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Monday, July 5, 2010

A first: Birthright - Taglit Australia in Hevron! Amazing, to think that YOSSI BEILIN is responsible for this. Hashem has His plans .....and, the famous "dancing soldiers".

See below: Taglit organizers are not too happy - I wouldn't have thought so! Ha, ha, they sure didn't expect that, did they?

And  while we are at it, this funny one, also in Hevron:

Oh, and by the way, about those captions in red: "Why are there no people on the street?" Look at the light of day: they are probably at home, either sleeping profoundly, if they have become as immune to the "little sheet heads" musack  as I have; or at home eating dinner with their many wives and dozens of kids...those are the times of day when light is barely visible, yet little sheet heads musack is blaring, piercing our eardrums..

And as far as King David Street, A.K.A. Shuhada Street, it is, for the most part, used by Jews, that is true; however, many leftist tourists can vouch that Arabs do use it to to go to prayers, if they have no other access. And WE are not allowed in many other parts of the 20% of the city allotted to us; in addition, why do those bleeding- heart Jew haters forget to mention that Area A of Hevron, which comprises 80% of the city, is ENTIRELY OFF LIMITS TO JEWS?

No end to anti-semitism, Jew hatred, and hateful propaganda.

GREETINGS FROM KIRYAT- ARBA HEVRON! It is beautiful here, the weather is amazing, summer is delightful.... all we need is to get rid of our "Offense minister" and his friends in high places, and we will be fine. Please do come and visit, just as those nice kids from Taglit  you saw did: I promise you'll love it!

UPDATE: the purse behind Taglit not too happy about the outcome:

Taglit-Birthright Group Visits Hebron for First Time

Tammuz 28, 5770, 10 July 10 11:40
( It's against the policy of Taglit-Birthright Israel to visit Judea and Samaria. But a trip that ended this past week went to the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron, making it the first one to do so since the program began in 2000.
The organizers of the group of college age students from Australia added Hebron to the official itinerary, and the group's tour guide verified it with the Taglit-Birthright office. Nevertheless, some heads of Birthright were less than pleased with the decision.
Jerusalem based tour guide Daniel Gutman lead the group and said he was just following the itinerary he was given, but was happy to do so. In an interview with Hebron spokesman David Wilder, Gutman said, "These are the roots of our people. I brought the descendents of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob to show them their birthright. I hope all Birthright groups come to Hebron to connect with the 'mammas and the pappas.'"
In an interview with The Forward, Gideon Mark, the Israeli-based CEO of Birthright stated, “out of the 750 groups that we have this year, only one went. Trip organizers submit proposals. We see if there is some rationale, and we submit it to the security services.”
Robert Aronson, head of the Birthright Israel Foundation stated the visit to Hebron, the burial site of the Biblical Matriarchs and Patriarchs was “clearly against Birthright policy.”

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