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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

CHEMTRAILS AND VACCINES, PART XII: Here is another bombshell! Who would have thought??

You might need to use Firefox again to watch this video, if history is any indication.

The first part of the video features an incredible dentist with fantastic insights, it's marvelous. So much to learn from these brilliant and devoted researchers. Thank you!

(Sorry, this next video version is private, while the YouTube version above - same content - is public. I made a mistake by first posting this one. It will probably close soon, but I am unable to remove it from my blog. My apologies to the producer who is selling the series. However I would think that a public, YouTube video is OK, since it's an open version! Correct? To get the whole series of nine one must purchase it from the producer. The more I listen to these videos, the more I am tempted to sign up despite the price. The information they are sharing is simply invaluable. You have a few hours left to watch the whole series for free).

...And having been blessed, thank G-d, to learn, within the depths of our Jewish souls, that

ה׳ אחד ושמו אחד

...that G-d is One, and His name is One, 

....we are not perturbed or confused by "evolution"; no, we don't "believe in evolution", unlike those nice, brilliant but misguided lady doctors in the second part of the video; we don't need to pledge allegiance to the religion of modern science. Because we KNOW that the One and only Master of the Universe, Hashem, who created the world in such a marvelous way,  continues to create and watch over His creation every second of every day of our lives. We are even learning, from this brilliant researcher at MIT, Dr Stephanie Seneff, that we have to be grateful for every aspect of our lives, even for INFECTIONS inflicted upon us! Because infections are a cure to our sick bodies; can you imagine?? We already knew that illness is emotionally, psychologically, on a soul level, something that we need; but on the physical level too???

Isn't this what Emunah, what trust in G-d, has been teaching us all along: that we have to be grateful EVEN for situations that appear bad to us? That what appears to be an illness is in fact a cure??!!! That Hashem created the cure before the disease?! Isn't this amazing?

( I didn't like the visuals, it's just for the words of the song!)


 TO LIFE takes on a whole new meaning once we understand what this PhD is actually saying, doesn't it? Unbelievable, now even MIT scientists are starting to understand that we have to be PRO LIFE? We have known this since the earliest days the Torah - the Tree of Life - was given to us. Are you finally waking up, world? Welcome to the World!

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