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Wednesday, October 21, 2009



Last night, while crossing King George Street, going down towards Ben-Yehuda Street in Jerusalem, I witnessed a shocking incident.

The first thing I noticed was the silver pistol bulging from the belt of a slouched Moroccan man in his 30's, who was busy grabbing two innocent-looking American seminary girls while brandishing a fake police ID, and ordering them to follow him in the direction of a dark alley. The man was very clearly not a police officer, dressed in jeans and a white tee shirt, with dark, thick, greasy hair, and a menacing demeanor.

Seeing him in action, it was crystal-clear to me that the scumbag was trying to pick-up the girls, if necessary, by force.

I intervened and told the pretty English-speaking girls, who obviously did not understand what he wanted from them and appeared quite confused - "He is just trying to start with you". Meanwhile, the sleazeball continued: "You'll have to come with me or I'll arrest you!" Common sense prevailed and the girls ignored him, instead continuing down Ben-Yehuda Street to their destination of Cafe Rimon. They proceeded to thank me profusely for helping them out. And sure enough, the "policeman" continued hurriedly in the opposite direction, most likely in search of an easier target.

Later on, I reported this incident to a female police officer, who was quite perturbed to find out that an armed "colleague" of hers is in the business of accosting young girls on Ben-Yehuda Street. I hope the police are looking for him, although from my experience with the Israeli police, this is not in their order of priorities.

We don't know what he has done so far, or what he is planning to do in the future; who knows, he might be a rapist or worse. Either way, the community should be aware of this dangerous scoundrel, and of possible accomplices or copycats, and the girls should be warned NOT to respond to any such entreaties. If the police has something to tell them, they should do so in full uniform, with display of a badge, and with other evidence of their membership in the police force.

If you have daughters in seminary in Israel, please contact them immediately and warn them against mingling with suspicious Israeli men; some of them could actually be Arabs in disguise!

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