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Tuesday, March 12, 2019


And there is a lot more where this came from: go from one of his videos to the other, you will find treasure troves of ideas in Dr. Group's presentations.

He recommends, among others, " The Green Body Cleanse" book. I am not familiar with it, but it sounds like something worth looking into. 

Good watching, good reading... and good health!

...But the very best healing of them all,  right HERE...comes directly from Above! 

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

Thank you Hashem for sending this gorgeous video my way. Absolutely beautiful.

(....Oops, I had not seen that this came from the Kabbalah Center, a most questionable place from the point of view of Kashrut; and that it was presented on the occasion of Rabin's anniversary... weird: beauty can come from the most unlikely places; it is still extremely special.)


DS said...

Anonymous wrote:


Just got to see this post regarding the 'Ana BeKoach' tefilah. It has nothing to do with the faux kabbalah center, etc. This is in our DAVENING EVERY DAY! They are holy words and beautiful! Just thought you should know. Remember, these copy cat kabbalists, etc. take everything from the true source and usually twist them, r'l.

DS said...

Thanks, Anonymous.

Of course I know that the words of the Ana BeKoach Tefilah are in our Siddur. I was simply commenting on the very beautiful melody and powerful feeling accompanying this version and production of the Tefillah. The simple fact that a secular Jew felt attracted enough to it to put it to music and even play it on stage is quite remarkable; it shows the great power of these words, which speak to some souls ourwardly removed from Yiddishkeit. I guess the Pintele Yid is awake in many secular Jews too! Don't prejudge people, you just never know what lies in a Jewish Neshamah. "Kol Yisrael Yesh Lahem Chelek LaOlam Haba".

Anonymous said...

Agree, but that melody is the melody always used for this beautiful poetry. Most singers sing it with the same tune.

DS said...

Thanks for the info, Anonymous: I had never heard that melody during Tefillah, don't know why!