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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Total solar eclipse again, 5770 as in 5769. Where will YOU be this Rosh Chodesh Av? Very special time, that reminds me of Birchat Hachamah, Erev Pessach 5769 - the day all of Benedikt's churches collapsed.

  • The beginning of the end of the great and mighty ? The beginning of the end of idols? The beginning of the end of the worship of man?
Interesting that the eclipse is passing over EASTER ISLAND of all places, a first in 1400 years: it reminds us of the prayer " Aleinu Leshabeach":
"...l’ha’avir gelulim min ha’aretz v’ha’elilim karot yekaretun..."

"...may all the idols be destroyed...".

....Look at this eerie image!

Easter Island, or Rapa Nui (Isla de Pascua), South Pacific

  • How Will July 11th Total Solar Eclipse Affect You?

This is expected to be a strongly emotional eclipse that will affect a lot of relationships. Long withheld emotions will finally be expressed and needs may be met. People will be more inclined to follow their heart or soul urges. There may also be a tendency to be ruled by the subconscious mind rather than the rational mind.
( This from an ASTROLOGICAL site, NOT rabbinical, let's be very clear).

  • ­­­­­According to the Torah and our holy books, our sages say that each day of the week can be equated to 1,000 years of the Hebrew Calendar dating back from the creation of the world until today, as follows:

Sunday – 0 – 1000 C.E.
Monday –1000 C.E. – 2000 C.E.
Tuesday – 2000 C.E. – 3000 C.E.
Wednesday – 3000 C.E. –  4000 C.E.
Thursday – 4000 C.E. – 5000 C.E.
Friday – 5000 C.E. – 6000 C.E.
Shabbat – 6000 C.E. – 7000 C.E.
The Torah mandates that the proper time to say Mincha of Erev Shabbat is the 18th and a half hour of Yom Shishi (Friday, the 7th day of the week), which in the Hebrew Calendar starts upon sundown of Thursday night. This would translate into 12:30 pm Friday.
And what does that mean? The time for Mincha Gedola is when we are already under the influence of the Shabbat, we begin the connection with the spirituality of that sacred day. One can already go to the mikve, and should start preparing for the Shabbat.
Now let's calculate accordingly which year corresponds to Mincha Gdola of Shabbat Eve:
Friday  = 5000 C.E. –  6000 C.E.
Each hour is 1000/24 = 41,66666666 years
Beginning of Yom Shishi (Thursday night at 6pm) = 5000 C.E.
Friday (6am - half day) = 5500 C.E.
Friday (12pm - 6 hours later) = 5500 +(1000/24) = 5750 C.E.
Friday (12:30pm) = 5750+(41,66/2) = 5770,833333 C.E.  (this current year)
Let's see now what is the 0,833333 over the year 5770 C.E.
The year has 12 months:
Tishrei, Cheshvan, Kislev, Tevet, Shvat, Adar, Nissan, Yiar, Sivan, Tamuz, Av, Elul
Another calculation:
10 = 12 months
.83333 =  x
10x = 12x0,83333
x= 0,99999999 meaning the 10th month (after finalizing the 10th month)
Tishrei (1)
Cheshvan (2)
Kislev (3)
Tevet (4)
Shvat (5)
Adar (6)
Nisan (7)
Yiar (8)
Sivan (9)
Tamuz (10)
After finalizing the 10th month,
Is the first day of the 11th month, the month of Av.
In other words, it's in ROSH CHODESH AV of 5770 when the first moments of the cosmic Mincha Gedola of the world will begin.
We can see that the upcoming Rosh Chodesh Av is a very special time for receiving the Kedusha that emanates from these final moments before the Shabbat of the World, and cosmically, the preparation for a new Era.
It will be the highest moment, since Creation, that we are getting ready for the Shabbat time of the entire Creation. On ROSH CHODESH AV is the appropriate time to become more ready, more connected and more attached to the Creator of the world.
We know that for every positive force in the world there is a negative equivalent.
If there is Kedusha, than the Tumah side also must be there.
Since there is so much holiness being emanated in this time, in ROSH CHODESH AV , parallel to this, a not-so-holy event will be taking place.
Rosh Chodesh Av 5770.
Its equivalent date in the Gregorian Calendar is Sunday July 11th, at night after sundown, until sundown of July 12th.
The FINAL GAME OF THE WORLD CUP 2010  is scheduled for July 11th at 8:30pm  local time, in Johannesburg  - it will be on ROSH CHODESH AV!
The media is expecting an audience of more than 2,5 billion people around the world for this final game.
Almost HALF of the WORLD will be seating in front of the TV to watch 22 people running after a ball, on Rosh Chodesh Av, the MIncha Gedola of the Creation.
Nothing against SOCCER, but even though we can like and enjoy it, we all know that it sounds quite surreal that almost half of the population will be anxiously watching this game.
And especially, now that we just realized how special the first moments of this day will be, how can we be in peace with this thought?
Let's take this opportunity to re-think our priorities in life, and to try to use up more of the Kedusha vibes that will become available in the world at that time to energize our lives with true happiness, and not to let ourselves be fooled by the illusion of the mass-reaction of the ignorant happy bliss of one 'goooal!!!'. Yeah, ok. And then what?
Think about it.

Morris Smith

The classical Biblical commentator Or HaChaim asserts that going to the Land of Israel entails moving towards one's self, one's truest, deepest self.

This piece shared by Y. Thank you.


See this amazing video about the Star of David formed by this eclipse: some see in it a very positive and favorable sign for Israel!


DS said...

Eric said:

This is why Messiah must come to deliver Israel within the next 230 years. The first 6000 years is for fallen man to rule of the world serving the devil. The last 1000 years is for the rule of one man to rule the world for the One true God.

DS said...
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DS said...

Bruce said:

....over the 1700 years that we've been using the rabbinic calendar, there's been a slight shift away from what it was 1700 years ago. I actually commissioned an astronomer to go back to the first two centuries of the institution of the rabbinic calendar to find the dates of the sighted new moons and see if they matched the rabbinic calendar's Rosh Chodesh. Of the 52 random new moons the astronomer checked for me, ALL 52 matched the Rosh Chodesh of the rabbinic calendar or fell only ONE day after. In other words --as you rightly pointed out-- the two-day holidays celebrated did cover the possibility that the new moon might be a day later than fixed by the calendar.
However, today, half the time BOTH days of our holidays are wrong! Yes, I'm sorry to say, this is really the case. It's very exceptional that the sighted new moon is on the eve the rabbinic calendar says. It's usually either one day, or two days afterward.
For instance, in the 20 years that I've been sighting new moons, only one time did Yah's Yom Kippur fall on the rabbinic Yom Kippur. Just once in 20 years!

DS said...

Bruce had also said:

All very compelling, DS. However, the writer is mistaken on one little ("little") point: Rosh Chodesh is really not July 12th, but July 13th.... according to the sighted new moon (as was prescribed in ancient Hebrew practice)

DS said...

Here is a positive development !

Israeli Flag Flown in Jericho after 10 Years
Av 1, 5770, 12 July 10 11:36
( About fifty Jewish worshipers prayer at the ancient Shalom Al Yisrael synagogue in Jericho Monday morning. The city was turned over to the Palestinian Authority as part of the Oslo Accords in the mid 1990s. One of the worshipers said "this morning is another step in the renewal of Jewish life in the city of Jericho, and will not rest until we shall renew it as it was until a decade ago."

Last week the Israeli military and the Civil Administration in coordinated with the Palestinian Authority announced that Israeli tour guides will now be allowed to enter the city. This will include both Jewish and Arab Israeli tour guides