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Monday, July 9, 2012

Parshat Balak - Are Benedikt and Obama Bilaam and Balak's gilgulim ( reincarnations)? Old post revisited, with corrections and updates

Unexpected technical difficulty:

For some reason I was unable to write my whole text directly - censured? Tampered with? Saudis didn't like my latest post??? Some other unknown technical problem? I don't know. However I did find a solution, thank G-d: here is a link to the full text; I posted it on my other blog, which I rarely access. It is coming in very handy for just such an occasion. Enjoy, I think it is worth reading. Please do read the 'Comments" section as well, as somebody wrote interesting comments, to which I tried to reply to the best of my abilities. Maybe you have something to add as well?


DS said...

David said:


always the same old story
torah is the same
peolple are the same


DS said...

Jack said:

And Daisy, note that “Hussein” is an anagram of “Sihon.” How do the Emori fit into the scenario?

DS said...

Lots of interesting comments on the linked blog; check them out!