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Monday, February 11, 2019

A new series: 5G, PART I: This needs to get out... more to come when I get important info.

 Too much is known about 5G to put the cat back in the bag... but there is still so much unknown, at least to me - and to you too, I have no doubt. "They" tout it as G-d's gift to humanity; it's everything but! White is black and black is white. So I will try to post information as it comes along; get informed, or suffer!

The true purpose of 5G finally revealed! EMF signals can cause Alzheimer's symptoms within days! Link to the Blue Ribbon Study: {Timestamp 4:55:00} Link to older video about EMF: {Timestamp 12:05} 5G Operates on the same Frequency as military crowd control

Well, here is to begin:

I have to mention that the great majority of the material I am about to present to you came from my dear correspondent Batzion Shlomi, who worked tirelessly to send me material. David Pisanti deserves a mention too. I am going to try to condense this material into several posts so you will be able to study, read, listen to all the evidence, and make up your mind. I will be learning at the same time as I am posting.

I had watched a couple of movies from the next website, which is a treasure trove of information about the topic. Once we are done learning all this we will be asking ourselves: where can we flee to? Is there ONE place where this "progress" hasn't invaded a previously pristine environment?

Good studying - for me and for all of you.

And here is the link to the PDF mentioned by the woman in the video above:

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