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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bibi the enigma is getting us all confused, but only because we forgot who he is: BIBI NETANYAHU, CFR MEMBER, 1988; he works for them, not for us, remember? Still, right now I think HE IS ACTING UNDER DURESS !! Below

Thanks to J. for this item.

Council on Foreign Relations Membership List (L-R)
2893. OLIVER COVEY T,CFR '84, 1988 annual rpt ,,
2894. OLMERT EHUD,CFR '92,,,

2803. NEMAN RICHARD A,, 1988 annual rpt
2804. NETANYAHU BENJAMIN,, 1988 annual rpt


SHmuel said:
He never fooled me. Not in the least.
By the way,
BREAKING NEWS:  The Sin Bet Security Team for Netanyahu just now managed to lose all four of their GLOCK personal weapons in NY-LA.  They were stolen with Netanyahu's stuff included.

Security Beefed Up for Netanyahu after Guards’ Guns Stolen

Tammuz 25, 5770, 07 July 10 08:23
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
( Security for Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was tightened shortly after his arrival in Washington early Tuesday morning when it was discovered that four handguns belong to body guards had been stolen.
The revolvers were in a suitcase that was supposed to have been transferred from his chartered El Al plane, which landed in New York, to an American Airlines plane to Washington. The Prime Minister arrived in Washington on schedule, but the suitcase did not. It was later discovered in Los Angeles -- without the four handguns.
American Airlines has not commented on the incident and it is not clear whether the guns were stolen in New York or in Los Angeles. The theft was an embarrassment for airport security at JFK airport in New York.
Officials did not explain why the plane landed in New York instead of flying directly to Washington.

 Joel said:

Yes, Nethanyahu, CFR member and let's not forget, Scottish Rite Free Mason.  

DS replies:

What I don't understand is, why would they try to assassinate Bibi if he is one of them? Unless he is having second thoughts, just as Rabin was shortly before he got assassinated NOT by Yigal Amir - or maybe that is only a message for him to toe the line or else..... After all he is not stupid. Maybe they will make him sign something under the gun?

Also, important point:

C. pointed out that he is not listed in the CFR 2000 roster. How could that be?

Bibi was listed in 1988. That year he turned 39. So it is possible, if he joined at the age of 34, in 1983, that he was a member until the age of 39, a junior member, and did not renew. That would explain it.

According to Wikipedia:

"There are two types of membership: life, and term membership, which lasts for 5 years and is available to those between 30 and 36. Only U.S. citizens (native born or naturalised) and permanent residents who have applied for U.S. citizenship are eligible. A candidate for life membership must be nominated in writing by one Council member and seconded by a minimum of three others."

(Corporate membership (250 in total) is divided into "Basic", "Premium" ($25,000+) and "President's Circle" ($50,000+). All corporate executive members have opportunities to hear distinguished speakers, such as overseas presidents and prime ministers, chairmen and CEOs of multinational corporations, and U.S. officials and Congressmen. President and premium members are also entitled to other benefits, including attendance at small, private dinners or receptions with senior American officials and world leaders.)"

Al said:



From E.( July 9th)

It was reported in the news today that Bibi got stuck in the elevator at the hotel in NY where he stays, the hotel belongs to Yizchak Tshuva, the
, owner of the new natural gas that was discovered in Israel.
Tshuva is one of the millionaires that "owns Israel"

SHmuel replied:

I said before his trip very clearly but in a subtle way, that all the signs were there for him to be careful.
Rabin was also one of them.
They sent a message team not a hit team.
That does not mean that other orders will [not] follow before he turns back.  If he does not deliver the goods.
I do not easily buy that the best trained security team will just "lose" all of their weapons in one moment.
Do not worry, they probably do have "paint ball guns" on hand...

DS retorted: 

Yes. Just as Meir Kahane's security team lost their weapons the day he was killed.
Also, notice something very interesting and significant:

"Queen Elizabeth II spoke to the United Nations about stopping global dangers, .... in her first visit to New York in more than 30 years."

Believe me, there are no accidents, certainly not as far as concerns royalty visits of that nature. The queen of England is visiting New York, her visit  'surprisingly' coinciding with Bibi's visit to Washington.The last time the queen visited New York was over 30 years ago! Do you really believe it is by accident that she appears in the United States the very same day Bibi appears, and speaks at the United Nations, Obama's own playing field?

Here are her words:

"In my lifetime, the United Nations has moved from being a high-minded aspiration to being a real force for common good," the 84-year-old British monarch told diplomats from the 192 U.N. member states. "That of itself has been a signal achievement. But we are not here to reminisce. In tomorrow's world, we must all work together as hard as ever if we are truly to be United Nations." 

 "Everyone was very impressed," Russia's deputy U.N. ambassador, Konstantin Dolgov, told the Associated Press. "She's a big part of the United Nations, very important." 

Now remember that Queen Elizabeth is a Knight of the Golden Fleece and takes her orders from King Juan Carlos of Spain, who in turn takes his orders from Benedikt. 

So here again, Queen Elizabeth, as UNDERLING OF ROME, and as a member of all the major organizations, Bilderberg, etc, came to New York, voicing a clear message from Rome to Bibi, Obama and the U.N, as expressed clearly in Benedikt's July 7th, 2009 encyclical, Caritas in Veritate ( NOTICE THE DATE? IT IS EXACTLY ONE YEAR SINCE THE POPE PRESENTED HIS ENCYCLICAL TO THE WORLD):


 Read about their pecking order and the rules, they are very clear:
 "Sovereignty .... is held today by the present King of Spain, Juan Carlos."
And there are , or course, all these other complicated relationships:

Without understanding the Knights of Malta, it is very difficult to understand the world as it works in practice.

With this visit of the queen to the United Nations, Benedikt, once again, is pulling a number typical of his modus operandi. Whenever there is a major crisis having to do with Israel, he will not come out himself and state what he wants openly;  instead, he will deal via intrigue, messengers, etc.: think of Lula, Brazil, and the flotilla; think of Cyprus and  Turkey; think of Peter Sutherland, etc. 

Also notice his love of anniversaries, his love of significant dates, etc. This is Benedikt's signature.
So what we have here is Benedikt continuing with his motto of a "U.N. with teeth" , particularly as regards Jerusalem. This is his crusade for Jerusalem in full swing. He sent his trusted messenger, Queen Elizabeth, to convey his cryptic message to the United Nations, to Obama, and of course to Bibi.

" ..Do my bidding, do not deviate by a iota, or else ..

....we will do to you as we have done to Rabin, and to Sharon, who dared stand up to me, the ruler of this world."

Details here:


In essence, Bibi has been directly threatened by Benedikt; his life hangs in the balance. The clear message of the stolen guns was a message for him directly from the Vatican. In addition, I am sure this visit was a clear message to Obama as well, to toe the line very, very carefully. Remember, Obama is Benedikt's willing poodle; still, nobody wants mistakes.

And this tells me that despite his betrayals and shortcomings, we have to pray for Bibi. His life is being threatened. I am not sure I would stand by such a test myself: would you? We shouldn't judge him, on the contrary, we need to help the man: his is a very, very difficult test, and I would not want to walk in his shoes right now.

 See also, for extensive update and continuation:

The turn of events, particularly Bibi, Sara and the security staff's incident in the elevator at the Plaza Hotel, which occurred right between his visit to CFR headquarters and his United Nations appearance, prove my point. Bibi's life, his family's life, his staff's life, hang in the balance." They" have so many ways to kill him if they so wish, the message couldn't be clearer.

Thanks to SHmuel and E. for their contribution in this matter.


I read and understand "popese" ( but don't speak it yet). I learned by experience, being around the language long enough, I have picked it up by now. Do YOU understand popese? Any of your friends or associates do? If not, I would be willing to teach them, and they can practice their new skill by reading the news. They will also learn rather quickly, I am confident, if they are intelligent.

POPESE definition: a new term coined by me to explain how the pope works and operates, the tools he is using, his method of communication. The same way dogs, cats, birds, have means of communication, so does the pope. It is not regular language with words like your common man: it expresses itself in subtleties, actions, moves, visits, smiles, politeness, gifts, speeches, articles, declarations, documents, concordats, religious discourses, observations of anniversaries, private meetings away from the public eye, envoys, messengers, delegates, intermediaries, etc. etc. Once you learn it, it is very easy to understand. So, please join me in learning POPESE!

( Interestingly, this pope is very much into occultism, it seems, and like Bilaam before him, who was said to be the Gilgul ( reincarnation)  of Lavan the Chaldean, father of Rachel and Leah, wives of Jacob, a great sorcerer in his own right, he always seems to choose the propitious time to do certain things; he has this occult knowledge, is very attuned to times, dates, anniversaries, etc. Like Bilaam, he is also a great philosopher, and knows how to use the exact, proper words for the greatest effect against the descendants of Jacob. Like Bilaam, he also hates the descendants of Jacob with a passion.You draw your own conclusions.)


DS said...

As a reminder of his allegiance, let me refer you here:

DS said...

There was also this recent event, that two readers reminded me about:

Peres’s Security Men in Panic after Secret Documents Misplaced

Tammuz 9, 5769, 01 July 09 03:24by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu


Government officials accompanying President Shimon Peres in Kazakhstan accidentally left behind secret documents, including details of his itinerary, and threw security officials into a panic. The president’s spokeswoman confirmed to Israel National News that the documents had been forgotten and placed the source of the blunder in the Foreign Ministry, which was not available for comment.

The security blunder occurred when officials accompanying President Peres on his historic visit to the Muslim country discovered that a portfolio of sensitive documents had been left behind in the Rexus Hotel, where the Israeli delegation was staying.

DS said...

C. said:

Strange, he"s not in the book from 2000/

DS said...


Bibi was listed in 1988. That year he turned 39. So it is possible, if he joined at the age of 34, in 1983, that he was a member until the age of 39, a junior member, and did not renew. That would explain it.

If I recall, according to their bylaws, unless you joined before the age of 35, you are a member for life.

I am not sure exactly how their system works. The bylaws are listed, if I recall, on their website.

DS said...


It was reported in the news today that Bibi got stuck in the elevator at the hotel in NY where he stays, the hotel belongs to Yizchak Tshuva, the
, owner of the new natural gas that was discovered in Israel.
Tshuva is one of the millionairs that "owns Israel"

DS said...

Reply to E.

That is really scary, E. - another not so subtle message, is it?