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Sunday, March 3, 2019

CHEMTRAILS AND VACCINES, PART XI: What an amazing doctor, I am in awe: Kol Hakavod, Dr. Zach Bush! I wish everyone would have that kind of understanding.The following videos are real eye openers.

... And the others are pretty cool too ( except for the Obama connection, and JC's name spelled out!)

The next episodes can be purchased -  not here though!....

....And here is another great one; my G-d, so much to learn, so much to know: I am learning AS I am sharing with you, dear readers ( oh, and my fingers just started hurting after I ate some GMO wheat noodles: yep, immediate effect!).

...Now I really hope you get to watch this next video: this one, again, was CEN'SOR'ED ( by Google, I assume - which means you have to watch it using Firefox or some other browser besides Google if you want to be able to see the images!). I can see why: this one really, really threatens Big Pharma, first and foremost because Dr. Group, son of a prominent Exxon researcher and a serious researcher himself who worked at M.D. Anderson in Houston, TX, has clout!

I myself worked at Houston Medical Center ( in a separate facility)  a long time ago, studied for a while at Baylor, cooperated once on a project with Dr. Dean Ornish at Texas Medical Center, and used to visit M.D. Anderson on a regular basis. So I know that "prestigious" hospital quite well. I can understand why "they" tried to suppress Dr. Group's and other alternative doctors' findings. I remember how they treated Dr. Burzynski, whom I visited once, in Houston; I was upset at their abuse of this doctor, although at the time I frankly didn't understand the issues deeply, sitting on the fence as a mainstream physician, yet interested in alternative ways of treating patients.

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