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Sunday, February 24, 2019

WARNING! A lot of the videos I have been posting were CENS'OR'ED BY GO'O'GLE....


Shalom to all,

If you find yourself frustrated because you can hear but not view some of the videos I have been posting, may I suggest you try and watch them with Firefox or some other browser. Lately I have found that even benign videos such as Rav Glazerson's latest videos dealing with Mashiach (Mashiach must be very, very threatening to them!!!!),  and also politically less correct videos such as those exposing 5G, have been blurred by Google, to the point where you cannot see the picture although you can hear the contents.

I had to discuss this issue with a technician of my internet provider in order to find a solution, and he is the one who showed me that the problem was arising from Google. Don't forget that Google owns YouTube, so they are in essence one and the same. But in that case it was not YouTube per se censoring, but their owner Google.

So if you want to watch those videos, download Firefox, and lo and behold, here they are!

I am also shocked by how many videos have been simply erased by Google altogether: the moment I started to watch YouTube from Firefox, I found a lot of very interesting ones that had been blocked.

Meanwhile almost all videos- the really important ones - that I had posted from the Al-ex Jo-nes website were eliminated. A real shame as he has - and had - some excellent information. I will see what I can do to try and retrieve it, whenever I have the time. A lot of websites with necessary and excellent information have been completely censored by YouTube.

 I was also thinking of switching from blogger altogether: but who has time to do this???

Be well, and Shavuah Tov again.

(By the way at first I thought that even this post was being censored: it turns out it was thrown into the trash repeatedly when I tried to send it to you guys and gals, because of a technicality; it was NOT censorship in this particular case; my apologies for freaking out and re sending it to you over and over!)

... And just for reference, see here:


DS said...

Actually, sorry, my apology, it was not the name of Alex Jones that created the snafu, but my own inattention to some detail. Please forget this comment!


HDG, Yerushalayim, E"Y Shlemah said...

I have always had Fi re fo x as my browser. Thanks for the confirmation that (at least for now) people can view things through FX!