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Monday, October 19, 2009

This time, it's not about the POPE, it's about the POOP!

You may be wondering: has Dr. D. gone mad?

Not quite - unless you consider the other meaning of the word "mad"; in that case, yes, I AM mad, I am very very mad.

Mad as hell for what "THEY" have done to Kiryat Arba:

You see, in the past few years, under the guise of "absorption" into Israel of so-called "Jews", or various "Lost Tribes" of dubious lineage, ( e.g."Bnei Menashe" no more Jewish than their Burmese neighbors, many of whom don't even try to act Jewish; Peruvian jungle tribesmen, etc.) they have brought all manners of third world people into Eretz Yisrael, in particular into Kiryat Arba; "THEIR" goal, obviously, is to make life as miserable as possible for normal, "civilized", Ashkenazi Jews such as myself and my friends; to dilute Jewish heritage to the outmost; to occupy all available housing while forbidding any more construction for genuine Jewish families, who end up sharing tight quarters with others in caravans, while phony "Jews" occupy decent apartments; and to obtain cheap labor aplenty; in brief, to turn a nice, delightful piece of paradise into living hell: anything to make good Jews move out, while flooding the place with barbarians.

So - not in their neighborhoods, of course, NOT in north Tel-Aviv, Herzliah, or Kochav Yair - but in Judea and Samaria, and other choice settlements, they brought in people who in their country ate shit cakes for breakfast ( Ethiopian Falash Mura Schwarzes); people whose hygienic habits consisted of a hole in the ground if they tried hard; and various other half-Arabs of Moroccan origin who find relieving themselves on the street in full view of others perfectly normal behavior.

And so, their kids learn at a young age that having a peeing contest in somebody else's backyard is great fun; that marking territory like a dog is acceptable human behavior; that throwing dirty diapers, empty cans, metal bars, candy wrappers, plastic plates, paper, etc., you name it, into a garden planted with great love and effort, is perfectly fine. Why would they think otherwise, when they see other adults do the same in the middle of JERUSALEM, of all places?

Just like night, as I was walking along on of the main streets, I noticed a commotion of police vehicles, with sirens flashing, in front of the home of my lovely friend who had made Aliyah from Los Angeles 14 years ago - she lives in a manicured duplex with her nice husband and four children; they fixed up their garden with great care, put lots of money into it. Concerned for their welfare, I went inside; her classy mother happened to be visiting from Palm Springs, Ca; it was Shabbat afternoon, and my friend's beautiful daughter, who was celebrating her 13th birthday party outdoors, received as a birthday present, from her new low-life upstairs neighbor's balcony, a massive chunk of rusty iron, casually thrown by the children of that neighbor, smashing through the gazebo and barely missing the girls' heads by a few inches. Yes, it is true . The husband had not called the police earlier, despite hundreds of cigarette butts and other junk carelessly thrown from that same balcony, countless times, into his carefully tended front yard.

Not to mention the summer I was away, when somebody started a fire on my property on a hot dry day, which could have ignited the whole house, if it weren't for the diligence of a concerned French Ashkenazi neighbor.

And how many times have I seen 50, 60 year old men unzip in full view, on the street, turn to the grass, a telephone pole, a car door, or to a wall, and like dogs, let it out, without a drop of shame?

And so it is that this morning, when my son went up to the ledge, on this beautiful garden that you see in the picture above, to tend to his trees, - a garden he planted at the sweat of his brow, laboring for more than 5 years, turning a pile of rubble into a corner of man-made paradise - , he found, nestled among his pines, one big plastic bag; and in that bag was one big, fresh, huge lump of HUMAN POOP, and wads of used toilet paper swarming in flies.

But after all, thinking about it, it really IS about the POPE just as much as it is about the POOP: after all, WHO is behind the "Untermenschification" of Israel,  if not the Vatican and their Israeli proxies???

So much for now.



Wow, This is an eye opener for those who have found the stories of the 10 Lost Tribes so compelling. I must say that during my stay in Israel, specifically Bat Yam and Tel-Aviv, I was surprised to see so many large piles of just ordinary junk in the parking areas of apartment complexes. I mean it was usually in a relatively small, out of the main traffic pattern part of the parking area, but there would be old furniture, plastic bottles, general paper/light cardboard refuse. I didn't detect human excrement and never saw anyone relieving themselves. I'm sure it is very hard for the Ashkenazi Jews to have to put up with the Ethiopians and Menashe during their socialization process. They are just do not come from "house proud" cultures. I think it is a function of their unsettled origins, that is, not having an ownership stake in the property, or a very small down payment.

You can see different degrees of "house-pride" in the US among some of the more recent Hispanic immigrants. For example, Cubans are generally very "house-proud", even among those that are relatively less affluent than the average population. Puerto Ricans and Mexicans are not very "house proud" compared to Cubans. You see it among poor, even middle income Blacks, even if they own their houses. Its the difference between the relatively more ordered Judeo-Christian cultures of the Japhetic peoples of the Northern Hemisphere and the relatively less ordered pagan cultures of the Hametic peoples of the Southern Hemisphere.

Anyway, I hope you make this known to Michael Freund and other that are engaged in helping the lost tribes to come to Israel. They should know so that they can help to socialize these people before they bring them to Israel.

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