for CPS Legal Watch filed a motion to stop the vaccinations of these children, but the judge sat on it for six weeks, after which in many cases it was moot, because the children had already been vaccinated and because Judge Griffin of Miller County had terminated the parental rights of some of the parents. Even though all states allow for medical exemptions for vaccinations and all but two states allow for religious exemptions, parents have been charged with medical neglect for not immunizing their children according to

Unconfirmed reports out of France say there is a heavy police presence on some roads with armed police units stopping cars to check them for weapons.

The move comes as Radio France has stepped up the swine flu pandemic hype.

This is an email sent in from someone living in a rural part of France:

"This afternoon, I was stopped with my car on the road by a team of almost 15 policmen, with rifles. They asked me to open my car trunk using as excuse that they were looking for burglars. They were stopping every car without exeption I believe. And the same treatment for everybody. But it's not true. 10 days ago I was stopped in the same incredible conditions at 200 km in the south of my home. So I think there is a national plan. According to me they are looking for weapons in traffic, because they think a revolution is possible because of the vaccine plan, or they are preaparing people to martial law, I don't know."

GlaxoSmithKline Continues Vaccine Trial Even After 12 Babies Die

by Joanne Waldron, citizen journalist

(NaturalNews) According to an article at, at least a dozen babies have died in a pneumonia vaccine trial conducted by GlaxoSmithKline in Argentina. The Argentina Federation of Health Professionals (Fesprosa) asserts that children of poor families are being used for the trials, and parents are bullied into signing consent forms. The trials are still continuing, even though at least 12 infants have already died.

Fesprosa maintains that there is no state control and that there are no ethical requirements. This doesn't come as any surprise to those who know how these kinds of human trials usually occur. Generally speaking, vaccine trials are conducted in Third World countries on poor people who often feel trapped into participating in human health experiments in order to receive medical care or other necessities.

One doesn't find these kinds of experiments going on in places like the United States or Europe, where names and faces of victims would surely get out into the media and cause a big stir. Instead, the infants of impoverished people, who often can't even read or write, are used in the trials. Apparently, the lead investigator of the trial didn't think it was any big concern that over 12 babies have already died since deaths from respiratory illnesses caused by the pneumococcal bacteria kill even more people. Of course, this is no comfort to the poor mothers whose babies are sacrificed for the monetary gains of a pharmaceutical giant.

The great aunt of one of the victims alleges that once children begin to participate in these trials, there is no way out. Mothers who try to remove their children from the trials are browbeaten into submission, being told that their children will never receive any other vaccines if removed before a trial is completed. Imagine being a poor, uneducated mother and having to make such a choice. (Remember, too, that some can't even read the consent forms they are signing!)

Anyone who hasn't seen The Constant Gardener, a film starring Ralph Fiennes, truly needs to do so. While the story is fictional, the viewer is able to get a better feel for how drug and vaccine trials are conducted. Some particularly touching words are spoken in the movie by the character "Ham," who is discussing the deaths that happen in trials sponsored by pharmaceutical companies when he states: "And from those deaths we derive the benefits of civilization, benefits we can afford so easily... because those lives were bought so cheaply." Unfortunately, all consumers of drugs and vaccines share some of the responsibility for the deaths and injuries of these drug trial victims. While it isn't always easy to do the right thing, sometimes one just has to make the moral choice to stand up for these innocent children and say "no" to Big Pharma.

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