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Monday, March 11, 2019

CHEMTRAILS AND VACCINES, PART XIV: I love Mike Adams; he is one of my heroes. Check this interview with him, second part of the video. Explosive information!


Anonymous said...

I'm listening to the video. The more I listen, the more I wonder whether it's not too late already. With every day the more the pesticides that go on our food get into the ground, the less possibility there is to mitigate their effects on the environment and on our bodies, especially in a rainy or snowy winter such as we've had this year (b"H).

Some posts ago you told us that Israel is involved heavily in spraying pesticides. Where is the hope, then? How can we show the world a better way, and how do we get out from under the nations - whether it's their governance or their farming methodology?

And where is the food that is truly free of all the nasty things this series talks about? Does it exist anymore anywhere?

DS said...

Very good comment, Anonymous! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.

The way I see it - and one of the videos of the series actually shows a Jew who lives in Hawaii, a David Wolfe, who actualizes, in a strange way, what we should all be doing: he is a very weird guy: on one hand a real Jewish Neshamah with Jewish understanding of God, of nature, of what's important; on the other hand totally Tumedig because he focused his attention on the wrong place and the wrong teachers. A shame, yet in his own, graphic way, he shows us what CAN be done. Actually that is exactly what I have doing in Eretz Yisrael, he is like a carbon copy of my understanding, except mine is in the REAL Gan Eden, which is Hevron, PETACH GAN EDEN.

We need to create our own gardens, free of pesticides. It's very hard, though: for instance I found my neighbor's gardener spraying Round-up on his portion. I protested, saying I absolutely didn't want this poison on my land. I had to teach him about the dangers of Round-up - which is unfortunately so common in Israel . He is putting his own life and danger, and at the same time poisoning my plants. Now I understand why the trees on the side of that neighbor just don't do well. They are all sickly. It spreads, even if you don't want it. Terrible. We have to all protest in the strongest way against this poisoning of our lives. And share the info far and wide! We also need to focus on the water, making sure we only drink pure water, and give clean water to our plants too -but that becomes a very expensive proposition: who has money to give spring water to our trees???

Another thing: in a big city it is practically impossible to live the pure way. Yehudah and Shomron! The Galil! We need to reclaim and INSIST in every way possible that ERETZ YISRAEL HASHELEMAH is where we belong, nowhere else!

Hatzlachah to all this Adar.