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Thursday, July 12, 2012

"START WITH THE VATICAN BANK; THAT PLACE IS OBSCENE!" The relationship between the Vatican, certain wealthy American families and Hitler during WWII on one hand, and the Vatican, certain wealthy leftist Peresite Israeli families and P.A./ Hamas on the other, is ongoing and identical.

This fantastic interview is a bombshell; there is so much information here, we have so much to learn from this video, it is the key to our riddles here in Israel: what on earth is going on? Who are the players? Who is benefiting from "peace"? Who is helping them? Whom are they helping? What is "peace" all about? Who is Hamas? Why is Peres doing what he is doing? We already knew about the direct connection between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Nazis, but this video sheds a completely new light on everything. We see that the Nazi- Vatican- wealthy elite triangle is persisting. And notice how Obama is involved in this triangle as well by inviting the Muslim Brotherhood to America, not to mention by embedding them into the White House as well.

"IT WAS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY": at 22:00, notice how the InfoWars interviewer coughs uncomfortably at this exposure of the Vatican, and quickly switches focus to the "Jew" Kissinger.

Edom's hands are dripping with blood. May Hashem pay them back in kind very soon.

Thank you Vicky, for contributing this video. And thank you, John Loftus, for exposing this truth! You are a righteous gentile; may God bless you and protect you. But let me ask you: don't you think you are a little bit biased in favor of the Democrats, which include Obama, the Muslim Brotherhood's dearest friend, and Hillary, their beloved too? What is your political agenda???

"Published on Jul 7, 2012 by
Fully revised and expanded, America's Nazi Secret by John Loftus reveals how the U.S. government permitted the illegal entry of Nazis into North America in the years following World War II. This extraordinary investigation exposes the secret section of the State Department that began, starting in 1948 and unbeknownst to Congress and the public until recently, to hire members of the puppet wartime government of Byelorussia—a region of the Soviet Union occupied by Nazi Germany. The author, a former Justice Department investigator, uncovered this stunning story in the files of several government agencies. The revised and expanded version includes a chapter previously banned from release by authorities and a foreword and afterword with recently declassified materials.

America's Nazi Secret is an insider's history of how the United States Department of Justice obstructed Congress by:

Blocking congressional investigations into famous American families who funded Hitler, Stalin and Arab terrorists.
Lying to Congress, the GAO, and the CIA about the postwar immigration of Eastern European Nazi war criminals to the US.
Concealing from the 9/11 investigators the role of the Arab Nazi war criminals in recruiting modern Middle Eastern terrorist groups.
Author John Loftus is a former U.S. government prosecutor, a former Army intelligence officer, and the author of numerous books. He has appeared regularly as a media commentator on ABC National Radio and Fox News. He lives in St. Petersburg, Florida."

NB: Does Mr. Loftus know that Islamists just destroyed Sufi graves? He is wrong about Islam being a passive religion. Did he ever read the Koran? Did he ever read about Muhammed's life and teachings?


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And if those families and corporations shoulc have been tried for treason, certainly our current Israeli collaborators with the same Nazi enemy, be it European, be it Arab, is also treason. Therefore they should be handled the way traitors are supposed to be handled. John Loftus knows exactly what should be done to those people. Life in prison is the easy way out; hanging would be much more appropriate.

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See here:

The beginning of sanity re: this first-class traitor.

Anonymous said...

Good interview of Loftus. He does not connect the Jesuit dots and the reason for what was done though except that there were two intelligence agencies the US DOS Security Service and the CIA per se..

The Wilson Admin SOS Robert Lansing (Dulles Brother Uncle) connection to his setup of the DOS Security Service with the Georgetown crowd and Father Edmund Walsh SJ is very clear here and the role of the Jesuits to effect war to set up the third temple and the new Babylon now ongoing is very clear.

Fritz Kramer was both Kissinger and Brzezinski's professor at Harvard.

How very interesting that he never once mentions the Jesuits or the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.

E Howard Hunt made it quite clear in an online interview before he died that the Jesuits ran the Intelligence overview worldwide.